10 Cheapest Places to Live in Alaska

10 Cheapest Places to Live in Alaska


If you’re looking for a place to live in Alaska that won’t send your wallet into a panic, you should check out the cheapest places to live.

Anchored by the bustling seaport of Unalaska and the remote outpost of Glennallen, these locations offer plenty of inexpensive housing, cheap grocery stores, and free recreational activities

From the rolling tundra of the far north to the sprawling mountain towns of the interior, there are plenty of affordable locations for outdoor adventurers and quiet living. The options range from small village-style homes to larger apartment complexes and townhouses. 

The cost of living in these locations is remarkably low compared to other Alaskan cities; you can find ideal housing at incredibly reasonable prices. With incomparable surrounding scenery, you may find it hard to resist the allure of these spots.

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The Most Affordable places to live in Alaska

If you’re earning around $50,000 per year and looking for a comfortable, affordable lifestyle, Alaska’s got some great options.

You’ll trade a few city comforts for adventure and beauty, but if that’s your thing, here are the most affordable places to live in the Last Frontier.

  1. King Cove
  2. Valdez
  3. Kotlik
  4. Sand Point
  5. Palmer
  6. Kenai
  7. North Pole
  8. Mountain Village
  9. Seward
  10. Emmonak

King Cove

King Cove, located on the Aleutians East Borough, is an idyllic fishing village that offers a uniquely Alaskan experience. With a population of 845, its small size enables an intimate connection with nature and wildlife.

Stunning views of the beach, mountains, and lagoon offer a fantastic setting for outdoor activities, including fishing and bird-watching. 

The town boasts some of the cheapest housing in Alaska, with average home prices at $171,300. The low cost of living in King Cove means you can stretch your budget further than in other parts of the state. 


Valdez is a picturesque port town just south of the Thompson Pass, and it is surrounded by stunning scenery, including glaciers and snow-capped mountains.

Its small population of 3,988 people makes it an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful setting away from big-city chaos. 

Not only is Valdez one of the cheapest places to live in Alaska, but it also offers plenty of low-cost recreational activities. From mountain biking to kayaking to flightseeing tours, you can keep busy year-round without breaking the bank.

The town has plenty of single-family homes for $109,000, allowing you to stretch your budget further. 

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Kotlik is a small fishing village on the banks of the Yukon River. Here, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the fresh water and mountains while you soak up the quiet atmosphere.

Despite the population size of 679, Kotlik offers plenty of ways to enjoy nature without spending a fortune. 

Grocery stores, restaurants, and other amenities make it a surprisingly affordable option for Alaskan living.

The average home prices in this region are $111,400, and many offer direct access to nearby snowmobile trails and other recreational activities. 

Sand Point

Sand Point is a lively fishing town on Alaska’s Aleutian Islands chain. With a population of about 1,000 people, it’s small enough for peace but still boasts plenty of amenities like grocery stores and restaurants. 

This charming fishing village offers some of the state’s lowest housing costs; median home prices range from $$128,200 and up.

From hiking trails to museums to whale-watching cruises, there’s no shortage of things to do in Sand Point without spending too much money. 


Palmer is situated in Alaska’s Matanuska-Susitna Valley, home to stunning vistas and rolling hillsides. Its small population of 6,094 people ensures plenty of breathing room while offering entertainment options like music festivals and farmer’s markets. 

Palmer residents benefit from some of Alaska’s lowest living costs, $939, the median rent, and single-family homes can be found at similar rates or lower.

The area boasts plenty of outdoor recreation hubs like the Hatcher Pass State Recreation Area, enabling low-cost fun in summer and winter. 


Kenai is one of the Alaska’s safect cities located on the Kenai Peninsula along Alaska’s southern coast.

It is home to approximately 8,000 people and provides all the amenities expected from a major city, including shopping plazas, restaurants, and movie theaters. 

However, its cost of living is surprisingly low compared with other Alaskan towns or cities, particularly for housing prices: two-bedroom apartments can be found for around $70,000, and single-family homes start at approximately $90,000 and up. 

In addition to its low prices and convenient location near major lakes and rivers, Kenai also offers plenty of opportunities to explore nature without much effort or expense.

Winter sports enthusiasts have their pick of local ski resorts, while summer adventurers can find camping spots along nearby rivers or in nearby national parks or forests with ease. 

North Pole

Located on the outskirts of Fairbanks; here, you’ll find plenty of reasons to love Alaskan life without spending too much money.

North Pole is filled with family-friendly outdoor activities like hiking trails, sledding hills, and indoor attractions like ice skating rinks and bowling alleys. 

Accommodation options range from one-bedroom apartments starting at around $60,000 to single-family homes with three bedrooms beginning at about $200,000. 

With groceries typically more affordable than Fairbanks’ big box stores due to lower taxes in North Pole, this lovely city remains an attractive option for families looking for affordability in their Alaskan adventure. 

Mountain Village 

Mountain Village takes its name from its elevation; situated nearly 1,500 feet above sea level in Western Alaska near the Stony River Delta, home to thousands of migratory birds each year, this village offers some truly stunning views alongside its low-cost living options. 

As with most smaller Alaskan villages, there are no formal retail outlets meaning all your needs are serviced by local stores offering groceries at affordable prices – making it ideal for anyone looking for a small-town experience with minimal financial outlay required! 

Accommodation options range from modest one-bedroom apartments costing as little as $60-$70k up to larger single-family homes available at around $175k plus – great options if you’re looking to save some money while still enjoying all that life off the beaten track has to offer! 


Seward is located towards the south coast of Alaska in Kenai Fjords National Park – renowned for its incredible marine wildlife plus breathtaking glacier views. This area has something special!

Also, Seward has a lot going for accommodation, one-bedroom apartments can be found starting at $90k. At the same time, single-family homes start at around $175k, a great value considering how much there is to explore here! 

Additionally, Seward offers access to plenty of outdoor activities like skiing trails plus walking & cycling paths set against immense natural beauty. Hence, no matter how long you stay, you’re sure not to be short on things to do! 


Last but by no means least, Emmonak is another popular destination if you’re looking for cheap yet beautiful places to live in Alaska!

Located near Russian Mission, this small town has around 800 residents who live off the land, fishing for food & living off subsistence lifestyle items! 

This makes Emmonak unique when compared with larger towns & cities throughout Alaska, giving anyone fortunate enough to live here a fantastic insight into the authentic Alaskan culture while still being able to enjoy some modern comforts such as public schools & grocery stores! 

Housing-wise, Emmonak typically has two-bedroom apartments & houses available starting at around $50k, a great value considering all that you get in return!

Final Thoughts

Alaska is a diverse, stunningly beautiful state that offers a variety of affordable towns and cities for those looking for a low cost of living.

Whether you’re looking for an urban experience or prefer the peacefulness of a fishing village, you can find a great fit in many areas, such as Kenai, Palmer, Seward, Emmonak, King Cove, Kotlik, Mountain Village, and Sand Point.

With such variety and affordability, you can easily stretch your budget to live the good life in Alaska.

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