10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In the US

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In the US


Let’s take a look at the 10 neighborhoods in the U.S. that have gotten a bad rap for being dangerous. Don’t get us wrong, each city has its good spots too, but these are the areas where caution is key.

Downtown, Los Angeles 

The block squared in by S. Los Angeles St., Boyd St., S. San Pedro, and E. 5th Street counts as the most dangerous neighborhood in the US. With an aggressive crime rate of 347 crimes per 1000 residents, the residents and people visiting this neighborhood are often concerned for their safety. 

Based on the survey conducted by the 5-Year American Community, there are approximately 239 predicted crimes annually in this neighborhood. The survey also concluded that people living in the area were inhabiting less than $10K annually. These numbers are 99.8% lower when compared to the national average. 

The survey also concluded that 83% of the population on this block was male population. A high male population is often considered a leading factor in determining high crime rates. Additionally, 80% population of this area were aged 16+, lacked education, and weren’t employed in any labor force either. 

When compared to the national average, the LA downtown had a high unemployability rate of 99%. Considering the area’s lack of jobs and education, it’s not surprising to see this neighborhood end up on the list. 

Belmont, Detroit 

Based on the most recent data collected by the FBI about the area in 2021, Belmont has an 1865% higher crime rate than the national average! The Belmont residents have one in eight chances of falling victim to a crime as a part of this neighborhood. 

Considering the report in the discussion, the Belmont area had 14,947 crimes per 100K people, whereas the national average sits around 1,839 per 100,000. 

The high crime rate in Belmont also affects the property value in the area. According to Bridgemi, Properties in Belmont have seen a significant decrease in value. The decrease in property makes it difficult for the Belmont residents to sell their properties and move to a more secure neighborhood. 

Although other neighborhoods, such as Fiskhorn and Gratiot Avenue, also have a significant crime rate, they fall short compared to the 32-block-wide Belmont. 

Orange Mound, Memphis

Born as one of the first neighborhoods in the U.S. where Black families could buy land and build homes, it’s steeped in cultural richness. Still, the reality today is that Orange Mound is facing tough times. It’s not a place where you can forget to lock your car; crime rates are high, particularly burglaries and robberies.

Now, that doesn’t mean the place has lost its soul. People still come together here, whether it’s for a game of basketball or a church service. But let’s keep it real: high unemployment and poverty have left a dent, and you can see that in some of the run-down buildings and hear it in the stories of folks who live there.

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Downtown, East St. Louis, Illinois 

Being the city center, the downtown area of East St. Louis occupies a huge proportion of the state. A relevant data set concluded that downtown East St. Louis had a 99% higher number of single mothers than the national average. 

The economic condition of the neighborhood isn’t so great either. The amount of children living in poverty in this area exceeds 75%. 

The high demographics of uneducated residents in the area conclude the reasons behind the rising crime rate. Living in Downtown, you have a 1 in 10 chance of falling prey to a crime incident. These statistics can be unsettling for the residents or visitors traversing this neighborhood!

Overtown, Miami

It’s part of Miami, one of Florida’s most liberal cities, where you’ll find a variety of lifestyles and plenty of safe neighborhoods. But Overtown itself is grappling with challenges that can’t be ignored, like crime and poverty.

You’ll find murals and art projects in Overtown, echoes of the area’s past as a hub for Black culture and entertainment. However, alongside the artistic endeavors are signs of struggle—shuttered businesses and the omnipresent police cars on patrol. Safety can be a concern here, specifically theft and drug-related issues.

Quigley, Albuquerque 

The increased number of immigrants has caused a drastic impact on national security, resulting in higher crime rates in various towns.

Seeing as Quigley is a part of New Mexico bordering Mexico, the crime rate here has increased due to immigrants crossing into the US. According to SpotCrime, Quigley often falls victim to various kinds of crime in the area. 

Nevertheless, high crime rates have always been a problem in Quigley. In 2021, the crime rate in Quigley hit a record high and went 1396% above the national average. Even today, many Albuquerque residents classify Quigley as a “War Zone” for its high crime stats. 

As a Quigley resident, you are at 5 times the risk of falling victim to a crime compared to the national average. Even so, the property values in Quigley see stable growth as property prices increase by 6.7% compared to last year’s statistics. 

Sandtown-Winchester, Baltimore

Sandtown-Winchester in Baltimore has a reputation for being a tough place to live. It’s known for its high crime rate and struggling economy. But it’s not all bad; people who live here also talk about the strong sense of community and the friendships they’ve made. But let’s be real: safety is a concern here.

Even though Sandtown-Winchester is going through hard times, that doesn’t mean all of Baltimore is dangerous. There are plenty of safe and welcoming areas in Baltimore where you can enjoy everything from a nice meal to a peaceful walk in the park.

So if you’re thinking about Baltimore as a place to visit or live, just know that the city has a lot more to offer than what you might hear about one neighborhood.

Fifth Ward, Houston

Tucked away in one of America’s great cities, Fifth Ward in Houston carries a reputation that might give some pause. Known for high crime rates and poverty, it’s an area that contrasts sharply with the general appeal of Houston, which is often touted as a good place to live.

Even within Fifth Ward, you’ll find people and organizations striving to improve the community, working hand in hand to make things better for the next generation.

Peabody-Darst-Webbe, St. Louis 

Although the crime rate in the area is 1210% higher than the national average, Peabody-Darst-Webbe still sees a significant growth in property values! The housing prices in the area are 47% higher than the state average and have a median price of $167K. 

Despite the high property value, Peabody has become considerably infamous amongst citizens for having a higher crime rate. The high crime rate also makes it difficult for residents to find prospects for their properties, forcing them to sustain themselves in an unsafe environment. 

According to Angelica Wysinger, a deceased Peabody resident, cautioned residents to expect a shooting incident at any time! 

Irrespective of the local PD efforts to mitigate the crime, the crime in Peabody continues to exist and only grows stronger. The authorities have urged the citizens to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Camden, New Jersey

Camden often makes headlines for the wrong reasons—its high crime rates have been a longstanding issue. Despite various revitalization efforts, including increased police presence and community projects, the city continues to struggle with safety concerns.

But that’s not the whole picture; Camden is also home to a resilient population that’s working hard to bring about change. Local organizations and activists are pushing for better education, employment opportunities, and quality of life for residents.

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