10 Places to Get Free Furniture For Low-Income Families

10 Places to Get Free Furniture For Low-Income Families


Can you get free furniture? Absolutely!

Finding free furniture near you is easier than you think. Here’s how! 

10 Ways To Find Free Furniture (Locally & Online)

Need furniture, but don’t have it in your budget?

Whether you’re just getting started on your first place, looking for new items to help accommodate your growing family, or just need a few items to make your house a home, here is how to get free furniture for your family.

1. Shop for Free in Local Buy Nothing Groups

Did you know that you can shop or trade for free items in buy nothing groups? These groups are a great way to get free items for your home, free kids clothing and more.

We regularly watch these groups for small items that we are not in a rush to find, and also offer up items we don’t need in exchange. It’s a great way to put items your family has outgrown to good use and find things that you are needing now.

To find buy nothing groups near you search on Facebook, check out Freecycle.org and buynothingproject.org.

2. Find Free Items on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace and community groups often have an amazing assortment of freebies if you just know where to look.

While many items are being sold for a price, there are buy nothing groups, and barter/trade groups where you can find free furniture and other items your family needs.

Many times individuals are replacing belongings or moving and are willing to give away the items for free to the first taker.

This is one of those where the early bird definitely gets the worm and you’ll have to check the groups frequently and be sure to reply immediately if something peaks your interest.

We gave away a free big-screen TV, couch and a large aquarium when we moved a few years ago because the items were too large and bulky to move.

Local families snagged them quickly and came to pick them up the same day. They were thrilled and we were glad not to have to take these big items with us. 

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3. Look on OfferUp

Whether you use their app or search online, OfferUp offers great freebies as well as affordable items in nearly every area.

I did a quick search for free furniture items in my tiny Midwest town and found a free love seat, free hide-a-bed, free lawn furniture and more.

4. Check out Craigslist

While it’s not as popular as years past, Craigslist can still be a valuable place to score great freebies where you live.

Look in the free section under For Sale items, and if you’re willing to drive a bit, be sure to also check out Craigslist for surrounding communities as well.

I checked out my local Craigslist to see what goodies were being offered this weekend and found an amazing leather sofa and love seat, bunk beds, a piano and more!


5. Jump on Community Junk Days

Does your town, or other cities nearby have a junk day? One person’s trash may just be your treasure and junk days can be a perfect way to find miscellaneous free furniture pieces just for driving around town.

From free sofas to beds to dressers, appliances and more, our town has it all on the curb free for the taking on community clean up days.

There is also a constant stream of traffic cruising the curbs to see what good stuff is there for those looking and in need. Having a truck or trailer can help make hauling items home easier, but even a big car works as well!

Friends of ours make junk nights an annual tradition and has found some amazing finds including leather sofas, like-new recliners and more. 

6. Surf the Curb for Treasures

Even if your community doesn’t have junk days, you can still find fantastic treasures free for the taking. Many individuals will place items in great condition on the curb to help find them a new home.

My tween son found an amazing game table last year while riding his bike that has a pool table, foosball and more that has been the biggest hit with his friends.

7. Get Freebies in Your Neighborhood With Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a great resource to stay informed on local happenings, news and events, as well as to get great freebies near you.

Nextdoor does require that you register using your address and doesn’t offer the flexibility of checking out other neighborhoods like other apps. But it is a great resource when you are looking locally.

8. Get Great Goods at Garage Sales

Garage sales can be an amazing place to score amazing deals, and sometimes you can even get them for free. To save the most money, swing by garage sales at the end of the day when sellers are going to be most willing to bargain.

They may be willing to give you large items for free, or for an amazing deal just to avoid having to keep the item or find it a new home.

9. Local classified ads

Checking local classified ads can be a great way to find free furniture. Many people still use classified ads in newspapers or online platforms to sell or give away items, and there might be someone in your local area who is looking to get rid of some furniture for free.

You can start by checking your local newspaper or online classified websites like Gumtree or Kijiji. Search for listings of free furniture, or look for furniture that is being sold for a low price that you can negotiate to get for free.

Just be aware that you might have to act quickly if you find a listing for free furniture, as it could be popular and many people might be interested in it.

10. Friends and Family

Asking friends and family for free furniture is a great option, especially if you’re looking for specific items like a counter stool, lounge chair, or dining table.

You can post on social media or send a message to your friends and family asking if they have any furniture they are willing to give away for free.

People are often happy to help out a friend or family member in need, so it’s worth reaching out to see if anyone has anything they can spare.

Tips for Getting Quality Free Furniture

Are you looking at bringing home freebies for the first time? Here are some tips to keep in mind! 

  • Look at the overall condition. While you can’t beat free, you still want to make sure that you are bringing quality items into your home. Avoid stained soft goods such as dirty mattresses or stained sofas. Check the structural integrity to make sure that the free furniture item will hold weight and won’t collapse. 
  • Check out the cleanliness. We are all a little more aware of germs right now given current health conditions, and before you bring new finds inside, it can’t hurt to give them a wipe down and clean them thoroughly. One of my “junker” friends who is an expert at amazing finds also usually leaves new furniture in her garage for at least a day or two to let it air out and make sure that it is infestation free. 
  • Think about upcycle potential. If you’re handy, you might be able to up-cycle your freebies into amazing new pieces. A fresh coat of paint or new upholstery can work wonders. Many junk collectors in our area use their skills to give new life to their junk finds and then resell them for a profit. 
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces. A vintage look for home decor is definitely in and current trends for decorating include incorporating different unique pieces together all in one room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different furniture types and fabric, and then pull the room together with accessories like wall artwork, throw pillows and rugs. 

Whether you’re looking for new furniture for yourself, your children or your friends, finding what you need on a budget can be easier than you think.

With a little bit of research, hunting and occasionally some elbow grease, it can be easier than you think to get free furniture. Do you have freebie hunting tips that we missed? Leave them in a comment below! 

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