10 Richest Towns in Vermont

10 Richest Towns in Vermont


Looking for upscale living in Vermont?

We’ve compiled a list of the richest towns where you can experience both luxury and lifestyle. From scenic beauty in the Green Mountains to a peaceful community atmosphere, these towns offer not just high mean incomes but also a high quality of life.

1. Norwich, Windsor County

Mean Income: $169,180.00

Norwich is the richest town in Vermont, and it’s not hard to see why. Located in the scenic Windsor County, this town pairs natural beauty with high income, creating a perfect haven for those looking a balance between affluence and quality of life. This town is brimming with well-preserved historical buildings and easy access to outdoor activities, making it more than just a wealthy enclave. A sense of community and top-notch schools make Norwich a complete package for those looking to experience the best that Vermont has to offer.

2. Fayston, Washington County

Mean Income: $146,037.00

Coming in as the second wealthiest place in Vermont, Fayston is a gem in Washington County. Like Norwich, this town is also surrounded by nature’s bounty but offers its own unique lifestyle perks. Whether it’s the warm sense of community or the pristine natural settings, Fayston seems to have it all. High incomes here reflect the quality of life that residents enjoy, underscored by excellent schools and amenities that elevate everyday living.

3. Shelburne, Chittenden County

Mean Income: $142,318.00

Shelburne offers a mix of classic Vermont charm and modern convenience, making it a top choice for those who don’t want to compromise. As the third richest town in Vermont, Shelburne has a well-rounded community that enjoys the perks of high income and a wide range of activities. With access to everything from waterfront views to high-end shopping, Shelburne presents an attractive option for those looking for a wealthy, yet down-to-earth lifestyle.

4. Marlboro, Windham County

Mean Income: $139,864.00

Marlboro may not be as well-known as some of the other towns on this list, but don’t let that fool you. This Windham County locale is a hidden gem when it comes to wealth in Vermont. Tucked away in a natural setting, it provides a peaceful backdrop for life’s finer things. 

5. Charlotte, Chittenden County

Mean Income: $138,436.00

Charlotte brings its own brand of charm to Chittenden County. This town offers the best of Vermont: scenic beauty, a sense of community, and of course, high incomes. What makes Charlotte special is its mix of rural and suburban elements, giving you room to breathe without feeling isolated. This balance makes it a top pick for those looking to live the good life in Vermont.

6. Ripton, Addison County

Mean Income: $137,784.00

Ripton may be on the smaller side, but it holds its own as one of Vermont’s wealthiest towns. Nestled in Addison County, it offers a quieter, more intimate setting for its well-off residents. With a high mean income, the town offers quality amenities and services for those who call it home. Ripton’s mix of natural beauty and community spirit adds to its appeal, making it a compelling choice for those looking wealth and well-being in Vermont.

7. Stowe, Lamoille County

Mean Income: $135,734.00

Stowe is much more than a top ski destination; it’s also one of Vermont’s richest towns. With a mean income that makes others take notice, this Lamoille County town is the epitome of affluence meets outdoor adventure. Stowe residents get to enjoy a high standard of living while surrounded by some of Vermont’s most stunning landscapes. It’s like living in a postcard that also has a strong job market.

8. Springfield, Hampden County

Mean Income: $133,380.00

Springfield takes the eighth spot on our list, and it’s easy to see why. This town in Hampden County boasts a healthy mean income, providing a comfortable life for its residents. Known for its industrial heritage, Springfield has evolved into a town that offers modern amenities and an attractive quality of life. People living here know they’ve got a good thing going.

9. Worcester, Worcester County

Mean Income: $132,976.00

Rounding out the top nine, Worcester is another Vermont town where the numbers speak for themselves. With a mean income approaching $133,000, it’s clear that Worcester offers a stable and prosperous environment for its residents. The town is a blend of residential and rural areas, creating a community where people are happy to put down roots.

10. Hinesburg, Chittenden County

Mean Income: $131,880.00

Hinesburg wraps up our list as a hidden gem in Chittenden County. With a mean income of nearly $132,000, it’s a town that offers both comfort and community. Known for its welcoming vibe and open spaces, Hinesburg gives its residents the best of both worlds. Here, you can find well-paying jobs while still enjoying the outdoors, thanks to the town’s many parks and nature trails. It’s a place where you can live well without sacrificing quality of life.

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