11 Best Substack Finance Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

11 Best Substack Finance Newsletters Worth Subscribing To


Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, these Substack finance newsletters offer a blend of insight, analysis, and storytelling. They not only present facts but also make understanding finance easier.

I’ve gathered some of the best Substack finance newsletters that have become trusted companions for many on their financial journeys.

1. Grit Capital

Grit Capital is a powerhouse of financial insight piloted by the seasoned Genevieve Roch-Decter, a former nine-figure portfolio manager and Chartered Financial Analyst. This newsletter is not your casual read; it’s a dive into the deep end of financial intelligence. 

With a promise to sharpen your financial edge in a mere five minutes per day, it’s a favorite among hedge fund managers, institutions, and billionaires. While it may not be the go-to for beginners, the financially astute will find it a rich source of market insight and strategic advice​.

2. Not Boring

True to its name, Not Boring takes a playful yet profound exploration into the realms of startups and investment. It’s a narrative-driven journey through the latest in business and investment trends, making complex topics feel like a casual conversation. 

Known for its investment memos and in-depth analyses, it creates a bridge between the curious minds and the often intimidating world of finance. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer, Not Boring has a way of making financial narratives engaging and accessible​.

3. The Daily Upside

Crafted by the astute mind of former investment banker Patrick Trousdale, The Daily Upside is your morning digest of financial narratives. Known for its compact, minimalistic design and a distinct witty tone, it breaks down the financial news into digestible bites. 

Each edition is like a fresh breeze in the often rigid world of financial reporting, making it a delightful read for both beginners and the seasoned financiers. The Daily Upside doesn’t just deliver facts; it brings a fresh perspective to the financial dialogues of the day, making it a quickly growing favorite among its readers​.

4. Robinhood Snacks

Robinhood Snacks is like your friendly neighbor who breaks down the big, bold headlines of the business world into a friendly chat. With a huge following, this daily newsletter makes understanding the most important business stories feel like a breeze. 

They claim you can soak up the day’s financial highlights in just three minutes, making it a perfect companion for those on the go. The simple, fun, and easy-to-read language makes it a popular choice among retail investors and those new to the financial scene​1​.

5. Money Stuff

Money Stuff, crafted by Bloomberg’s seasoned writer Matt Levine, is where Wall Street’s complex narratives are untangled. It’s your daily dose of financial insights delivered with a level of expertise that only someone with a rich history in investment banking could provide. 

However, it doesn’t talk down to its readers; it invites them into the intricate world of Wall Street finance, making it a valuable read for both financially savvy folks and those eager to learn more. Matt’s experience shines through, making Money Stuff a reliable and insightful resource for understanding the financial market’s daily dance​.

6. She Spends

She Spends is not just a newsletter; it’s a community where financial advice meets empowerment. Authored by a team of four women with diverse financial backgrounds, it wears its feminist badge proudly. It’s delivered weekly, offering a blend of personal finance news, tips, and stories shared by the community members. 

It’s like having a heart-to-heart with a financially savvy friend who shares both the successes and the lessons learned the hard way. This open, inclusive approach, paired with valuable financial insights, makes She Spends a unique and engaging read for anyone looking to better manage their finances, with a touch of personal stories to enrich the experience.

7. TKer

TKer is like a seasoned guide in the bustling city of finance, offering twice-weekly lessons on personal finance and the stock market. Crafted by Chartered Financial Analyst Sam Ro, this newsletter is far from a bland stock-picking guide. 

It explores the bigger picture of how the stock market influences the economy and, in turn, your personal finances. Whether you’re a veteran investor or someone just starting to navigate the financial waters, TKer brings a blend of education and insight that’s both approachable and valuable​.

8. Brand Finance

Brand Finance is a niche, monthly newsletter that explores the crossroads where marketing meets finance. It delves into how brand value, including aspects like rebranding, impacts a company’s valuation and ongoing finances. Each issue is like a report card, shedding light on the financial implications of branding decisions. 

While it may not cater to the everyday reader, for entrepreneurs and brand managers looking to understand the financial underpinnings of brand value, Brand Finance is a recommended read​.

9. Finimize

Imagine having a financially savvy friend who breaks down the top financial news of the day over a cup of coffee; that’s Finimize for you. With a strong community of over a million readers, this daily newsletter promises to deliver the crux of financial news in just three minutes. It’s like having bite-sized financial news served on a platter, making it easier to stay updated without feeling overwhelmed.

From market analysis to personal finance strategies, Finimize allows you to choose your topics of interest, ensuring that you get to read what matters to you the most. It’s a simple, quick, and friendly way to stay financially informed, suitable for both the financially savvy and the beginners.

10. Money Moves

Money Moves, penned by CNBC financial newsletter author Alicia Adamczyk, is like a friendly tutor that helps decode complex financial topics into everyday conversation. Delivered weekly, it takes hefty financial concepts and whittles them down to simple, understandable nuggets. Imagine discussing big financial decisions with a friend over coffee—that’s the vibe Money Moves brings to your inbox. 

It combines a broader view of financial landscapes with practical tips, making financial education feel less like a chore and more like a chat with a knowledgeable friend. Whether it’s understanding the stock market or learning how to budget better, Money Moves makes these topics accessible and engaging​.

11. Budgette

Budgette is like a supportive companion for solo earners navigating the financial world. Recognized among the top money newsletters, it turns the spotlight on personal finance for individuals managing their finances single-handedly. Delivered weekly, Budgette delves into the unique challenges faced by solo earners, like rising expenses and fewer tax breaks. 

It’s not just about news and numbers; it’s about practical tips and strategies to make the most of your money. Budgette extends a helping hand to solo earners, offering guidance on how to navigate financial waters wisely and make every penny count.

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