12 Places To Get Wooden Pallets For Free

12 Places To Get Wooden Pallets For Free


Looking for a way to complete your DIY Projects? Wood pallets are the answer! 

But can you get them for free? Absolutely. Read on as we mention some ways to get free pallets! 

1. Hardware Stores 

Hardware stores are a go-to option when it comes to scoring some free pallets. Given the number of shipments they receive, hardware stores often accumulate a huge number of wooden pallets. 

While the pallets initially come in handy to keep the merchandise safe, they’re practically useless for the hardware stores once they’ve placed their stuff. To ensure a clear space, hardware stores often consider discarding the wooden pallets. 

So, if you have a hardware store nearby, you could always ask them for free pallets. Since they are already looking to get rid of them, they won’t mind handing them to you without charging anything! 

2. Construction Sites 

What better spot to look for free wooden pallets than construction sites? Far more than often, construction sites get the materials transported packed within wooden pallets. These wooden pallets can be a great addition for safely moving materials throughout the job site. 

But when it’s all done and dusted, the wooden pallets serve them no purpose, and construction workers mostly end up abandoning them. 

To get your hands on free pallets, you could always go to a construction site and ask the contractor for some. While some of them might be covered in residue material, such as cement, you’ll still be able to get a good number of free wooden pallets at your disposal. 

3. Furniture Stores 

Given the delicate nature of furniture, many furniture stores use wooden pallets to ensure that they transport the goods without damaging them. As a precaution, furniture stores usually receive and send shipments of new equipment wrapped around in wooden pallets. 

But once the furniture equipment has its way to the shop, the wooden pallets serve no purpose and are rendered useless. So, when a furniture store moves in its equipment, it’s your chance to be the unsung hero for the wooden pallets. 

Similarly, if your neighbors have bought furniture recently, they’re likely to receive the equipment wrapped in wooden pallets. You can always ask them for the wooden pallets after they’ve moved in the furniture. 

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4. Garden Shops 

Garden shop equipment often includes delicate items, presenting the need to be transported being covered with wooden pallets. Shopowners, however, after receiving plants and gardening equipment, end up discarding the wooden pallets or any packaging that came along with the shipments. 

If you have any garden shops nearby, you could ask them to give you the wooden pallets they’re looking to discard. To avoid disappointments, look around the shop for any wooden pallets waiting to be rescued. 

5. Starting Your Pickup Service 

Wouldn’t it be great if the companies called you instead of asking them for pallets? Registering yourself as a pickup service is one of the most lucrative ways to get free pallets. As a pickup service, the companies will reach out to you when they need to dispose of the pallets. 

Initially, you will need to spread the word around in your community. Visit local places in your society that have to dispose of the wooden pallets. While you can also make money working as a pickup service, you might need to offer your services for free for a limited time. 

6. Distribution Centers 

If you haven’t had any luck trying to find wooden pallets at your local shops, you can directly ask the distribution centers shipping out the wooden pallets to get them at no cost. 

Distribution centers often have tons of wooden pallets that are nonoperational with their machinery. These may include damaged or below-standard wooden pallets. But since they serve the company no purpose, you can ask them to pass them to you. 

7. Liquor Stores

Looking for good quality pallets for free? Check out your local liquor stores. They often have pallets made from strong woods like oak, ash, and hickory.

These pallets are usually kept indoors, so they’re in better shape and less likely to be chemically treated. Sometimes, you’ll find pallets with cool brewery or distillery brands on them, adding a unique touch to your projects.

8. Industrial Areas

For a good chance at finding free pallets, take a drive around the warehouse or industrial areas in your town. These areas are often loaded with pallets that businesses are looking to offload. You’ll likely come across a variety of pallets just waiting to be repurposed.

9. Glass Companies

Glass companies can be an unexpected but excellent source for free pallets. These companies often receive large shipments of glass products on sturdy pallets.

Due to the weight and fragility of glass, these pallets are usually stronger and in good condition. Check with local glass companies to see if they have any available.

10. Craigslist

Craigslist is a go-to platform for finding free pallets. Stores and businesses often use this site to advertise their available pallets. Regularly checking the ‘Free’ section or searching for pallets can lead you to numerous options in your area.

Of course, you should also check Facebook Marketplace and similar sites.

11. Facebook Groups

There are many groups dedicated to this. Take for example the ‘Free Pallets Near You’ group, which has over 86,000 members and is very active. These groups are useful for locating pallets and also for connecting with a community that shares an interest in pallet projects and recycling.

12. Newspaper Companies 

Like other stores on the list, newspaper companies also adhere to using wooden pallets to transport their products safely. 

Many newspaper companies receive loads of newspaper shipments on wood pallets. However, once they’ve unloaded the shipments and ensured a safe transport, they discard the wooden pallets. If you have any newspaper companies nearby, feel free to ask them for wooden pallets. 

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What Pallets Should You Avoid? 

There are some items you must turn down, even if you’re getting them for free. When talking about pallets, you must steer clear of any pallets with a chemical mark on them. 

Since they’ve been chemically treated, these wooden pallets release harmful toxins into the air. These toxins can prove harmful to your health, the environment, or any edible plants in your home. 

Additionally, you’ll want to avoid any pest-infested pallets. If left long enough, insects like wood-boring beetles and carpenter bees can infest the wooden pallets. 

Final Words 

Whether it be DIY projects or your storage needs, wood pallets can be a great solution. But you must know about the right places to look for them. Fortunately, this article covers all the best spots to get free pallets.

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