12 Ways To Watch Movies Before They Come Out

12 Ways To Watch Movies Before They Come Out


Have you ever wondered how to watch movies before they come out?

Seeing movies in advance, before they are released (and for free) is easier than you think. Here’s how to get started!

Watching movies is a beloved pastime for many. Whether it’s action, adventure, horror or family-friendly, movies can offer an escape from the real world and take you on a fantastic journey. 

Many of us have seen thousands of movies over the years, but have you ever wondered, how can you watch movies before release?

Here are some of the ways you can see free movie screenings and save on ticket costs for yourself and your family.

How to Watch Movies Before They Come Out

Free movie screenings are a fun way to get a sneak preview of films and enjoy new movies on a budget. While they do not happen in all areas or all the time, it is possible to see movies in advance for free.

My husband and I have been attending free movie screenings for many years and the key to getting free movie tickets is knowing where to sign up.

Here’s how to get started!

Sites That Offer Sign-Ups for Free Movie Screenings

There are many sites online that offer ways to sign-up to go to movie screenings. We have mentioned some of the most popular sites below, and you can check them out:

Another way to watch movies before they come out is to join the membership club for your local cinema chains such as AMC Stubs or the Regal Cinema Crown Club.

These clubs are either free to join or have a small membership fee such as $10 a year. In addition to receiving information and invites to special events and free movie screenings, you also can earn rewards, discounts on movie concessions and more.

Make sure you are on the email list for theaters in your area to receive invites for special events and keep an eye on their social media pages as well.

Things You Should Know Before Going for a Screening

If you’ve never been to a movie screening before, there are a few things that you should know. 

Movie screenings are not always available in all areas. Larger cities such as New York and Los Angeles have free movie screenings with more frequency. Small towns and more rural areas will not always have screenings available. 

Screenings are often for one date only, and are usually scheduled a couple of days or sometimes a few weeks before the film’s main release in theaters. Because seating is limited, if you are unable to attend a screening, let the organizer know so that they can make your tickets available to someone else.

Movie screening events are often oversold. Many times, there are more tickets given out than there are seats available in a theater.

If you do obtain tickets to a free movie screening, be sure to show up early to make sure that you are able to obtain admission and a seat.

Many movie screenings also have free movie merchandise or swag available, so arriving early can also be beneficial in helping you score some great freebies if they are available. 

Occasionally, the movie you see at a screening is not always a finished product. There may be missing credits or special effects, for example. Producers may show these incomplete versions to gather feedback on the film before production is finished.

While the version you see may be slightly different than the final film, it’s always fun to see a work in process, especially when you get to see it before everybody else!

How Does the Free Movie Screening Process Work?

Movie screenings may merely be promotional events, or film promoters may be using the screening to get viewer feedback.

Depending on the type of event, you may be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement or a survey after the film to share your thoughts.

If the film event permits and encourages you to share your feedback on social media and with others online, be sure to keep an eye out for appropriate hashtags and social media handles to tag.

Alternatives for Watching Movies Before They Come Out

Did you know that movie screenings are not all in person anymore? Many screenings, especially with the current pandemic are now virtual.

You can watch movies online for free at home before they come out in theaters from the comfort of your own home.

This is an excellent way to enjoy new movies, and also to check out some less popular films that may not make it to your area, like independent releases and foreign films. 

To watch new movies before they come out at home, you’ll need to be registered for movie screening sites. You will then receive emails on upcoming movie screening opportunities.

Here are some of the places where you can get free screenings of new movies: 

Whether they are at home via streaming or at your local movie theater, free movie screenings are a fun way to see new movies before anyone else. Not only do you save money on movie tickets, but you get a sneak preview of the film before others. 

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