13 Best Side Hustles for Actors For Extra Cash

13 Best Side Hustles for Actors For Extra Cash


Are you a skilled actor looking for side hustles to earn more income? An actor’s arsenal is never limited. The world is a stage and these side, survival jobs are just another set of roles to play!

1. Renting out your space for film shoots

Renting out your space for film shoots is a refreshingly engaging side hustle. It’s straightforward: List your space, set your price, and sit back as filmmakers transform your boring weekends into exciting scenes for their projects. 

Your location can be an open book of endless stories. Live in a Victorian-era apartment or a rustic farmhouse? Filmmakers often hunt out for unique, real-world locations to shoot their films.

So why not take advantage of this? Not only do you make a nice chunk of change, but you also get an insider’s look into the filmmaking process. Talk about double-dipping! 

2. Become a background actor

Ever thought about being the unknown face in a sea of people in a movie scene? Being a background actor, often known as an “extra”, is a great way to earn extra bucks while still staying close to your passion for acting. Maybe you won’t be the star of the show, but you’re still acting and making money from it! 

Background acting doesn’t require any speaking roles. Instead, you’ll be doing things like walking by in a crowd, sitting in a restaurant, or cheering at a football game.

The job is pretty straightforward – just blend in and, well, act natural. You’ll be following direction from the main team and perfect people-watching skills are often a bonus.

3. Offer voiceover services

Voice acting is one hell of an avenue where the voice is the hero and you’re its caretaker. 

From commercials to animated movies and video games, the demand for diverse voiceover talents is sky-high. If you have years of training and experience in manipulating your voice, it’s high time you cashed in on this. 

To start, you need just elementary recording gear and some quiet space, which doesn’t need to be an expensive studio. Your polished acting skills can readily be parlayed into creating different characters, emotions, and accents with your voice.

You get paid per project, per hour or sometimes per word. It varies widely with the type of project and your expertise. But it will add a cool chunk to your bank account and that’s hard to argue with.

4. Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be a great way for actors to make some extra cash. You can easily share your acting insights, behind-the-scenes experiences, or even some funny skits. Your videos don’t have to be high-budget productions; the main thing is authentic, engaging content. 

As your subscriber count and video views grow, so does your potential to earn. YouTube ad revenues can be a nice payoff for your effort. But keep in mind, gaining a large following might take some time and patience. Nevertheless, think of this as an investment in your future and your brand. 

5. Create an online acting course

Let’s be honest, you’ve collected a stockpile of acting skills and knowledge over the years. Wouldn’t it feel great to share it with others? Creating an online acting course allows you to do just that, all while bankrolling some extra money. This is an excellent way to utilize your downtime, especially when you’re in between gigs. 

Here’s the kicker – you don’t need to be tech-savvy to pull this off. Platforms like Skillshare or Udemy make it straightforward to design and sell your course.

You just need to brainstorm your content, create engaging instructional videos, and promote it to your audience. With the surge in demand for online learning, you might be surprised at how many aspiring actors are willing to pay for your expertise.

If you’re interested in selling a course, then you should check out our Skillshare guide.

6. Become a virtual acting coach

Stepping into the shoes of a virtual acting coach might just be the side gig for you. Not only can you put your acting skills to use but also impart wisdom to aspiring actors from the comfort of your home. 

You’d get the chance to guide individuals through their own acting journey, offering insights on everything from nailing auditions to handling nerves and anxiety. 

7. Offer personalized video messages

You can offer personalized video messages as a side gig. It may sound small-time, but it can add up over time. Websites like Cameo have built a platform geared specifically for this model, allowing both fans and businesses to hire celebs and talents alike for a clip of personalized content. 

8. Start a podcast about the acting industry

As an actor, you must have a lot of interesting stories about the film industry, why not share them with the world? Starting a podcast is another great side gig you can do.

Not only it allows you to share your insights and experiences in the industry, but it also allows you to network and communicate with others in the field. 

9. Become a script consultant

This role typically involves analyzing scripts, providing constructive feedback, and making suggestions to improve the story or characters. 

As an actor, you have a unique insight into character development and story pacing. Your on-screen experience can provide a fresh perspective to upcoming writers and directors. 

10. Offer acting workshops

You have worked in the industry and picked up some skills. It could be improvisation, voice modulation, body language or the art of crying on cue. Use your skills to lead workshops and inspire a new generation of actors. 

Workshops can be done in person or online, depending on your audience and convenience. You can charge per session or offer an all-inclusive package for a series of workshops.

11. Become a social media influencer

With your actor’s presence and charisma, you’re a natural fit for this gig. Social media influencing is about sharing parts of your life and opinions with a broad online audience. You can do this by regularly posting engaging content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

You don’t necessarily need millions of followers to be successful. In fact, ‘micro-influencers’, those having between 1,000 to 10,000 active followers, oftentimes have more authentic and engaged audiences. Endorse products or services you truly believe in, ones that align with your personal brand.

12. Start a blog about acting tips and advice

Starting a blog about acting tips and advice could be your golden ticket to extra cash flow. It’s straightforward to get started, and it’s a fantastic way to build an online presence. 

You can write about acting techniques, audition tips, how to interpret scripts, and so on. Newcomers to the industry will find your content valuable, as they’re always on the lookout for handy tips and advice. 

13. Become a professional audiobook narrator

This gig is all about applying your voice acting skills to narrate different kinds of books. It’s a great way to earn some extra income and stay in the acting game, all while working from home. 

Get started by joining online platforms like ACX or Findaway Voices, these platforms link narrators with authors. Whip up some sample voices, set your prices, and you’re good to go. A word to the wise, genre counts, with the likes of romance, mystery, and sci-fi paying quite well. 

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