15 Cargo Van Business Ideas For Easy Profits

15 Cargo Van Business Ideas For Easy Profits


A cargo van can be a great help in carrying and transporting heavy goods around. But did you know that you could leverage it to start a cargo van business? 

Read on to discover some of the cargo van business ideas that are profitable! 

1. Working With GoShare

Considering the rise of digital platforms to transport shopping essentials to their locations, services like GoShare are trending more than ever. 

Cargo vans usually have ample space, allowing them to carry anywhere between 1 and 4 big box items. The presence of space in cargo vans makes them an ideal choice for GoShare to help their users move items. 

Apart from offering decent pay, working with GoShare also has other benefits. Working with GoShare, you get multiple health benefits, including vision, dental, health, and life insurance. 

To start working with GoShare, all you have to do is sign up. Once you’ve signed up, GoShare will assign you delivery details. Working as a GoDShare delivery driver, your responsibilities will include securing, loading, transporting, and dropping off the parcels from the source to the designated locations. 

While working at GoShare isn’t ideally a separate business idea, it mitigates all the worries of operating a business, making it a great business idea to consider. 

2. Courier and Delivery Services 

Unable to manage the deliveries, companies are always looking for freelance drivers to help them make and receive deliveries timely. Starting a Courier and Deliver service gives you a chance to work with various businesses, including local businesses, e-commerce platforms, or completing orders for individuals. 

Starting your courier and delivery service allows businesses to streamline the delivery timings and also save money since they won’t have to outsource their deliveries to expensive delivery companies. 

Offering services like door-to-door delivery solutions will further allow your business to grow, allowing you to make a good rapport among your customers and prospects. 

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3. Mobile Pet Grooming Business

While pets are direly loved by their owners, their busy routines often render them unable to schedule a visit to a groomer. Grooming is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your pets, further intensifying the need to see a groomer. 

As a mobile pet grooming business, you help pet owners by offering mobile grooming services! Mobile grooming services allow pet owners to avail the necessary services without having to travel to a grooming store. 

3. Moving Services 

The most daunting task of getting a new home is to move your items from your current residence. With a moving service, you can help people move to simplify the task and make it less time-consuming. 

Nevertheless, before starting a moving service, you should catch up on the state regulations to avoid breaking laws or causing violations. Many states in America have strict regulations in place, limiting the moving services to work according to the local laws when handling household goods. 

For instance, some states might require you to have insurance like commercial, liability, or special licenses. These insurance licenses are necessary to help the state identify your eligibility to work as a mover. 

4. Hauling Services 

Hauling services are identical to the previously discussed idea. Nevertheless, the main difference between both ideas is that moving services focus on helping residents move, whereas hauling services are inclined towards helping small businesses and startup firms to move. 

As a hauling service, you won’t only be helping businesses move, but you’ll also help businesses declutter their office space by getting rid of obsolete items. 

5. Mobile Retail Business 

Instead of buying a space to open a shop and worrying about rent, why not open a mobile retail business? As a mobile retail business, you have the flexibility to travel and sell your items at different locations. 

A mobile retail business allows you to target areas with strong demographics, allowing your business to sell to its maximum potential. For instance, if you sell jerseys, you can place your cargo van outside the match venue. The supporters for both teams are likely to purchase the jerseys and get in the game spirit, 

Apart from utilizing demographics, a mobile retail business can also witness huge success through online marketing. Focus on creating an inviting and well-curated environment in your cargo van. The aesthetic environment of your cargo van will make it easy for your setup to get noticed. 

You can also customize the user experience by providing personalized customer service. Personalized customer service will help you develop strong customer relations and find new customers for the business! 

6. Renting Business 

A lot of businesses and people often need a spacious vehicle to transport their goods from one place to another. Some also need them to carry the essentials for the vacation spots. Regardless of the reasons, most people search for a cargo van rental. 

While you might be fine starting with a singular cargo van, you’ll need to expand your fleet eventually. Having more cargo vans will allow you to scale the business and find more customers. 

7. Junk Removal Services

Help people clear out clutter with a junk removal service using your cargo van. You probably know that this involves picking up unwanted items from homes or businesses and disposing of them responsibly, including recycling when possible.

It’s a service in high demand, particularly among those who are moving, renovating, or simply decluttering.

8. Equipment Rental Delivery

Deliver and pick up rental equipment such as tools, party supplies, or recreational gear with your cargo van.

This service is especially useful for customers who lack the means to transport bulky or heavy items themselves. You can collaborate with rental businesses or offer this service independently, adding convenience for your clients.

9. Mobile Photography Studio

Convert your cargo van into a mobile photography studio, bringing the convenience of a professional photo shoot directly to clients.

Whit this approach you can offer on-location shoots for events, portraits, or commercial photography. Equipped with the necessary lighting and camera equipment, your van becomes a versatile studio for capturing memorable moments wherever your clients need you.

10. Cargo Van Airbnb

If you check out Airbnb, you’ll see lots of unique rental spots that get plenty of good reviews. You can join this trend by turning your cargo van into a special kind of Airbnb on wheels.

It’s a great idea for people who love to travel and want something different. They get a comfy, small space with all the basics they need. It’s great for road trips, festivals, or just parking in a nice place.

11. Mobile Office or Workspace

Offer your cargo van as a rentable mobile office or workspace, catering to freelancers, entrepreneurs, or businesses needing a flexible work environment.

Equipped with essentials like a desk, Wi-Fi, and power outlets, it provides a private, distraction-free space for productivity.

12. Mobile Art Gallery

Turn your cargo van into a traveling showcase for art. Drive around and offer local artists a platform to display and sell their creations.

Park at public spots like city squares or festivals, giving art lovers a new way to discover and buy original artwork.

13. Escape Room on Wheels

Convert your van into a thrilling escape room. Bring the excitement of puzzle-solving to customers’ doorsteps, ideal for birthday parties, team-building events, or just for a fun evening with friends.

14. Traveling Workshop or Class Space

Your cargo van becomes a roving classroom. Offer unique on-the-go workshops – be it crafting, digital photography, or gardening. It’s perfect for community centers, schools, or private groups looking for a novel learning experience.

15. Pop-up Wellness Retreat

Create a serene, mobile wellness space. Offer personalized sessions like guided meditation or yoga right where your clients need it most – whether that’s a busy city center or a tranquil park setting. It’s wellness that comes to you, providing a peaceful break in the midst of daily chaos.

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