18 Genius Hacks for Everyday Household Products

18 Genius Hacks for Everyday Household Products


With many of us limited on time, we’re constantly looking for ways to make life easier. These are some handy ways I repurpose everyday objects into smart solutions for entirely different tasks.

Not only does this free up space in my cupboards, but saves me money each month as I don’t have to purchase expensive cleaning supplies. Things you already have in your kitchen could save you effort while cleaning your bathroom. Don’t get stuck thinking things can only do one job—see the potential in everything! 

Salt as Abrasive

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Give your stovetop a quick spray with your usual cleaner, then sprinkle salt generously over the greasy bits. A quick scrub with a cloth, and voila—the mess is gone! Salt crystals, with their sharp edges, act like mini scrubbers, effortlessly lifting away grime and grease.

Not only that, but salt’s absorbent nature soaks up excess liquids, preventing future stains. Plus, salt is non-toxic, safe, super affordable, and easy to find, making it the ultimate budget-friendly cleaning hack.

Cooking Oil to Wash Away Pine Sap

Shutterstock 2316971195
Image Credit: Andres Mejia A/Shutterstock.

Sticky situation with pine sap on your hands? Don’t panic. Pine sap clings to your skin because of its resinous compounds, which are drawn to water.

To get rid of it, just apply cooking oil to your hands. The non-polar oil molecules team up with the resin, forming a “bond” that pulls the sticky sap away from your skin. After that, a quick wash with soap and water rinses away the oil and sap, leaving your hands clean and sap-free!

Multipurpose Flathead Screwdriver

Untitled design 10
Image Credit: Jax McKellar/Shutterstock.

A versatile flathead screwdriver can be a hero beyond its screw-turning abilities. Need to crack open a sealed box? Let the flathead slide under tape or pry up edges—no need for scissors or box cutters. Want to make a small hole or mark a spot?

A gentle tap with a hammer turns the flathead into a makeshift punch. For delicate chiseling tasks, use the flat head carefully to chip away at small bits of material.

Garlic Press To Mash Steamed Vegetables

shutterstock 2096778475
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

No baby food maker? No problem! Grab your garlic press and turn it into a makeshift veggie masher for baby meals. Just pop some steamed veggies into the press, apply gentle pressure, and watch them squeeze through the holes.

Bonus: The compact size of a garlic press fits right into your purse, making it a handy tool for preparing a nutritious meal for your little one on the go.

Vinegar as Cheap Household Cleaner

white vinegar
Image Credit: focal point/Shutterstock.

Vinegar packs a cleaning punch thanks to its main component, acetic acid, which has a pH of about 2.4–3, making it mildly acidic. This acidity helps dissolve dirt, grime, and mineral deposits while also tackling some bacteria.

Great for handling hard water stains, countertop and stovetop grime, and rust stains. But there’s more to this hack—vinegar’s strong smell is a double agent, neutralizing unpleasant odors. The acetic acid reacts with odor-causing molecules, breaking them down and clearing away unwanted smells.

Coffee Grounds as Soil Additive

overhead view coffee grounds being added
Image Credit: ThamKC/Shutterstock.

Coffee isn’t just for your morning brew – it’s a game-changer for your plants, too. Packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, coffee grounds improve soil structure and help plants grow big and strong. Plus, their unique texture keeps the soil moist, perfect for arid climates. Toss them into your compost pile for a natural boost that decomposes and enriches the composting process.

Wrapping a Thick Rubber Band Around a Tight Jar Lid

Rubber Band
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Pop that tough-to-open jar open with a rubber band! The textured rubber grabs onto the lid, giving you extra grip and more power to twist without any slips. No more struggle with those smooth, slippery metal lids!

Plus, the rubber band acts like a comfy cushion, easing the pressure on your fingers. Even tight or tricky lids are no match. It also soaks up any moisture or oil, boosting your grip for a smooth twist every time.

Blue Dawn Dish Soap to Wash Off Clothing Stains

Dawn dish detergent
Image Credit: Billy F Blume Jr/Shutterstock.

Stains don’t stand a chance against the power of Blue Dawn dish soap. It has strong surfactants – when you put it on a stain, these surfactants grab onto the oily bits, lifting them off your clothes. It’s a game-changer for greasy foods, makeup spills, and oil stains.

Unlike some tough detergents, Dawn is kind to your fabrics, and it works hard on stains without being harsh, keeping your clothes safe from damage.

Hair Conditioner as Shaving Cream

Image Credit: ZikG/Shutterstock.

In a hurry? Use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream! Its emollients and silicones create a similar slippery texture, reducing friction and helping the razor glide smoothly over your skin. Conditioner hydrates and softens hair – and your skin benefits too. Less irritation and razor burn! It’s also the perfect budget-friendly alternative to pricey shaving creams.

french press
Image Credit: Rybalchenko Nadezhda/Shutterstock.

No milk frother? Instead of just using your French press for your coffee, you can use it to froth milk, too! The air mixes with milk, creating tiny bubbles that get cozy with fat molecules, giving you that perfect froth. Pro tip: play around with plunging techniques and start with cold milk for the best results.

Vaseline for Stain-Free Hair Dyeing

Vaseline petroleum jelly
Image Credit: Mashka/Shutterstock.

Dyeing your hair? Apply Vaseline around your hairline and ears – a barrier that stops hair dye from staining your skin. Any accidental color? Wipe it off easily. Remember – Vaseline alone won’t do the trick. Wear gloves and drape an old towel for a stain-free dye session.

Dental Picks for Cleaning Corners

Colorful toothpick
Image Credit: wk1003mike/Shutterstock.

Tiny dental picks aren’t just for your teeth—they’re handy for tight spots everywhere. With their angled neck and pointy tips, they tackle hidden corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Say goodbye to cobwebs and dust in tiny crevices. Use them on furniture joints, intricate carvings, or tight spaces around gadgets. They’re perfect for cleaning keyboards, scraping off sticker residue, and dealing with dried-on messes.

Baking Soda To Neutralize Odors

The Baking Soda
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Many people already use baking soda for refrigerator odors, but did you know that you can use baking soda to remove nasty odors in your shoes, too? That’s right! Fill a nylon stocking with baking soda and place it in your boots overnight. Baking soda neutralizes odors by absorbing and reacting with acidic molecules responsible for unpleasant smells.

Duct Tape as Wart Remover

Duct Tape
Image Credit: Santeri Viinamäki, CC BY-SA 4.0/Wiki Commons.

Redditors claim that duct tape can work as a wart remover. Cover the wart for several days to limit oxygen and moisture, which might help it die and eventually fall off. Replacing the tape can also peel away the outer layers of the wart, aiding in its gradual disappearance. Just be sure to clean and dry the wart area before applying and changing the tape daily.

Dryer Sheets To Remove Bugs in Your Car

dryer sheets
Image Credit: Keith Homan/Shutterstock.

Dryer sheets are your bug-busting sidekick for your car! Gnats, moths, and other delicate insects can easily get caught in the fabric softener and anti-static agents on the dryer sheet, making them easy to remove. The wet texture helps lift and absorb the splattered insect residue. Just a heads up, they work best when still fresh and moist from my personal experience. Once they dry out, their bug-busting power takes a dip.

Anti-Fog Dish Soaps

Dawn Dish Soap
Image Credit: Taylor E Williams/Shutterstock.

Mild, unscented dish soap, like Dawn, can be an effective anti-fog trick for diving masks and swim goggles. Many divers swear by it as a cheap and readily available alternative to commercial defoggers. For diving masks, this method can be surprisingly effective.

Dish soap disrupts water’s surface tension, preventing droplets that cause fog. A soap film on the surface acts as a barrier, stopping water vapor from condensing and forming fog.

Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Blood Stains

Image Credit: sulit.photos/Shutterstock.

Fresh blood stains on clothes? Hydrogen peroxide can help remove blood stains due to its reaction with the enzyme catalase in blood. This reaction breaks down blood proteins, lifting the stain. However, for set-in stains, its effectiveness may vary or be nonexistent. Always perform a spot test before use, especially on colored fabrics, to avoid potential damage.

Used Mascara Wands in Animal Shelters

Too Faced Volumizing Mascara by Glamour Brands
Image Credit: Glamour Brand.

The soft, flexible bristles of mascara wands are ideal for grooming small animals with delicate fur or feathers, offering a calming, spa-like experience. They gently brush away fly eggs and larvae, common issues for outdoor animals and shelter pets. But remember, clean them well before use to avoid irritation for your furry friends!


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