3 YouTube Investing Channels To Watch for Trusty Insights

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Whether stocks are going up or down, it’s always a good idea to at least have some idea about what the market is doing. If you buy individual stocks or thematic ETFs, these YouTube investing channels can provide hype-free analysis to protect your wallet.

It’s also possible to help you become a better investor.

Disclaimer: None of these recommended channels (nor myself) provide individual advice. However, you can use these channels to research investments and have an easier time finding winning ideas and not losing money.

J Bravo

J Bravo YouTube Channel

The “in real life” lookalike to the iconic Johnny Bravo cartoon character, J Bravo, makes reading technical charts easy and entertaining. He also shows the latest news headlines that can impact future investing trends.

This channel follows a swing trading strategy that involves short-term trades that may only last a few days or weeks. It can require more attention to the market, but if you’re handy with TradingView, you can make money as stocks go up — or down.

If you like J Bravo’s style and want to learn more about swing trading, he also offers paid video courses to help you learn how to use particular indicators and trading strategies. I’ve completed the introductory course and like it for casual swing trading.

Let’s Talk Money With Joseph Hogue, CFA

Lets Talk Money YouTube Investing Channel

Let’s Talk Money! With Joseph Hogue, CFA  can give you several long-term investment ideas. These videos can cover specific sectors and also current market news.

What I like about Joseph is that he has Wall Street experience, but he doesn’t hype stocks like everyone is “going to the moon.” In other words, he doesn’t get rich if you buy a stock…even if it’s not in your best interest.

Joseph is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). That’s one of the most demanding professional investor designations you can earn.

Of these recommendations, this channel is most like an investment newsletter. However, you can get similar ideas and learn more about investing for free!

The Economic Ninja

Economic Ninja YouTube Investing Channel

The Economic Ninja is “just a dude with a brohawk and dream…” an enthusiastic dude, I might add.

These videos examine the macroeconomic news that can impact stocks, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies.

If you like Richard Maybury’s Early Warning Report for its geopolitical analysis and alternative investment ideas, Economic Ninja can be your new favorite YouTube investing channel.

Ninja is an entrepreneur, and his spirit is infectious. You can get many ideas to frame how you view potential investments and manage your current portfolio.


Start with these three channels if you’re tired of pump-and-dumps or “doom and gloom” investing forecasts. I watch the three channels regularly to find new investment ideas and get a different perspective on risks and rewards.

You may also enjoy these free investing podcasts if you don’t have the time or sufficient data to watch a YouTube video.


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