30 Ways To Earn Extra Cash On Valentine’s Day

30 Ways To Earn Extra Cash On Valentine’s Day


Over the years, I’ve made quite a bit on Valentine’s Day, mostly by putting together different events.

Man and  a woman celebrating valentines day. Both of them are holding paper hearts in their hands and look like they are in love.

But along the way, I’ve spotted some other smart ways to make extra cash for lovers’ day. Here they are. Steal my ideas.

Customized Gifts

Create and sell personalized gifts such as custom jewelry, engraved items, or handmade crafts that cater to couples looking for unique presents. Don’t now where to start? Check these places to sell jewelry.

Valentine’s Themed Baked Goods

Many foods are easy to make and sell. Offer heart-shaped cakes, cookies, and chocolates. You can also provide vegan or gluten-free options to cater to different dietary preferences.

Flower Arrangement Services

Start a service for creating and delivering custom flower bouquets. You can even offer subscription services for those who want to surprise their loved ones regularly.

Romantic Experience Planner

Offer services as a romantic experience planner. Organize and plan personalized dates or romantic evenings for couples.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Design and sell unique and personalized Valentine’s Day cards. These can range from traditional paper cards to digital e-cards.

Specialty Gift Baskets

Create themed gift baskets filled with chocolates, wine, spa items, or gourmet snacks. You can tailor these baskets to different interests and budgets.

Photography Sessions

Offer couple’s photography sessions. This can include themed photo shoots or mini sessions for a more affordable option.

Valentine’s Themed Workshops

Host workshops for couples, like cooking classes, dance lessons, or DIY craft making, centered around the theme of love and togetherness.

Romantic Getaway Planning

Provide a service for planning romantic getaways or staycations, including hotel bookings, itinerary planning, and special experiences.

Custom Love Songs or Poems

If you’re musically or poetically inclined, offer to create custom love songs or poems for people to give to their significant others.

Couple’s Massage Services

If you are a licensed masseuse, offer special couple’s massage packages, either at your place of business or as a mobile service.

Pop-up Valentine’s Day Store

Set up a temporary store selling Valentine’s Day related items like stuffed animals, candles, and romantic novelties.

Social Media Content Creation

Offer your services to businesses to create Valentine’s Day themed content for their social media platforms.

Valentine’s Day Party Planning

Offer party planning services for Valentine-themed events, whether it’s for couples or singles celebrating friendship.

Rental of Romantic Spaces

If you have a picturesque space, rent it out for romantic dinners, proposals, or small gatherings.

Personalized Video Messages

Offer to create personalized video messages or love dedications, which can include singing, poetry reading, or even a simple heartfelt message.

Valentine’s Day Themed Apparel

Design and sell Valentine’s Day themed clothing such as t-shirts, hats, or scarves with romantic or funny slogans and designs.

Candle Making and Selling

Create and sell homemade, scented candles. You can use romantic scents like rose, jasmine, or vanilla.

Romantic eBook or Blog Writing

Write and sell romantic stories, eBooks, or start a blog with romantic themes, relationship advice, or date ideas.

Valentine’s Day Decoration Services

Offer services to decorate homes or venues in a romantic theme for Valentine’s Day.

Themed Artwork and Prints

Create and sell romantic or love-themed artwork and prints. This could include paintings, digital art, or handcrafted items.

Jewelry Making and Selling

Handcraft and sell jewelry pieces like heart-shaped pendants, love bracelets, or custom-engraved rings.

Create a Valentine’s Day App

Develop an app for Valentine’s Day that could include features like love quotes, gift ideas, or event planning. In the long run, this could become a steady passive income stream.

Online Dating Profile Consultation

Offer services to help people improve their online dating profiles with better photos and engaging profile descriptions.

Virtual Valentine’s Day Events

Organize and host virtual events such as online concerts, cooking classes, or wine-tasting sessions. Btw, I had a bar and ran one of these, and guess what… we had like 50 women alone and only a few couples.

Custom Love Storybooks

Create and sell custom illustrated storybooks based on couples’ love stories.

“Adopt” a Valentine’s Day Tradition

Offer a service where you create and maintain unique Valentine’s Day traditions for couples, like annual custom gifts or surprise events.

Subscription Box for Couples

There are many different subscription box businesses and you could launch a subscription box service with monthly romantic themes, including date night items, couple activities, and relationship-building tools.

Valentine’s Day-themed Home Decor

Design and sell home decor items specifically for Valentine’s Day, such as pillows, banners, and table decorations.

Heart-shaped Edibles

Get creative with heart-shaped edibles like pizzas, sandwiches, or even heart-shaped sushi rolls.

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