5 Ways to Cash a Check Without ID

5 Ways to Cash a Check Without ID


To cash a check, you must provide a valid ID. Nevertheless, some persons may lack access to a reliable form of identification. 

Your main form of identification could have been taken. Or your ID has expired and you haven’t yet obtained a new one.

You may be wondering how to cash a check without identification if you’ve got one. Discover what types of identification are accepted and how to cash a check without identification by reading on.

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Isn’t an ID Required to Cash a Check?

Most banks need identification from consumers to paychecks. Some even want official identification cards.

Because each bank has various ID requirements, this procedure is made considerably more difficult.

Although it is often necessary to provide ID at the bank when checking in person, there are a few workarounds, such as paying your check online.

How Can I Cash a Check Without ID?

In this section, you’ll learn the best ways for cashing checks without ID. Using these tried-and-true techniques won’t take up most of your time. For help choosing, go over the choices below.

Use Third Party Check

If you don’t have a bank account or a valid ID, you may send a check to someone else. A third party receives a Check that was written for another individual. Some people who do not have a bank account utilize third-party checks to avoid check-cashing costs.

You must contact their bank if you have a dependable relative or friend prepared to cash a check. You may sign the checks back once you’ve made sure the bank will accept them.

Put “Pay to the order of” below the line that reads, “Endorse Check Here,” and note the recipient’s name and signature. Once the check has cleared, the third party may cash it at their bank and give you the money.

Use Bank’s Mobile App

You may opt to deposit using your bank’s mobile app if you wish to cash a check without showing an ID. Most banks let you deposit checks for free via their official app. Because you do not need to go to an ATM, mobile app deposits are more practical than ATM deposits.

Before using online banking, you must first download the bank’s app on your iOS or Android device. You may choose “Deposit Checks” after logging in. Your front and back personal or business checks will need to be photographed. You may utilize your funds with a debit card or get cash as the bank clears your check!

Use Prepaid Card with a Check Cashing App

You may acquire a prepaid card if you want to cash a check but don’t have a picture ID. Finding a prepaid card alternative that doesn’t ask for identification could take some effort, but it is doable. You could be required to deposit with the card issuer and pay a check-cashing charge.

The company that issues prepaid cards could provide an app for internet banking. If they don’t, you will have to utilize third-party software, such as Ingo Money. Your prepaid card must be connected to the mobile app. You may start using your money as soon as the bank clears it!

Use ATM Check Cashing

Can you use an ATM to cash a check? Yes! You may cash checks at an ATM without a working ID. Imagine if you get a check for the whole amount after applying for a payday loan. That check may be cashed at an ATM nearby!

You may use the website’s ATM finder to locate the nearest ATM if you have a bank account. You may choose the “Cash Back” or “Deposit Check” option when you enter your prepaid debit card into the bank’s ATM.

After placing your check into the device, verify the amount, then get your money! You may cash the check amount at certain ATMs since there are no check-cashing costs. Remember that there could be certain restrictions on check amounts, and there probably will be a brief bank hold for portions of the check.

Use Mobile Apps

You may still be able to cash a check using a mobile app if you don’t have a bank account. A few programs that let you receive money without an ID are PayPal and Venmo. You need to provide a legitimate form of identification if you plan to make payments.

Mobile applications allow you to cash personal checks, tax rebate checks, etc., easily. You must set up a Venmo or PayPal account and download your favorite payment app. You must submit your check photos electronically, much like a bank’s app. You can view the amount of your cashed check in your available balance as soon as the app confirms your deposit.


If you don’t presently have a valid picture ID, don’t worry. There are other methods to cash a check at a bank or check-cashing business. However, be aware that everyone needs a bank account and a main form of identity.

Take the time to get a new ID if you’ve misplaced it or had one stolen. It is simpler to perform financial activities and confirm your identity when you have the main identification document.

Opening a bank account is among the greatest long-term financial options for check cashing. It’s never been simpler to create a free checking account if you don’t already have one. You may easily discover a checking account option with no fees, and many institutions demand a few papers startup. You can pay bills, cash checks online, make purchases, and do other things using a bank account.

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