Barbie and Ken: A Match Made in Barbie World?

Barbie and Ken: A Match Made in Barbie World?


One of the plot devices in the Barbie movie, set for release on July 21, is that Barbie’s lack of perfection sends her into the Real World to try her luck there. Ken decides to follow along, so the curious might wonder if they could work through their personal finances according to Real World scenarios.

Bread Financial, a financial services company, surveyed couples’ finances. If the ultimate Pink Power Couple held to type, these numbers could indicate whether the Real World is too much for the dolls, finance-wise.

Who Holds The Purse Strings?

Although Barbie has rolled through over 200 careers in her lifetime, Ken may still think he controls the money. About 56% of the men surveyed by Bread Financial say they’re in charge of the finances in the relationship.

Good thing Barbie has had high-paying careers and owns a Dream House in Malibu, potentially worth $10 million. The Bread Financial survey reports 16% of Gen Z’ers and 18% of Millennials want partners that make over $500,000 per year, so Ken could be in the group of those looking for a wealthy match. Since his self-confessed occupation is “just beach,” he could probably use the money.

Also, on the subject of income, men are more apt to hide their income than women; 27% of men do it, compared to 15% of the women surveyed.

Any Dirty Little Secrets?

So what if everything with Ken and Barbie isn’t as rosy pink as it appears? That’s the reality for many couples, and some bad habits are relationship-breakers.

About 67% of the single persons surveyed in this report said they had no interest in anyone with a gambling problem. Some 28% percent of the surveyed singles said over-investing in cryptocurrency was enough to make them say goodbye to a prospective match.

Ken may also be hiding something from Barbie. Or, she could be hiding something from him. About 45% of the couples surveyed admitted they’ve hidden purchases from their significant others, so their relationship could have trust issues. Good Housekeeping reports Barbie, Ken, and the gang have had over 1 billion outfits created for them, so it’s likely there’s a secret clothing stash, or at least a few pairs of shoes neither Barbie nor Ken has admitted buying. In fact, the survey reports about 30% of men admit to concealing their credit card debts, as opposed to 19% of women.

Excessive impulse buying is another red flag for many singles. While most people have a splurge purchase once in a while, 31% of those surveyed claim making too many impulse buys was a warning signal to turn back before it’s too late.

About 35% of respondents say someone making only minimum payments on a credit card was also an ominous sign of financial non-responsibility.

On the other end of the finance spectrum is the cheapskate date. Some 33% of those surveyed say they wouldn’t be happy if they’re asked out on a date, and the other person wants to split the check for dinner and the date.

In that same vein, men are also twice as likely to go on a date for a free dinner as women are, even if they’re not attracted to the person. Being cheap is clearly a harbinger of unpleasant things to come in a relationship.

When Like Meets Like

If Barbie and Ken have similar views on managing their finances, their relationship will likely be happier. If a Millennial finds a partner who uses spreadsheets or apps to track their spending, 27% find that attractive.

About 17% of the Millennials surveyed report a lack of financial compatibility was a big reason for a breakup. About 54% of the Baby Boomers surveyed say they were financially compatible with their partners, which could be attributed to life experience and learning to manage relationships.

Single respondents also say paying bills on time is sexy, along with couponing and bargain-hunting, high credit limits, and paying bills without checking their bank accounts. Singles also apparently prefer prospective mates who make saving money a priority.

The survey shows Barbie and Ken will need to come to a meeting of the minds where finances are concerned. Only time (and a probable Barbie movie sequel) will tell if the couple can make their money work in the Real World.

This article was produced by Media Decision and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

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