Is Cherley Legit? What You Should Know Before Ordering

Is Cherley Legit? What You Should Know Before Ordering


As a fashionista, it’s always nice to explore your options and find savvy ways to shop. If you shop for clothes online, you must’ve come across a store named “Cherley”. 

But is Cherley legit? Let’s find out! 

What is Cherley? 

Cherley is a recently trending store selling various clothing items. Cherley has a long list of items, including mini, midi, maxi dresses, playsuits, matching sets, tops, and jumpsuits. 

The team behind Cherley aims to help its customers keep up with the latest trends and designs without breaking the bank. 

Although their vision makes Cherley sound like a saint, it has been following a questionable work ethic. While Cherley offers heavy discounts and clothing options at low prices, many customers have raised questions about the quality of these dresses. 

Some customers have also complained about receiving the wrong items and not receiving any help from the customer care staff.

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Based on some reviews about Cherley, the customers were seen complaining about: 

Customer Support 

In case of any complaints, Cherley’s website asks the users to communicate their concerns through a designated email address on their platform. 

But here’s the catch. The email mentioned on their website is nonfunctional. Apart from the nonfunctional email, Cherley has no phone number listed, making it impossible for customers to get any help. 

Failed Refunds 

While Cherley claims to offer a 30-day refund policy, review sites are filled with Cherley users complaining about Cherley’s claim being fraudulent.

Many customers have complained about placing returns and not getting their refunds, intensifying the need to remain cautious around Cherley. 

Image Products

Various listings on Cherley have copied content and product images. The use of questionable content ticks off users about Cherley being a transparent platform.

Using copying images also suggests that Cherley lacks originality, which resonates with the textbook definition of scams. 

Is Cherley Legit?

Cherley is a legitimate company, but similar to their sister company Loragal, you will get what you pay for. Not all reviews are bad despite people tend to post negative reviews more than positive.

The emphasis of all these sites is on quantity, not quality. Basically, you will receive cheap copies of designer brands. If you expect to get a designer dress for $50, then your expectations are not realistic.

The pictures of the dresses are so clearly photoshopped that it should tell you something. The company behind Loragal is Shenzhen Tongfei Trade Co., which is a legitimate business.

I’ve managed to track down their profile on Alibaba, where they have a 4.3 out of 5 rating based on 80 reviews. They’ve been selling on Alibaba for over seven years. According to the latest information I have, it costs $10,000 a year to list products on Alibaba.

The company is covered by Alibaba’s trade assurance, which suggests they are not scammers; otherwise, they would likely have been removed already. staff have checked the supplier’s company premises to confirm that onsite operations exist, and a third-party verification company has verified the legal existence of the supplier.

So, what’s the issue? They only sell makeup products. Their offerings do not include clothing or anything similar.

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