Is Commense Legit Online Store For Clothing Deals?

Is Commense Legit Online Store For Clothing Deals?


Let’s talk about one of the intriguing online fashion destinations, Commense. But the big question is: Is Commense legit? It is.

Like many of you, I’m always on the hunt for good deals, especially in fashion. Thankfully, the internet is a goldmine for such finds but it’s crowded with countless websites and apps, making it tricky to figure out which ones are reliable and which ones might be questionable. So, let’s check Commense.

What is Commense? 

The Commense is an online shop based in Los Angeles, specializing in women’s apparel and accessories.

They offer a variety of products including accessories, tops, and dresses, keeping you in sync with the latest fashion trends. Whether you’re looking for something fancy or casual, Commense has a wide range of clothing options.

The site features clothes with unique aesthetic patterns, adorned with elegant details like lacy accents, frilly sleeves, and floral designs, perfect for making a fashion statement.

Even though Commense operates online from Los Angeles, they offer worldwide shipping. Their goal is to meet customer needs affordably. The company also places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, with a dedicated helpline to ensure a pleasant shopping experience.

Their customer service is ready to help with any returns or exchanges you might need.

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Tips for Shopping On Commense

Before you start shopping at Commense, it’s important to set the right expectations:

You Get What You Pay For

Commense Clothing offers items that are good for their price. Just don’t expect them to have the same durability as more expensive products. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

This saying, often heard in stories and movies to highlight fairness, is quite relevant when it comes to shopping with Commense Clothing. Commense is known for offering products with a decent balance of price and quality. However, it’s important not to expect luxury-grade items.

To maintain lower prices, Commense Clothing uses fabrics and materials that don’t necessarily compare to those used by higher-priced, luxury brands. This doesn’t mean their products won’t last, but rather that they can’t match the quality of more expensive brands.

Commense’s priority is affordability, aiming to make their products accessible to a broader audience. Opting for higher quality fabrics would mean higher prices, which goes against Commense’s mission of keeping their fashion affordable.

Fitting and Size Problem 

Fitting and Size problems are probably what raised questions about Commense’s legitimacy. Fitting and Sizing was one of the biggest challenges Commense customers have had to face. 

Sometimes, customers might get clothing items that do not correspond to the Commense size chart. Even when the dresses correspond to the chart, sometimes they may not be a perfect fit due to the dress style and design, your body type, or dressing habits. 

Additionally, the clothing sizes will also depend on the fabric used to create the dress. Some fabrics may stretch which may cause them to not fit your body. 

Although the fitting and sizing problems are a rare occurrence, it is worth noting that such issues might still happen. Nevertheless, if you get a dress that is either too large or small to fit your body, it could result in a waste of your money. 

Such dresses are impossible to alter, leaving you with the only option to return the items. 

Complicated Returns 

Considering that return requests are subject to the platform’s approval, it might get a bit tricky to get a refund or exchange your dresses. If you request a refund, Commense will require you to provide evidence-based on detailed information and pictures. 

Another turn-off about refunds on Commense is that you have to bear the costs for return, except if you have received damaged goods. Returns at your expenses are possible due to discrepancies in the following cases: 

  1. Quality 
  2. Size 
  3. Color 

Do You Get Full Refunds? 

If you send back the products and request a refund, Commense will return the order price after deducting the original shipping charges from the order!

So, not only do you have to bear the shipping costs to re-send the package, but you will also have the original shipping fee deducted from your order. 

Commense realizes that their return policy can cost you some money, depending on your location. Instead, they offer you two options: 

  • Use the store credit and make another purchase
  • Keep the product and receive a partial refund

Think of store credit as a prepaid amount offered by Commense. This prepaid amount allows you to make another purchase of the same value as your order instead of getting a refund on your items. 

So, Is Commense Clothing Legit? 

Yes, it is.

But should you shop from Commense Clothing? 

The answer will depend on your preferences, budget, and personal comfort. If you are shopping with a low budget and looking to have access to a wide variety of options, shopping from Commense is right for you! 

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