Is Patriot Funding Legit? Here’s What To Know

Is Patriot Funding Legit? Here’s What To Know


Debt Consolidation can be significantly helpful, especially when you are going through a difficult time. While there are various debt consolidators available, Patriot Funding has recently taken up the internet with a storm. 

Considering the mixed reviews from Reddit users, it is enough to keep a person worried about the platform’s legitimacy. So, is Patriot Funding Legit? 

Let’s find out. 

What is Patriot Funding? 

There is a huge disarray on the internet, leaving people curious about what Patriot Funding is and what it does. If you are also unsure about Patriot Funding, this section is dedicated to helping you understand the platform and its operations. 

At its core, Patriot Funding is a debt consolidation company with the objective to offer customized debt management solutions to its users. The platform aims to help its users work towards financial freedom by consolidating their debts into a singular, doable payment. 

Patriot Funding has an elementary application process, allowing users to sign up quickly. It also offers flexible repayment terms with comparatively lower interest rates as a way to ensure a smooth journey towards financial freedom for its users. 

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How Does Patriot Funding Work? 

Once you have signed up on Patriot Funding and entered the accumulated debts, the platform comes into play by offering debt management programs. These management programs are tailored to help users organize their finances and craft a convenient plan to pay off their debts. 

Patriot Funding partners with various financial institutions and reputable lenders, allowing them to negotiate lower interest rates. Maintaining lower interest rates allows Patriot Funding to provide users with affordable monthly payments, making it easy for them to pay off their debts. 

Their connection with various financial institutions and lenders has gone a long way in earning user trust and finding more clients. 

In Which Cases Can Patriot Funding Help Me? 

Given that the company aims to help users achieve financial freedom, they offer financial assistance in various cases.

Whether you are struggling with medical bills, credit card debt, or other financial obligations, Patriot Funding has the tools and the budget to help you put your debts in the past. 

Patriot Funding provides the necessary guidance and support to its users, allowing them to counter the financial constraints. Apart from its debt consolidation programs, Patriot Funding also pairs some experts.

These experts create financially-accessible plans while keeping your income stream in mind. 

Patriot Funding – Benefits 

When looking for a debt consolidation provider, it is crucial to do some research to comprehend the benefits offered by the companies. In that spirit, here are some benefits of choosing Patriot Funding: 

Consolidated Payments

Patriot Funding functions by consolidating your debts into a singular, affordable payment. The accumulation of your debt through its consolidated debt programs makes it easy to fulfill financial obligations and achieve financial freedom. 

Lower Interest 

Patriot Funding leverages its connection with financial organizations and lenders to help its customers gain a lowered interest rate. By negotiating a lower interest rate, Patriot Funding helps you save a significant sum of money towards repayments. 

Flexible Repayment 

Not only does Patriot Funding turn your debt into a collective number, but it also offers a flexible payment schedule. With Patriot Funding, you can choose a plan suited to your budget and financial goals. 

Financial Freedom 

Patriot Funding’s debt management solution pairs with the aforementioned benefits to help you attain financial freedom. When you do not have debts, you can consider staking your money into investments or improving your quality of life. 

Although choosing Patriot Funding can have various benefits, it is crucial to review the terms and conditions before you make a decision. 

Patriot Funding – Pros and Cons 

An effective step towards choosing a favorable debt consolidation program is to make a pros and cons list. While choosing Patriot Funding can have some benefits, it also has a few drawbacks:


Competitive Interest Rates: 

The biggest advantage of considering Patriot Funding for your debt consolidation needs is its lower interest rates. As Patriot Funding consolidates all your debts into a single number, you will be asked to pay your amount back with a significantly lower interest overall. 


Patriot Funding portrays itself as an experienced debt consolidation service provider. Based on its experience, the Patriot Funding team has developed connections with some reputable names in the financial industry. 

Given the strength of their connections, Patriot Funding is in a prime position to extend to you not only favorable repayment options but also services that are intricately personalized to align seamlessly with your unique requirements. 


Failed Deals 

According to some reviews, some users from Patriot Funding have reported failed deals. It is crucial to evaluate the succession and failure rate of any debt consolidator before going to them. Pre-evaluating the succession rate will allow you to determine the chances of your requests getting approved. 

If a platform does not have a good track record, likely, your request won’t go through. Hence, it is better to keep your mind open to considering other options. 

Relatively Higher Fees

Some borrowers working with Patriot Funding have also complained about the platform charging higher fees. Hence, before you commit to Patriot Funding’s debt consolidation programs, ensure to review and comprehend all the fees and costs associated with the service. 

Final Words 

Seeing that there is limited information available and the share of mixed reviews, it is not easy to make a statement about the platform’s legitimacy at this time.

Despite their claims of debt relief through its debt consolidation program, many reviews on the internet have raised concerns about the transparency and legitimacy of their operations. 

Hence, if you are looking for platforms that offer debt relief, it is best to consider other options until Patriot Funding provides more information or there are more positive reviews online.

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