Is Sirius XM Worth it?

Is Sirius XM Worth it?


SiriusXM is a fantastic resource for music lovers, especially if you travel a lot.

The ability to listen to a huge variety of radio stations in your car or wherever is unparalleled by any other source, and the level of variety can be overwhelming at times.

However, with so many channels, choosing what to listen to sometimes takes effort.

Because they have so many different stations, they also have an option where you can make your custom channel.

On this channel, you can add different genres of music and songs that you like; that way, whenever you turn on that channel, you’ll hear music that fits your tastes.

What is the point of SiriusXM radio?

While there are many different ways you can listen to music and other forms of entertainment, there’s something special about listening to them on the radio.

It’s not just about being able to hear your favorite songs whenever you want, it’s about getting lost in whatever you’re listening to. And that’s what makes SiriusXM so great.

SiriusXM Radio is a $13 to $23 a month subscription-based satellite radio service that offers over 150 music, sports, entertainment, and more channels.

The service is available in vehicles equipped with factory-installed satellite radios and on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other connected devices via its app.

SiriusXM subscribers can receive commercial-free music from its more than 150 channels of music, sports, and entertainment to subscribers.

What are the Benefits of a SiriusXM Subscription?

Here are some of the benefits of SiriusXM:

Compatibility With Alexa

SiriusXM has made its programming available through Amazon’s Alexa devices, allowing you to listen to your favorite channels from home or on the go.

This is a great feature because it allows you to listen to your favorite channels without paying for an expensive subscription service like Spotify or Apple Music.

If you already have an Amazon Echo or Dot, this will be the easiest way to get started with SiriusXM.

A Huge Variety of Programming

SiriusXM offers over 150 music, talk, and news channels that can keep any listener busy for hours at a time!

There are also specialty channels for different genres, so if you want to listen to country music all day long or want a channel dedicated to comedy specials and standup acts, you’re covered there too!

You can also find specific stations that cater to your tastes in sports and much more; there is something for everyone on Sirius.

Great Radio Signal

Another reason why people love a SiriusXM subscription is because of its great radio signal.

Unlike traditional radio stations, SiriusXM has a strong signal that can be picked up even in cars and trucks with poor reception.

This makes it easy for people living in rural areas to keep up with their favorite radio stations even when on the road.

Unedited And Uncensored Content

The biggest benefit of having a SiriusXM subscription is that it offers uncensored content that isn’t available anywhere else on the internet or even on terrestrial radio stations.

This is especially important if you’re looking for uncensored news coverage or live reporting from special events like sporting events or political rallies.

While there’s always a chance that someone will try to censor this kind of content to protect their sponsors, SiriusXM ensures that all of their programs stay true to their original form when it airs on their channels.

SiriusXM Video

SiriusXM Video is an add-on to your regular subscription that allows you to watch all of your favorite shows, including sports and comedy, on your computer or smartphone.

You can also stream videos on TV through a dedicated app called Channels, which gives you access to over 200 shows from top networks like Comedy Central and MTV.

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What are the Cons of Having a SiriusXM Subscription?

SiriusXM subscriptions are a great way to get your favorite music, news, and sports. You can get a Sirius XM subscription from any car dealer or satellite radio provider.

However, you should be aware of some cons of having a SiriusXM subscription before you sign up for one.

  • Cost: The cost is one of the biggest issues with SiriusXM subscriptions. The cost varies depending on whether you want to listen to music or watch television shows. You can get a standard package for $10 per month, but if you want all the channels, it will cost $18.
  • Potentially Complicated Installation: Another disadvantage is that installing it could be difficult in some cars. You may need an additional antenna to install it properly in your car.

Is there a lifetime membership for SiriusXM?

SiriusXM offers a wide variety of membership options, and yes, there is a Sirius XM lifetime subscription at about $400.

The plan is of great value because it gives you access to all content on SiriusXM’s satellite and online platforms.

This includes music, sports, news, and entertainment programming from Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh and live play-by-play coverage of major league baseball, NFL football, and NBA basketball games.

What do their customers say?

There’s a problem with online reviews. You’re only going to hear from customers who have had issues.

Satisfied customers don’t feel like they should post about it.

You’re mostly going to hear horror stories but I’m gonna save you some time and share some different opinions on SiriusXM that could be found on different forums and discussion boards.

  • DMGlown says: 100% Yes. I listen to Octane (hard rock) no commercials, in the car, in the office in the house. With new music weekly. I listen to BYU radio, no commercials, in the car, in the office or in the house. Great spiritual uplift. I listen to my favorite sports teams in the car, in the office in the house. I listen to “political” talk from both sides of the American spectrum. I also listen to 80’s, Broadway, and my wife listens to the country stations. Very few if any commercials. IMO great value.
  • drivebyedriver says: Maybe, maybe not… if you have a 2-hour commute and extra income, sure. Drive 4 hours to work and make minimum wage, sure. Make minimum wage and drive 10 min to work? Prob not. Like era pop… (60s,70s, 2000s) sure. Only listen to euro house music and 40s show tunes… again, maybe. Like the top 40 and today’s country, and they have 10 local stations serving your likes… maybe not.
  • ToMorrowsEnd says: It depends if you are poor and the full price is not something you can afford, then honestly no, there are better things you need to spend the money on than a music service. Personally, I pay for 4 subscriptions at full price because my time is way more valuable than what I spend on lunch with clients monthly. No interest in playing the games some people play to get discounts, as it is not worth it to me. I have had one of my subs for a lifetime as I have been subbing since 2009. It’s a rotation like FM radio, they plan out 8-12 hours and repeat.

The general consensus is that if you spend a few hours a day in a car then SiriusXM subscription is worth it.

Who is the competitor to Sirius?

There are several competitors to Sirius. They all have different advantages and disadvantages.

It is easy to focus on the differences between the services, but in reality, they are more similar than different. SoundCloud, Amazon, Spotify, and Apple have all been attempting to provide a service similar to Sirius.

iHeartMedia has also created a radio platform trying to compete with Sirius. However, these services differ in their approaches toward the listeners and their strategies for success.

Final Thoughts

So is Sirius XM worth the extra cash? If you’re looking for live talk radio, yes.

If you already have satellite television service from another provider, then yes. But if you have neither now, then it’s time to reconsider.

Even though living without satellite radio or television might be difficult for some, the choice is clear—when it comes to live talk radio in the car, nothing can stand up to Sirius XM.

On the other hand, if your life dictates that you listen to Sirius XM infrequently, perhaps once or twice a week, then satellite radio may be a better choice.

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