Is ThredUp Legit? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is ThredUp Legit? Here’s What You Need to Know


While shopping for apparel online can be an enticing idea, it is no secret that costs can often run significantly highbut thredUp has digitized the idea of thrift stores! 

Unfortunately, netizens have not been kind to thredUp and bombarded the website with negative reviews, making new prospects conscious. So, is thredUp legit? Let’s find out. 

What Is Thredup? 

ThredUp is an online thrift store with a wide range of clothing at low prices. Transitioning the ideas of consignment stores online, Thredup is a go-to choice for avid shopaholics to satisfy their shopping cravings without breaking the bank. 

With thredUp, you can browse an online marketplace full of women’s clothing and get the most bang for your back. Through thredUp, you get access to various clothing items from premium, designer brands, and name brand clothing. 

Having product listings from more than 35K brands and millions of items, thredUp is a great choice to keep up with the fashion trends without upsetting the frugal within. 

Apart from shopping at this thrift store, on thredUp you can also sell your items and get good value for them. 

How Does It Work? 

Since you can buy and sell your items on thredUp, the platform works differently for sellers and buyers: 

The Buyer’s Perspective 

To buy on thredUp, you must create an account. After creating the account, you will be able to access thredUp’s inventory. While browsing through the website, you will find various products including women’s apparel, accessories, kids, and maternity items. 

The special thing about thredUp is that it asks for your size during account creation. With your size, the platform is able to list items conforming to your size, tailoring the inventory according to your preferences. 

Once you have chosen the products you want to buy, continue the process by checking out. The platform will require you to provide a shipping address. thredUp usually takes 3-8 business days to deliver your items. 

The products ordered from thredUp arrive in its signature tissue paper, having aesthetic looks. The thredUp products also come with separate tags, creating a delightful shopping experience. 

Based on the reviews, most buyers from thredUp report getting items of great quality and quick delivery times.

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The Seller’s Perspective

While the selling process is identical to buying products on thredUp with some minute changes, many reviewers did not have good things to say about selling items on thredUp: 

Low or No rofits 

As suggested by various sellers and a few members of the Reddit community, ThredUp often provides minimal or no profits on selling items.

One seller also reported receiving $0 profits from their recent sale bag! Irrespective of what the buyer is selling, if Thredup approves a product, they should pay for it. 

The main reason behind low or no profits on thredUp is the shipping costs that sellers have to bear when selling the bags back to the site. The shipping cost overshadows any profit made from selling an item, making it a no-go for selling your items. 

On the bright side, selling items on thredUp still gives you a way to clean your closet and get rid of old clothes. 

Absence of High-End Brands and NWT listings 

The thredUp sellers have also raised concerns about their NWT (New with tags) items, and high-end brands aren’t getting accepted.

While some place the blame on ThredUp’s team for stealing the prices, some believe that the platform’s automated system is rejecting the pieces for listing. 

So, if you’re thinking of selling a high-value item on ThredUp, it’s best to consider saving your money and listing it on alternating platforms.

Long Processing Times 

Thredup users selling items on the platform have also complained that it is taking too long for ThredUp to process returned sell kits. For instance, a ThredUp user sent their return sell kit over the summer of 2022, which got processed only a few days ago! 

If you have to wait that long to sell an item, you might as well forget that you even owned it! 

How To Get The Most Value For Money on ThredUp 

While shopping on ThredUp can be a budget-friendly endeavor as is, the following are the tips shared by some experienced shoppers to help you get the most bang for your buck: 

Shopping From The “Sales” Tabs 

If you want to get multiple clothing items without going over the budget, start shopping on thredUp from its “sales” section. This section will filter out the options with discounts. 

On thredUp you can search via price also. So, when shopping on the platform, be sure to filter results by “Price: Lowest to Highest.” 

Coupon Codes! 

ThredUp is known for handing out coupon codes frequently. You can find coupon codes placed at the top of thredUp’s website.

ThredUp also sends you coupon codes through the mail. These coupon codes can go a long way in cutting down your order costs and result in some big savings. 

Order Until You Get Free Shipping! 

Since thredUp is a great platform to get quality items on a budget, it is best to wait a while and buy items in bulk. For example, if a friend’s birthday is coming next month, you can wait until next month and buy their gift while shopping for the items you want. 

This way, you would only have to pay shipping costs once while technically getting the other items with free shipping. 

So, Is ThredUp Legit?

Yes, thredUp is a legitimate website. Based on reviews, thredUp is a great place if you are considering buying items from them but selling on thredUp is an entirely different story. 

Since Thredup takes a long time to approve your apparel and often does not get back with a profitable number, it is best to keep Thredup as a last resort for selling your items. Either way, it is a good way of cleaning out your closet and getting paid for it.

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