Is Tradesy Legit? Here’s What to Know

Is Tradesy Legit? Here’s What to Know


As a fashionista, the struggle between buying designer apparel and sticking to your budget is inevitable. Fortunately, online platforms like Tradesy give you a way to keep up with fashion trends without costing you an arm and a leg. 

Nevertheless, you would not be the first person to say Tradesy is unheard of. Often, hearing about unfamiliar sites makes you question the legitimacy of the platform or website.

So, is Tradesy legit? Let’s find out. 

What is Tradesy? 

Tradesy is an online store that connects users looking to sell high-end apparel to audiences looking to buy designer clothes for less. Tradesy follows the same operational concept as eBay. Registered users can post and sell their high-end fashion items. 

Since Tradesy only deals in secondhand accessories and apparel, platform maintains lower prices on luxurious items. With Its low pricing, Tradesy gained the attention of users worldwide. 

Apart from luxurious items, you can also sell and buy wedding items on Tradesy. By buying wedding items from Tradesy you can cut down the extravagant costs while maintaining the aesthetics of a luxurious wedding.

Is Tradesy Legit?

Tradesy is a legitimate platform that functions much like other online marketplaces, earning revenue by taking a commission from each successful sale.

To maintain its user base and profitability, it’s in Tradesy’s best interest to minimize scams and ensure a safe trading environment.

Since Tradesy lets you buy and sell the products, there are two perspectives to consider: 

The Buyer Perspective 

Tradesy has made a conscious effort to ensure a convenient and straightforward shopping experience for the buyers.

On Tradesy you can search for your products without requiring an account to browse. Its elementary user interface further makes it easy for users to find the fashion items from the designers of their choice. 

Using the Tradesy search tool you can filter search results according to your preferences so users can sort the results by following categories: 

  • Size 
  • Condition 
  • Color 

Once you have found the items required, you will need to sign in to the platform to complete your purchase. If you do not have an account, start by creating one. After creating the account, Tradesy will redirect you to the checking out page.

Here, you will need to provide your delivery address, contact information, and payment details. Since Tradesy also offers free shipping to most locations, you only need to pay for the items you have bought. 

Many shoppers from Tradesy have reported receiving quick deliveries on their orders. The items they also received were also in good condition, giving them a way to walk away with a win-win situation.

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The Seller Perspective 

To start selling your items on Tradesy, you must create a closet on the platform to start “hanging up” your clothes.

This can be done through Tradesy’s website or its app. Tradesy also offers detailed tips to help you write attractive descriptions for your products and improve your chances of selling them. 

If your listed products pique the interest of a buyer, they will ping you and ask for the availability of the item. If the customer decides to buy after confirming the availability, you will be transitioned toward the next step in your selling journey: Shipping. 

For sellers, Tradesy lets you choose between three shipping options: 


Tradesy sends you pre-paid labels that you must use for shipping your materials. 

Shipping Kit: 

The platform will sell you everything you need to ship your order. Nevertheless, the shipping kit option does not apply to users selling wedding items. 

Materials/Own Postage: 

As if it was not enough, Tradesy also deducts an additional 2.9% commission from your balance if you opt to transfer that money to your bank account or a credit card company. To avoid this additional cut, Tradesy recommends turning your sales into store credit to buy more items from Tradesy. 

While you pay the costs upfront, Tradesy will add a shipping fee to the order. The user buying your products will cover the shipping costs, so you can ship your items for free. 

Nevertheless, the platform’s website states that the sellers might need to manage shipping their orders through their method. Tradesy also does not have any specific situations where such a situation might arise. 

Nonetheless, this policy has resulted in Tradesy getting various negative reviews online. Some users have even jumped to the conclusion that Tradesy is a scam due to this policy.

Is Tradesy Legit? – Some Negative Experiences 

How To Cancel An Order…..?

Another reason why many netizens have declared Tradesy a scam is its difficult return policy. To cancel an order on Tradesy, you will need to contact the seller directly. After explaining the reason for canceling the order, it will depend on the seller if they want to approve/reject your seller request. 

Just Not What The Doctor Ordered! 

A common protest from reviews on Reddit and Glassdoor is about not getting the product that the users ordered. For instance, one review said that the user bought two watches on Tradesy, which were advertised as Rolex Watches. 

Nevertheless, upon receiving the products, the user got the watches, and he reported that the weight of these items was very light and flimsy. In contrast, real watches from Rolex have a considerable weight due to the use of high-quality materials during manufacturing. 

Fortunately, Tradesy is aware of the issue and is offering returns to the aggrieved sellers to make up for an unpleasant experience. 

High Commissions 

Another reason behind Tradesy facing backlash from users online is its high commission rate. To give you an example, for every item you sell worth $50 or less, Tradesy keeps $7.50 of the sale. 

On the other hand, if your items are worth more than $50, Tradesy will charge 19.8% of the total value of your item as commission. 

Final Verdict: Is Tradesy Legit? 

To sum up, Tradesy is a legitimate platform giving people a way to sell and buy designer items. Tradesy induces an elementary interface, allowing you to shop and sell fashion items easily. In case you run into a problem, the website also lists an extensive FAQ section that will help you resolve the issue. 

If the issue persists, you can contact Tradesy’s customer service to find immediate assistance. While there are some catches to using Tradesy, it offers a good experience overall, making it one of the best platforms to fulfill your fashion needs on a budget. 

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