My Journey Saving Cashback Earnings

My Journey Saving Cashback Earnings

It is not often that an article lands in my inbox for a product I already use. JamDoughnut’s Cashback App is one of them.  

I have been using JamDoughnut for just over a year, after it was hugely recommended by fellow MoneyMagpie Izzy. I can say with all faith that it is great, fast and so easy. The simple version is that with the app, you can earn up to 20% instant cashback when you spend with 100s of retailers, online & instore. 

This includes hundreds of popular brands, no more waiting for months wondering whether your cashback has been tracked, and no more delayed or missing claims: rewards are paid in your wallet as soon as you make a purchase.  

After using JamDoughnut, more than I even thought I would, to buy items I was planning on buying anyway – and receiving cashback for my efforts – I then got the cashback bug so much so that this Christmas I decided to try something new. I was going to try and do my Christmas shopping (instore and online) using the app and to then see how much money I could save by New Year. I would then be moving all money made via cashback to a separate pot and seeing if I can amass a good amount.   


Why is JamDoughnut better than other cashback apps?  

While cashback sites are familiar to lots of us now, there’s an almost overwhelming amount to choose from. They all do what they say on the tin: they reward users with cash for doing their shopping or paying for services via the cashback site or app (often by using a referral link). But usually we have to wait days or weeks (sometimes even months), to get our rewards. 

With JamDoughnut YOU GET INSTANT CASHBACK– literally as soon as you confirm your purchase. 

Sign-up to JamDoughnut here now. 

Sounds good: How Do I use Jam Doughnut? 

It really is very easy and based on a points system. When you are about to make a purchase (instore or online) you can easily buy vouchers to the exact amount and pay with those via the app. You will then get up to 20% of your budget back as soon as the payment is made.  


Where can I use it?  

I have had great luck and been able to use my JamDoughnut app pretty much everywhere. I even got 8% return back on my festive COSTA coffee last week. One of the real saving graces is that you can use them in the supermarket. And while I haven’t done my Christmas food shop just yet, I will 100 per cent purchase some ALDI credit at checkout. 


So how is that cashback saving pot looking? 

Well, not only have I been able to get all the presents I was looking for, but the JamDoughnut app has also suggested a number of items I hadn’t even considered, using the site’s recommendations that show all the best deals going for Christmas bargains. And so the cashback pot now stands at £80: that’s £80 I wouldn’t have made had I shopped without the app, and £80 I can now either save for New Year funds or put towards more gifts… I’ve chosen the former! 

Sign-up to JamDoughnut here now. 


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.

While this is a paid article for MoneyMagpie, this is an honest review so the author was allowed to express personal preference.

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