Selling Jewelry On eBay Vs. Etsy – Which Is Better?

Selling Jewelry On eBay Vs. Etsy – Which Is Better?


Are you looking to sell jewelry but can’t decide which platform to choose? While eBay and Etsy are both great platforms, we understand the need to narrow down the best choice for maximizing your profitability. 

Read on to discover some comparisons to give you an idea about selling jewelry on eBay vs. Etsy and which is the better choice! 

Selling Jewelry on eBay vs Etsy – Some Comparisons 

To determine if it’s better to sell jewelry on eBay or Etsy, we’ve made a few crucial comparisons: 

1. Customer Base 


Although Etsy is a comparatively smaller marketplace compared to eBay, it has a solid reputation for selling high-quality, artisanal goods. Also, a customer on Etsy is likely to be a recurring one. According to Statista, more than 40% of sales are repeat sales from active buyers on Etsy! 

Etsy is also a great choice if you’re looking to sell in America only. Albeit its small size, Etsy compares to the big four marketplaces in America, including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. 


When compared to Etsy, eBay is a comparatively huge marketplace. Based on the numbers, eBay qualifies as the second-largest online marketplace in the country. 

Given its diverse product range, the customers are looking for any and everything on eBay. Regardless of the product type or if it’s new, old, or wholesale. It’s likely to sell if you’ve posted on eBay. The level of success you get on eBay is ultimately decided by the products you’re selling. 

The top-selling categories on eBay include electronic items and cell phones. While there is a decent market for clothing and jewelry items, too, electronic products are the hot pick. 

2. Who Should Sell? 


Etsy is a better choice if you are an artist, a content creator, or generally enjoy creating intuitive and artistic products. Considering the value of handcrafted goods, Etsy also offers a higher return for jewelers. 

Etsy has a very elementary selling process and doesn’t require much knowledge to operate. It also allows you to connect pre-existing stores from services like WooCommerce, Wix, or Shopify, making it a better choice for beginners. 


eBay has a better profit margin if you are a retailer, second-hand seller, or a professional. Operating an eBay store also requires you to have stellar knowledge and experience in managing a sales channel. 

The best thing about choosing eBay is the flexibility it offers. eBay offers a unique way of product listings. It also allows sellers to customize shipping charges and return policies, giving the utmost control to the seller. 

3. Shipping 


Given that many sellers on Etsy are selling home-crafted goods and are individual sellers, Etsy tries its best to keep the shipping costs bearable. Thanks to the platform offering discounted postage labels for various carriers, shipping with Etsy costs less. 

As an Etsy seller, you get discounted postage labels for the following platforms: 

  • FedEx
  • Canada Post 
  • USPS 

Etsy further offers handy tools, making shipping easier for the sellers. Features like calculated postage make it easy for the sellers to calculate postage and figure out the shipping costs. 


Seeing a higher presence of retailers and wholesalers on eBay, you’re pressured into offering free shipping to stay in the race. Since you have to bear the shipping costs, it’s crucial to alter your listing prices accordingly. 

Apart from shipping costs, there is immense pressure to price your listings low when selling on eBay! Setting competitive prices allows you to stay relevant and stand a chance of making profits selling your jewelry. 

Considering the high costs involved in making the jewelry products, offering free shipping might set your profits back. 

4. Bestsellers


Considering that Etsy is a community-oriented market, it’s a great market to sell antiques, handmade jewelry, and unique products. These items have the potential to qualify as the best-selling items on Etsy, allowing your business to maximize its profit potential. 

Lately, digital items on Etsy have been booming, too! So, if you have a creative vision, Etsy downloads can help you make a good fortune with printables


If your business sells different product types, eBay is the place to be. From electronic goods to antiques and fashion items, the selling market on eBay is very diverse. The biggest edge of eBay over Etsy is that it allows you to list and sell used products. 

Unfortunately, eBay doesn’t allow selling digitally delivered goods like Etsy. Nevertheless, the high comparison on eBay makes Etsy a better choice to sell your jewelry products. 

Selling jewelry on eBay vs Etsy – Pros and Cons 

eBay Pros

  • Wider access to customers worldwide 
  • Transparent and open transaction methods 
  • Seller Protection policies 
  • Diverse market with a huge product range 
  •  Intuitive User interface and selling process  

Ebay Cons 

  • It might pressure you into offering free shipping 
  • Gives limited control over your listings 
  • Charges Higher Selling Fee Compared to Etsy 

Etsy Pros 

  • Intuitive user interface, making it easy for the beginners to start selling. 
  • Higher value for creative items, collectibles, and fashion items. 
  • Etsy gives you more personalization and control over your store. 
  • Trustable customer base
  • Gives access to various shipping tools. 

Etsy Cons 

  • Higher selling and maintaining fee 
  • A tough competition among competitors 
  • No ownership for data collection 

Final Words 

eBay is more inclined towards satisfying the needs of a growing business. Its vast customer base provides a wider audience reach. eBay also has considerably more diversity in product range compared to Etsy. 

Whereas Etsy is a better choice for small businesses selling handcrafted and unique items like jewelry. Ideally, it’s best to market your products on both sites to increase your chances of finding a customer. 

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