The benefits of home and pet sitting over Christmas

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Is home and pet sitting for you?

Christmas is a busy time for everyone. People are visiting friends, family and loved ones, taking holidays, having extended breaks at home or even going skiing! People often find they are worried to leave their homes unattended and of course, many people need someone to watch their beloved pets.  

No one wants to feel guilty about leaving pets in kennels and boarding houses. Housesitting could be the perfect solution for you, whether you are going away or looking for a new passtime. Petsitters are in high demand too, especially with people wanting someone to take good care of their cats and dogs. 


What are the benefits?

There are benefits for both the housesitters and those who hire them! 

Peace of mind 

Christmas is exciting, yes, but it can also bring lots of stress and pressure. Not only are Christmas preparations expensive, but the cost of living crisis means we are all facing a plethora of extra worries. Not to mention the cold brings the chance of frozen pipes, power cuts and in some cases, extreme weather. 

Leaving pets at home is a worry enough, so knowing your furry friend is being looked after by someone who truly cares can be truly reassuring. Plus, knowing your home and treasured possessions are being kept safe is an even greater relief.  

Maintaining routines 

When a pet returns from time away, they can be out of their routine. For some owners, it can be difficult to get their cats and dogs back in the regular routines of life. Boardin can be disruptive and stressful for both owners and pets, so hiring a house sitter keeps all creatures great and small happy and stress-free. 

Home security 

Theft increases during the festive season. With the knowledge of new gifts and belongings in the house and people going to visit friends and family, thieves take their chance. Having a homesitter comes with the added benefit of higher security within the home whilst you are away. 

Not only can they ensure home security systems are kept in check, but havign someone within the house, turning lights on and off and allowing people to see someone is in the home is a deterrent. 

Make and save money 

As previously mentioned, the cost of Christmas can be extortionate. Between luxury food, presents, Christmas parties and travelling to see those special to us, the pennies can add up. The price of catteries, kennels and boarding for pets can also increase. 

Home and pet sitters who work through Homesitters Ltd can earn around £170 as a couple for a two-week homesit, plus they get reimbursed for mileage at 45p per mile and get a daily food allowance while on assignment. If Homesitters do an assignment over the festive bank holiday days, they will also receive additional pay for each of the 3 bank holiday days. 

At this expensive time of year, people welcome the money they make. They often save it for treats such lunches out or holidays. When everyone is feeling the pinch, it’s an enjoyable role that retired people can easily do to boost their finances whilst feeling like having a break. 

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