The Best Transcription Jobs (And How To Get Hired)

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If you’re exploring the idea of working from home, you might have heard about transcription jobs. Transcription jobs are a great place to start your work from home journey because they typically require little to no experience and pay better than some other at-home earning opportunities. However, many people do not know what transcription is or how to get started. Fortunately for you, we’ve laid out the following guide to help you learn what transcription is, how to get started, and some of our favorite online transcription job opportunities.

What Is Transcription?

Transcription is a business service that converts spoken words to written or electronic text. People and companies that need voice recordings converted to text will often have third party resources transcribe voice to text for them rather than doing it in-house. Common industries that use transcription services are the medical field, legal industry, and other businesses.

What Is the Transcription Process?

Before you sign up for a transcription gig, it is important to understand how the whole process works.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll do is choose a website to list your services on. For your convenience, we have listed several of our favorite transcription service websites below. When you are deciding what website to use, pay close attention to the requirements that each has. For example, some will require that you have experience in the medical industry or medical transcription. Some websites will advertise any transcription job, and others recruit people with specific backgrounds. Then, you’ll sign up for the service of your choice and apply for jobs that are posted. Some of the jobs are one-off needs, and other companies may try to hire you for ongoing work. It is important to know what kind of work you want to do before you get started.

Supplies You’ll Need

To work effectively from home, you will need to have a few specific tools. The first is to ensure that you have a consistent Wi-Fi connection. You should also ensure that you have a quality headset and a quiet space to work in. You may also want to purchase a foot pedal. This tool will help you increase your productivity by stopping and starting your audio without you having to take your hands off the keyboard. Physically, you will need to ensure that you can type quickly and correctly. Additionally, you should be prepared to sit for several hours at a time.

Set Your Hours

Once you’re set with your supplies and know what kind of work you’ll do, you can start applying for gigs and earning money. You can set your hours however you’d like, and make sure that you leave ample time to get the jobs that you apply for finished.

How To Improve Your Transcription Skills

If you feel you have all of the above requirements in your arsenal then congratulations you’re ready for one of these online transcription jobs for beginners and can now start applying. If however, you need a little practice before you get started, you can visit various free websites to improve your skills.

These sites will give you a good feel for what is required, and help improve your speed and efficiency to be ready to find an online transcription job.

  • The Chicago Manual of Style Workouts: With over twenty exercises ranging in topics from the problematic comma to numbers and hyphens, these worksheets are hidden gems. Make sure you take advantage of the free practice!
  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab: Purdue offers a great resource for extra grammar practice. You will find worksheets on a variety of topics that you can print out and practice as much as you want to.
  • Transcribe Anywhere: Offers a FREE Mini-Course with expert tips and advice for transcription newbies. Enroll in their Free 7-lesson mini-course to learn more about transcription, the demand for transcriptionists, the skill involved, and whether or not it’s a good career choice for you.
  • Transcription Skills Course On Udemy: If you’re looking to get into the transcription business, this course is perfect for beginners. You’ll learn how to use text expanders and shortcuts that will increase your productivity in no time!

How Much Can I Earn Doing Transcription?

Each transcription website has a slightly different pay structure. Typically, transcribers are paid per audio hour they can transcribe. Most companies’ starting pay is around $10 per hour. However, individuals with specialized skills such as medical background are paid more per hour. As you gain more experience with transcribing, you can increase your hourly rate. Many people can earn a full-time income by doing transcription work.

Best Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

1. Accutran Global

Accutran Global offers transcription jobs for beginners. The work at Accutran is fast-paced and requires you to pass a skills test to get started.

They pay around $0.005 per word for basic audio and $0.0066 per word for more difficult audio, and payment is made on the 15th of each month. Work is available to citizens of the US and Canada.

2. Appenscribe

Appenscribe does hire newbies, but you need to obtain some form of training to be successful on this platform. The number of projects you receive will be directly related to your quality of work.

You can earn around $10 per audio hour according to the forums on the Appenscribe website. You can sign up here.

3. Tigerfish

One of the older resources for transcribers, having been around since 1989, Tigerfish offers online transcription jobs for beginners.  

You have to complete around three, five-minute tests (that take an average of twenty minutes to complete) before being hired. They typically pay 3 to 4 cents for every line transcribed.

4. Daily Transcription

As the name implies, this resource submits transcriptions on the same day. So work here tends to be done at a faster rate. There is no fixed amount of work to be had, and you can’t rely on just this site to stay busy.

They offer different transcription services including legal, entertainment, financial and they always need transcribers. You will need to submit a resume and pass a test before you can transcribe for them. 

5. Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me offers online transcription jobs for beginners as they do not require much to get started.  To get in you take a short, easy test that is graded automatically and if you pass, you work right away.

Don’t worry about failing as you can always retake the test after 24 hours. They pay 20 dollars per audio hour. 

Click Here To Enroll In The FREE Online Transcription Mini-Course For Beginners!

6. Scribie

This site is perfect for freelancers as it offers the most flexibility.  Although at $10 dollars per audio hour, the pay is relatively low, Scribie also offers a $10 dollar bonus for doing more than three audio hours every month.

7. Rev

Rev is an established company and they offer online transcription jobs for beginners, although their skills test can be difficult to pass. According to the site, some of their remote transcription jobs pay over $200 monthly.

8. Quicktate

Quicktate is one of the most respected companies that offer transcription jobs for beginners. The pay ranges from 1/4 to 1/2 cent per word transcribed. Quicktate requires a background check prior to hiring you, the cost for this is $15.

9. Bam

Bam offers entertainment transcription services, legal, corporate, finance, research, and general transcription services. You are considered a contractor when you pass the skills test.

10. Gmr Transcription

In my opinion, GMR is one of the preferred sites to work for because it scored high among the review sites that I looked at. The pay is $7.00 to $10.00 per hour. The rate of pay will depend on turnaround time, the number of speakers per file, and the quality of the audio.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is A probation period, where you must transcribe at least two hours of audio before you get paid. You also must do at least four hours of audio per month to keep working with GMR.

11. Crowd Surf

CrowdSurf is a community of freelance transcriptionists that create captions for deaf, and second language viewers. You will find short transcription tasks here and they pay instantly.

12. Go Transcript

With Go Transcript, you can make up to $0.60 per audio or video minute of transcription! Plus the monthly average earnings is 150 dollars, with top earners making around $1215 monthly- so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some extra cash in your pocket.

13. 3 Play Media

Working for 3 Play Media means you get the freedom and flexibility to do what’s best for your family. You’ll be able to work from home, earn weekly paychecks in addition to creating your own schedule!

The company requires excellent written communication skills as well as proficiency with internet research/referencing resources as well as the ability to work independently. The average rate per hour ranges between $10-$30 depending upon your transcription speed.

14. Transcription Wing

You need a very strong comprehension of the English language, excellent listening skills and an ability to navigate through some accented speakers in order for you to succeed with Transcription Wing.

With Transcription Wing, you can get paid up to $0.60/recorded minute for transcribing interviews, conference calls, podcasts, and more.

Transcription Job Postings for Specialists

If you already have some transcription experience and want to be paid accordingly, we recommend checking out the following companies.

Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink seeks people who have a foot pedal and prefer individuals with experience. To apply, use their website to email in a resume and cover letter. They also require that transcriptionists take a test that is two, 13-minute files to transcribe.


Ubiquis requires its transcriptionists to have at least one year of experience and a foot pedal. They offer roles in three different positions – general, medical, and legal. If you can type at least 40 words per minute, you can earn about $14 per hour to begin and $16 per hour if you have medical background knowledge.


SpeakWrite requires not only that users have the experience, but that they can type at least 60 words per minute, are residents of the U.S. or Canada, and have a foot pedal. Their customer base is mostly legal, government, and law enforcement sector clients, so they actively pursue transcriptionists with a background in law. Transcriptionists must work a minimum of 15 hours per month to stay employed by this service.

Should I Be a Transcriptionist?

If you think you have the skills to become a transcriptionist, then you may want to consider the pros and cons of


There are plenty of reasons to apply to be a transcriptionist. Here are a few of our favorite things about this job:

  • No experience needed. If you have not worked in transcribing before, then you can still be a transcriptionist. While you won’t earn more than your industry peers right away, you can build experience, and after a year, you can take on jobs that require more experience.
  • Freedom and flexibility. Most companies allow a day or more to complete an assignment. You can complete the assignment in your own time and can typically work as much or as little as you like. This means that you can take a break when you want to and work when it is convenient for you.
  • Steady Pay. Most transcription companies will pay you for your hours every week, two weeks, or each month. This means that you can look forward to a consistent paycheck if you are working consistent hours.
  • You get to work from home. With this job, you do not have to worry about commuting, traffic jams, or waking up late. Instead, you simply get your work done in the time allotted.


Transcription isn’t for everyone. Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Upfront costs. If you do not have a foot pedal and a quality set of headphones, there might be some upfront costs associated with becoming a transcriptionist. However, these costs are typically very low, and you can recoup the costs after a few hours of work.
  • Low hours. Not all jobs will allow you to work as much as you’d like. If you want to earn some extra cash with some extra money each month, this job might be perfect. However, if you were looking to be paid a full-time salary, you might not accomplish it by being a transcriptionist.

The Bottom Line

Transcription jobs are a great way to earn excellent hourly pay without having to leave your home. If you can type quickly and accurately, then you can monetize this skill to make money quickly. Be sure to shop around before choosing what transcription service you will work for.

Frequently Asked Questions for Transcription Jobs

How Do I Get a Transcription Job With No Experience?

There are a couple of ways to land a transcription job with no experience.

One way is to first gain learning and experience in the industry by entering a training program for transcriptionists at a community college or university.

By taking classes, you’ll learn all about transcribing equipment, methods and formats as well as how to transcribe various audios that come your way. You’ll also get direct experience with transcribing audio files which can help you understand the skill better.

Another option is to get entry-level transcription work with companies that have training programs before you get experience. In some cases, you may even get paid for your learning in the industry.

You’ll get direct experience in transcribing audio files and pair them with coursework to better improve your skills. Some companies will allow you to join their transcription training program after you’ve completed your first few assignments.

How Much Does a Beginner Transcriptionist Make?

The amount a beginner transcriptionist makes will depend on a number of factors, including their experience level and the company they work for.

Typically though, beginners can earn around $3-$11 an hour.

And while this may not sound like much, it’s worth considering that most transcription companies don’t require any experience, meaning you could possibly start making money the day you sign up. What’s more, once you become an experienced transcriptionist, your pay can increase considerably.

Other factors that affect how much a beginner transcriptionist makes include:

  • The length of the audio.
  • The turnaround time for getting your work back.
  • Using specialized software for transcription.
  • Your skill level and how quickly you can type.
  • A transcription company’s reputation, as the better it is, the more likely you are to get paid well.

Which Transcription Company Is Best for Beginners?

If you have no experience in the transcription industry, it’s best to start out with transcription companies that offers entry-level work.

One good example is GMR Transcription, which had the best reviews among review sites. As a beginner transcriber, you can expect to earn around $7.00 to $10.00 per hour.

The upside of working at GMR is that there’s no set schedule, meaning you can choose your assignments. This way, you can take on transcription jobs when it’s convenient for you, and not worry about them piling up when you’re busy doing other things.

How Do I Become an Online Transcriptionist?

The first step of becoming an online transcriptionist is deciding which type of company to go for. There are several types of transcription companies – such as medical transcription, legal transcription, bloggers, and podcasters.

Once you’ve decided on the types of transcription companies to go for, the next step is to practice. Start practicing your typing skills and then apply to as many transcription companies as you can.

Some companies may have a separate transcription application while others will ask you to submit an online resume from which they can determine if you’re suitable for the transcription jobs.

Once you establish yourself as a reliable transcriber, try moving to transcription companies that pay better. For example, many transcriptionists who excel in their work choose to go for Transcription Outsourcing, LLC or Allegis Transcription.


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