10 Cheap Places To Get A Chip Key Made

10 Cheap Places To Get A Chip Key Made


Are your keys a slippery bunch, too? Losing keys is a far more common problem than you might think. The easy way to solve this minor crisis is to make an spare chip key.

It’s no secret that making a chip key can be expensive so let’s check some cheap places to get a chip key made. So, let’s get going!

Where to Get a Chip Key Made?

  1. AutoZone
  2. Kmart
  3. 7/11
  4. Home Depot
  5. Lowes
  6. Ace Hardware
  7. Walmart
  8. Locksmith Car Key
  9. Online Marketplaces
  10. Car Keys Express


AutoZone counts as one of the best cheap places to get a chip key made. They sell a blank car key, which costs around $6. Alternatively, they also sell a remote key fob. While the remote key fobs cost anywhere between $15-90, they are compatible with blank keys. 

You can also get your car keys programmed at AutoZone, but it comes down to your car make. Depending on your car’s make, you might have to consult a locksmith or your company’s dealership to program the key you got from AutoZone. 


With its branches spread across various locations, most of them can help you make a duplicate chip key. Kmart offers a variety of key-making services and makes various keys apart from chip keys, too. 

Through Kmart, you can get a brass, hi-performance, standard bottle opener and your chip keys made. Although the prices will vary based on the services you avail from a Kmart outlet. 


Most seven-eleven stores offer key services. 7/11 stores often provide an inexpensive solution to your problems, allowing you to get a chip key made. Normally, the blank keys at 7/11 convenience store cost around $1-5, depending on how complex your keys are.

Apart from your car keys, most 7/11 stores also make other keys, including various house keys. 

Home Depot 

Apart from making furniture items that add style to your home, Home Depot also has a key copy machine, allowing you to get a chip key made. These key copy machines usually cost around $1.50 for the key and take approximately five minutes. 

Nevertheless, these key machines may not be compatible with every key. These machines still let you check by scanning the keys and confirm whether it’s possible to duplicate the key. 

The biggest downside to getting your keys from Home Depot is that they are unprogrammed. While you might have a duplicate key for your car, you still wouldn’t be able to start the car with them. You must get these keys programmed from a locksmith or your car’s dealership. 


Like Home Depot, Lowes also carries key machines, allowing its users to craft duplicate keys. While Lowes sells a key blank for approximately $2.50, the store stands out for its “KeyMe Digitial” feature. This service allows Lowes users to store copies of their chip keys in the cloud. 

Assuming that you have a key stored in the cloud, you can get a digital copy made within 30 seconds! The prices for this feature vary between $3-90 and will depend on the type of keys you have. 

Additionally, Lowes also offers remote car keys with various options. The lower-priced options start from $89 and include simple keys with a fob. On the other hand, the high-end options run up to $149 but come integrated with remote entry fobs supporting remote start. 

Even though Lowes allows you to create various kinds of keys at minimal prices, you will still need to get them programmed by a locksmith or your car’s dealership. 

Ace Hardware 

Renowned for selling reliable hardware goods, Ace Hardware widens its functionality by selling programmable chip keys! The platform claims they cover 92% of vehicles on the road today. They also claim to offer their services 60% less than dealerships with the benefit of same-day delivery! 

Ace Hardware allows you to buy and program keys for your vehicles, making them one of the best cheap places to get a chip key made. Ace Hardware also operates in all 50 states, increasing your chances of finding an Ace Hardware store nearby! 

Visit their website to find the nearest Ace Hardware local store. 


For years, Walmart has focused on providing services that improve the living standards for many people. With so many Walmart stores located in proximity, the platform makes it easy for you to get a chip key made at minimal prices. 

Walmart offers key-cutting services for various types, including custom designs, brass, and chip keys. The best thing about considering Walmart is it offers payback on services. Walmart not only offers an inexpensive solution to getting your chip keys but also allows you to get a cashback!

Locksmith Car Key

They run a Local Chip Car Keys service that offers swift and budget-friendly locksmith solutions. If you find yourself in need of a chip key, their trained locksmith technicians are equipped to provide the necessary assistance.

They pride themselves on their ability to deliver affordable and prompt services, which can be quite beneficial if you’re looking to get a chip key made without a hefty price tag or a long wait. With Local Chip Car Keys, you have a local solution that aims to combine affordability with efficiency in locksmith services.

Online Marketplaces

While it depends on your car’s age, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay can be the perfect places to find a used key for your vehicle. Finding a used key for your vehicle in these stores saves you the trouble of going back and forth looking for the places offering key-making services. 

Although, online marketplaces might not be your best bet if you own a more recent vehicle. It’s likely that you won’t find a spare key for them on these platforms. In this case, your best bet would be to go to an on-site platform offering key-making services. 

Car Keys Express

Car Keys Express is a service that provides a variety of automotive key replacement solutions. They aim to be a more budget-friendly alternative for those in need of new car keys.

You can buy keys online from their platform, or take advantage of their on-site and mobile key replacement services, which is handy if you prefer a technician to come to you. Their process is designed to be straightforward, making it easy for you to replace your car keys without any hassle

Final Words 

Losing your keys can be an expensive and troublesome situation. Nevertheless, it’s much more common than it might seem.

That said, here are some of the best places to rid yourself of your lost keys crisis. These platforms offer inexpensive services and are easier to find, allowing you to get a chip key made instantly. 

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