10 Places To Sell Used Office Furniture for Cash

10 Places To Sell Used Office Furniture for Cash


Are you renovating your workspace? Good for you. 

But where should you start? While you might be torn between redoing the walls or the floor, we suggest you go for new furniture. Although it runs expensive, furniture can spark a new aura into the office, motivating you to clock in even on the laziest days! 

What about your old furniture, though? It is easy, you sell it. Selling your old office furniture lets you choose what items to keep and what to throw out. Selling your office’s used furniture will also give you a relaxed budget to work with.

Where to Sell Used Office Furniture?

Now, let this piece address the elephant in the room. Read on to find some of the best places to sell used office furniture! 


Known for its extensive B2C and C2C sales, eBay qualifies as one of the best e-commerce platforms today. This platform lets you buy and sell nearly everything and get a good deal on your listings, including office furniture. 

To sell your office furniture on eBay, you must create an account first. After creating the account, you must take pictures and add a description to list your office furniture.

Considering that eBay asks you to pay shipping prices when your items sell, it is better to sell smaller furniture through them. For instance, you could sell chairs or coffee tables. 

If you to avoid the additional shipping costs, there is a workaround. You can ask the buyer to arrange pick up for the product by offering local pickup to the buyers. Even so, it is better to sell smaller items and avoid the hassle you might have to deal with by selling larger items. 

When you sell your items through eBay, it gives you two different pricing options. One method is to set fixed prices. This way, you set a price for your items, and if someone finds the price reasonable, they will snag your office furniture. 

On the other hand, the auction method lets you set a base price for your listing. Afterward, prospects place bids on your listing. Ultimately, the prospect with the highest bid will get your furniture. The auction method is better since it lets you maximize your profits.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a handy platform within Facebook tailored for local buying and selling. If you’re looking to sell used office furniture, it can be an ideal place, as you can reach local buyers and avoid the hefty shipping costs associated with platforms like eBay.

Listing is straightforward, and since many people are always on the lookout for office furnishings, you might find it quicker and more economical to sell there than on national platforms.

Btw, if you’re on a tight budget or love a good find, you can even score free furniture for your home on the marketplace.


As the name suggests, Next-Door is all about selling furniture to the people in your vicinity. Next-Door lets you sell your office furniture easily. Its platform also makes it easy for people to communicate and wrinkle out the details. 

Apart from letting you sell furniture, Next Door aims to facilitate communication among people living close to each other. This phenomenon helps sell easily and builds stronger bonds among neighborhoods. 

The Next-Door heads believe that a person’s neighborhood is an important part of a person’s life and, if utilized correctly, can become a useful community. 

To further help you sell products quickly, Next Door also helps promote your company and products through its business page. Next Door uses its business page to interact with the people in your neighborhood and its surrounding areas. 

This unique concept of selling locally also saves you hefty shipping costs, making Next-Door one of the best places to sell used office furniture.


Just like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp is a great place to sell bulky items like appliances, furniture, and even silver flatware sets. It’s a user-friendly app that connects local buyers and sellers, making transactions straightforward.

The localized approach eliminates the need for expensive shipping costs and makes the process of selling and buying smoother.

Furniture Finders 

Apart from helping you sell used office furniture, Furniture Finder is known for replacing old furniture with new ones. This platform favors the sellers by using more than 10 matching units to help them find a prospect for furniture. 

Furniture Finder engages a local dealer on your behalf to get a quote for your items. Once they give you a quote, it depends on you to accept it or look for a better offer. 

To improve your chance of finding a prospect through Furniture Finder, include pristine pictures of your furniture. Ads on Furniture Finders, including pictures, tend to attract a better response than those without pictures. 

Consignment Stores

Some stores will sell your furniture on consignment, meaning they’ll display it and, once it sells, they’ll take a commission. You provide the store with your items, and they display them for sale.

Once your item sells, the store takes a commission, and you receive the remainder. It’s an effortless approach, especially for those who don’t want to manage individual listings or haggle on prices.


Known for being a classified ads site, Craiglist stands out as one of the best platforms to sell any new or used items. The product listing on Craigslist spans 45 categories, including furniture. 

While Craigslist does not charge anything for selling items, you still have to worry about the delivery charges. Since Craigslist only supports local sales, shipping is an amount you might have to incur. 

The best thing about Craigslist is its minimal requirements. Craigslist does not require creating an account to sell your items, unlike other platforms.

Craigslist follows the eBay payment options. One option is to set a fixed price, and the other includes the OBO (best offer) option. 

This option lets people send offers, giving you the control to choose the highest offer. The OBO option also gives room for prospects to bargain with you, making it a convenient option for both parties. 

To sell quickly on Craigslist, mention your location and furniture’s condition. The better the condition of your furniture, the quicker it will sell. 


While selling used furniture can have various benefits, it can become challenging to find a prospect sometimes. Chairish eases the scenario by marketing your products and helping attract interested customers. 

To sell on Chairish, you must submit photos of your furniture with a description of the items. Your description should mention the furniture item and its condition explicitly. If your listing is up to Chairish standards, they accept your listing. If not, they reject the listing, causing you to choose other options. 

The best thing about Chairisih is the control it gives the sellers over their listings. You can edit the photos and descriptions even after posting the ad. 

While Chairish offers various shipping options nationwide, it also prefers the buyers to arrange the items locally. 

With Chairish, the prospects know that they are getting good furniture. Their evaluation is a testament to your products, allowing you to find a buyer quickly.

Upcycling Centers

If you can’t sell the furniture, some centers might take them to refurbish or repurpose. This is especially useful if the furniture isn’t in the best condition but still has valuable materials.

If you have materials or items you no longer need, these centers can repurpose them, often in creative and unexpected ways.

Liquidation Companies

If an entire business is moving or going out of business, these companies can handle the sale of all assets, including furniture. They then resell these items, usually at discounted prices.

If you’re a business owner or individual with a large volume of items to sell quickly, these companies offer a streamlined solution. While you might not get the full retail value, the trade-off is the convenience and speed of clearing out space and getting immediate returns.

Final Words

While selling your old furniture is a good idea for sprucing your workplace with new furniture, it is also a lucrative way of making quick money

When selling your furniture, searching for a good deal is always recommended and here are some of the best places to sell used office furniture. These platforms give you the exposure to sell your items quickly and receive a reasonable price for them.

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