10 Richest Cities in Arkansas


With a median household income of $52,123, Arkansas ranks as the 4th poorest state in the US. But that doesn’t mean Arkansas is all poor. The median household income in the US is $69,717, and many places in Arkansas have higher incomes than this national average.

So, let’s take a look at some of the richer towns and cities in Arkansas where the median household income is higher.

1. Goshen

Goshen is nestled in Washington County, Arkansas, and is appreciated for its calm, peaceful ambiance. The city doesn’t have many attractions, which is why people looking for a quiet lifestyle like it. As of recent data, the population of Goshen ranges from about 2,102 to 2,500, showing a small but close-knit community​​.

The median income in Goshen is high at $141,563, showcasing a financially stable community. Employment opportunities are more abundant in nearby urban centers, particularly Fayetteville, which is known as a great place to work and raise a family.

2. Cave Springs

Located in Benton County, Cave Springs is a city admired for its natural beauty, with a cave and a spring being its namesake features. The city has a population that ranged from 5,495 to around 6,535 as of recent years, indicating a growing community​.

The median income here is $140,195, which reflects a good standard of living. Similar to Goshen, many residents find employment opportunities in nearby larger cities.

3. Centerton

Centerton, also in Benton County, has witnessed rapid growth over the years. The population, as of recent data, varies from around 17,455 to 24,059, showing a significantly larger community compared to Goshen and Cave Springs​​.

The median income in Centerton is $90,793, which is lower compared to Goshen and Cave Springs but still indicates a comfortable living standard. The city offers a friendly community vibe, and its proximity to bigger cities like Bentonville provides additional job opportunities, making it a balanced place for living and working.

4. Pea Ridge

Pea Ridge, located in Benton County, Arkansas, is a small city with a rich Civil War history, notably the Battle of Pea Ridge. It’s a community where people value the quiet and the past, with a median income of $88,942.

While there are local job opportunities, the nearby cities of Bentonville and Rogers expand the employment horizons for the residents, especially in retail, logistics, and corporate sectors due to the presence of Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville.

5. Bentonville

Bentonville, also in Benton County, is known as the birthplace of Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, which significantly contributes to the city’s economy. With a median income of $89,653, the residents enjoy a comfortable living standard.

Bentonville is growing and attracting more businesses and young professionals, especially in the retail and corporate sectors. Bentonville also has a thriving cultural scene with museums like the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

6. Lowell

Lowell, situated in Benton County as well, has a median income of $80,026. It’s a city that’s growing alongside its neighbors, Bentonville and Rogers.

The availability of jobs in nearby cities and a relatively lower cost of living render Lowell an attractive place for many working professionals and families. The city also serves as a hub for the trucking industry, with J.B. Hunt Transport Services headquartered here, offering numerous job opportunities in logistics and transportation.

7. Farmington

Farmington is a city located in Washington County, Arkansas, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and good public schools. With a median income of $77,443, it offers a stable economic environment for its residents.

It’s not far from Fayetteville, which provides additional job opportunities especially in education, healthcare, and retail sectors. The city’s community and proximity to urban centers make it a balanced choice for both work and leisure.

8. Bryant

Bryant, situated in Saline County, Arkansas, is a growing city with a median income of $76,965. It has a welcoming community and is known for its good schools, making it a popular choice for families.

Bryant is a short drive away from Little Rock, the state capital, which broadens the scope for employment in various fields including government, healthcare, and education. The ease of access to a larger urban area while maintaining a small-town feel makes Bryant a desirable place to live and work.

9. Rogers

Rogers City, commonly referred to as Rogers, is nestled in Benton County, Arkansas. Known for its historic downtown and a strong sense of community, Rogers has a median income of $69,582. The city has a growing economy with job opportunities in retail, healthcare, and education sectors.

Notably, the headquarters of Walmart is nearby in Bentonville, providing significant employment opportunities for the residents of Rogers. The city also offers recreational activities and cultural experiences with places like the Rogers Little Theater and the Daisy Airgun Museum.

10. Sherwood

Sherwood is located in Pulaski County, Arkansas, and is known for its friendly atmosphere and well-maintained parks. With a median income of $67,964, Sherwood is a place where many families and young professionals find a comfortable living standard.

The city is in close proximity to Little Rock, which expands the job market significantly for the residents, especially in government, healthcare, and education sectors. Sherwood’s peaceful environment combined with the nearby urban opportunities makes it a balanced place for many to call home.

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