13 Non-Computer Jobs From Home That Are Worth Your Time

13 Non-Computer Jobs From Home That Are Worth Your Time


Computers are everywhere, but not every home job needs one. There are plenty of cool jobs you can do from home without being glued to a screen.

Jobs and side hustles like making crafts, baking, helping kids with schoolwork, or taking care of pets still have a market. These jobs let you do something different and can still pay the bills.

Let’s check out some of these non-computer home jobs that are definitely worth considering.

1. Baker 

If you’re one of those people who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, baking is a great non-computer job from home to consider. 

As a baker, you’ll be mixing various ingredients to prepare various bakery products, such as pastries, cakes, or other baked goods. Initially, you might find it difficult to get orders. To start getting orders, you can start by selling your baked goods in your neighborhood or at your workplace. 

You can also start selling your products on social media platforms. These accounts are easily manageable through your phone and can be instrumental in quickly scaling your business. 

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2. Online Surveys 

Doing online surveys is probably the simplest home job you can do without needing much computer skills. It’s quick to do these surveys and you can get paid fast.

But, be careful about where you sign up for surveys. There are some bad websites out there that trick people by pretending their users earn a lot.

Even though surveys are an easy way to make a bit of money, they don’t pay a lot.

Besides surveys, there are also websites that pay you for small tasks like playing games, shopping online, or watching videos.

The best online surveys sites are: 

  • Branded Surveys 
  • MyPoints 
  • Survey Junkie 
  • Swagbucks 
  • Inboxdollars

3. Caregiver

If you have a way with children, you can start offering your services as a caregiver. Becoming a caregiver requires you to fill out the paperwork with the state and fulfill any other requirements depending on your area and state. 

Once you receive your license, you can start offering your services. The best thing about becoming a caregiver is finding work according to your schedule.

As a caregiver, you’re expected to assist with personal care duties that include dressing, bathing, and helping people with basic food preparation. 

Start by spreading the word in your surroundings, such as your relatives or neighborhoods. According to ZipRecruiter, child caregivers make up to $14.16 on average per hour. 

You can also offer caregiver services for older people or someone with a disability. 

4. Pet Care 

Despite having immense love for their pets, many pet parents are unable to look after their pets consistently.

Their busy schedule often sends them searching for a responsible caretaker, making pet care a great non-computer job from home. 

You can ask the owners to drop the pets by your home. In your role as a pet caregiver, you must feed the pets, take them on a walk, and even play with them.

Nevertheless, some people might require extra services, including bathing, getting their pets vaccinated, or offering training sessions. 

It’s important to note that such services are not included in routine services, creating a window to charge extra for the services. 

You can post on social media platforms and spread the word amongst your acquaintances to find pet parents looking for your services. 

5. Home Care Aide

With an average salary of $26K, becoming a Home Care Aide can be one of the most profitable non-computer jobs from your home! 

As a home care aide, your job is to assist people in getting through their daily activities.

With their training and being well-versed in home-running practices, Home care aides are expected to help people with housekeeping, completing house chores, shopping for patients’ food, and preparing meals. 

Depending on the client, you might also need to provide some additional services, including dressing, bathing, and grooming.

6. Artist 

If you’re good at art and like creating things, you might enjoy being an artist as a job you can do from home.

To work as an artist, you might require an art studio in your home. Being an artist, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a variety of art supplies and develop beautiful creations. 

Nevertheless, to excel in the industry as an artist, you’ll need to find something to stick to. For instance, some artists paint well, whereas others might do well when creating pottery or sculptures. 

7. Flipping Items 

Flipping items has to be one of the most profitable non-computer jobs that you can do from home. Flipping is all about finding things around your home that you no longer need, renovating them, and selling them for a higher price. 

You can also find items in your surroundings to renovate. Look out for garage sales or someone selling stuff that you can renovate, such as furniture

Once you’ve renovated the items, you can start listing them on online marketplaces, including Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, and eBay.  

8. Home Repair and Handyman Services

Home repair and handyman services are always in demand. People often need help with various tasks like fixing leaky faucets, installing shelves, or general maintenance work.

This job is perfect for those who enjoy practical, hands-on work and solving different challenges in home maintenance.

9. Beauty Services

Offering beauty services from home can be a fulfilling and creative career.

No matter, whether it’s hair styling, makeup, or skincare treatments, there is money in this field.

10. Gardening

Turn your gardening hobby into a job. Offer services like garden design or plant care advice.

11. Music Lessons

Teach music from your home and share the joy of melodies and rhythms. Whether it’s guitar, piano, or singing, each lesson is a chance to earn some cash.

12. Photography

Capture moments and teach others to do the same with a photography business. Show how to frame the perfect shot or edit photos for impact.

13. Selling handcrafted items on Etsy

Popular Etsy items are screenprinted patches, personalized jewelry, and home decor. Despite this is one of the most popular jobs from home, it can be tough.

Many Etsy sellers, competing with mass-produced goods often from China sold as handmade, struggle to make any meaningful profit, leading some, like Peter Koch, to see it as a challenging side hustle.

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