15 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in New Orleans


After checking the safest areas in New Orleans, are you also curious about its notorious neighborhoods?

Here’s a digestible rundown of the top 15 areas considered the most dangerous. Keep in mind, not every corner in these neighborhoods is necessarily risky, but it’s always good to stay aware.

The Quarryville Neighborhood

Let’s kick off with Quarryville Neighborhood. This area is known for its high crime rates, specifically violent offenses. According to stats, the area has seen over 50% of increases in cases of muggings and assaults year after year. 

Property crimes are not rare here. With stats showing 1 out of every 19 residents has been a victim of theft or burglary, keeping possessions safe can be a struggle. Take note, it’s not only the nighttime you should be cautious. Even during daylight hours, the neighborhood has reported a high number of break-ins and thefts.

The Southside District

You can’t ignore the statistics when it comes to crime in this area. According to recent data, it holds a strong second position in our list of Orleans’ most hazardous zones. 

The neighborhood’s crime rate stands out with 78 violent crimes per 1,000 residents annually, making it exponentially higher than the national percentile. It becomes evident that personal safety might be at risk living in the Southside District.

The Willow Creek Community

Unfortunately, this neighborhood doesn’t wear a friendly face. In 2020, this area had a high crime rate, painting an unnerving picture for residents and would-be visitors. Data gathered from law enforcement reports dictated a significant increase in both property and violent crimes. 

According to available neighborhood-based statistics, residents of Willow Creek have a 1 in 23 chance of becoming victims of crime. This poses a major concern for safety.

The significant presence of criminal activity in the area casts a dark shadow over the neighborhood, significantly detracting from the general quality of life. Safety, it seems, is a luxury the Willow Creek Community does not afford its dwellers.

The Riverside Park Area

The Riverside Park Area is next on our list. Known for its green landscapes, this neighborhood unfortunately has jumped the chart for reported crimes. With burglary, auto theft, and assault topping the stats, it has become an area of concern for the residents and visitors alike. 

Situated next to the scenic river, the neighborhood had a yearly crime rate of about 8.7 per 100 residents, one of the highest in Orleans. Crime seemed to happen more at night. While the natural beauty of the area attracts many, caution is advised due to the heightened crime incidence.

The Oakwood Heights Subdivision

Taking a walk in Oakwood Heights Subdivision can make you feel uneasy. It isn’t your average cherished neighborhood because it ranks high when it comes to crime rates in Orleans. According to unofficial data, in the past few years, the index of violent crimes per 100,000 people extends way beyond the city’s average. 

Property crime, in particular, poses a real concern in this area. Break-ins, theft, and vandalism are activities quite familiar to this neighborhood. The staggering statistics of property crimes reveal an alarming rate of around nine out of ten. Thus, it turns out that living in Oakwood Heights Subdivision is no bed of roses. 

The Maplewood Terrace

If you’re thinking about strolling around Maplewood Terrace, you may want to reconsider. The crime rate in this neighborhood surges high, with significant numbers coming from violent crimes. According to the latest data, it clocks in at 73 per 1,000 residents becoming a victim of crime. This is indeed alarming, as it makes Maplewood Terrace one of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods not just in Orleans, but in the nation. 

Features that make this neighborhood a hotbed for crime include the high poverty rate, coupled with low employment opportunities. As per recent stats, about 31% of residents live in poverty, and the unemployment rate stands at 15%. This paints a gloomy picture of the economic state of Maplewood Terrace, providing a breeding ground for crime to thrive. 

The Pineview Estates

In recent years, this community has experienced a surge in criminal activities, saddening residents and visitors alike. According to 2020 statistics, Pineview Estates reported a crime rate of 85 per 1,000 residents, higher than the city’s average. 

The major concern here is property crimes. The data reveals that residents have a 1 in 12 chance of becoming a victim of property crime. The reported incidents of violent crimes were also significant, making it necessary to keep a cautious eye open while venturing through the neighborhood’s streets.

The Hillcrest Heights

Entering the list at number eight, Hillcrest Heights might deceive you at first. It boasts spacious homes and beautiful streets, but don’t let its appearance fool you. This neighborhood stands out among the rest with the highest rates of burglary incidents in Orleans. Property crimes are also notably high in Hillcrest Heights, making it a hot spot where unwanted incidents are more likely to occur. 

According to the data gathered, Hillcrest Heights’ crime rates exceed the city’s average by 58%. The probabilities of falling victim to property crime in this area are significantly higher compared to other neighborhoods, with 1 in 15 residents experiencing property-related incidents annually. It’s a fact: If you live in Hillcrest Heights, you are susceptible to constant criminal threats.

The Westside Manor

This neighborhood, unfortunately, leads with higher rates of violent crime compared to other areas. Be it burglaries or assault cases, Westside Manor has some alarming stats. For the sake of safety, we suggest you be cautious while planning your visits here. 

With a crime rate of about 43 per 1,000 residents, you’re statistically likely to become a victim of either violent or property crime here. The figures are based on FBI crime data, and it’s the most accurate representation we have of the overall danger in the area.

The silver lining? With proper precautions, there’s no reason you can’t avoid sticky situations – being alert and wary can make a world of difference, no matter where you are.

The Elmwood Park Neighborhood

Elmwood Park is noted for its high crime rate, setting it apart as a notorious hotspot in Orleans. Winding city streets are coupled with troubling statistics like a violent crime rate that’s 110% greater than the state average. It’s safe to say this neighborhood poses significant challenges to those who stray into the area, especially after dark. 

Narrowing down the offenses, aggravated assault is the main concern, making up a whopping 70% of the total violent crimes. Statistical data paints a worrisome picture, with one in 15 residents likely to be a victim of assault. Add burglaries into the mix and the area’s reputation is further cemented. Robberies are alarmingly rampant, with one in every 17 houses likely to fall victim to break-ins.

The Meadowbrook Village

Statistically speaking, Meadowbrook Village grabs a spot in this list. A glance at the crime ratio reveals why: with a violent crime rate of 2,487 incidents per 100,000 residents and a property crime rate of 5,892 per 100,000 residents. Now that’s significant, wouldn’t you say? 

Walk the streets of Meadowbrook Village, and there’s a tension in the air. The only neighborhood that mimics a ghost town during evenings, due to the possibility of an unpredictable incident. But it’s not just the high crime rates that are concerning; the neighborhood also hurts due to a lack of community amenities and an unemployment rate that’s way above the city average.

The Lakeside View Community

Known for its attractive lake and waterfront homes, behind this scenic facade lies a darker reality. A place where crime looms, it’s ranked as one of the city’s most notorious areas for crime rates.

In 2020 alone, Lakeside View Community was subjected to about 220 violent crimes. This figure predominantly comprises aggravated assaults, with a significant number of robberies trailing behind. Not to mention, property crimes too paint a bleak picture, with burglary and theft leading the line. 

Amid the peaceful aura of the lakeside, the community is far from safe. The neighborhood is ridden with issues of drugs and gang activities. Lakeside View is often a playground for gangs, spiraling the crime rate upwards.

Another worrying fact is that crime happens across all times of the day. Daylight doesn’t act as a deterrent to criminals in this area. An average resident of Lakeside View is at risk of falling victim to a crime at any given moment. To throw in an unsettling statistic, 1 in 15 people is likely to be a victim of crime in the Lakeside View Community.

The Forest Glen Subdivision

You may want to be very cautious when passing through the Forest Glen Subdivision. This Orleans neighborhood has a high crime rate, with data showing that instances of both property crime and violent crime well exceed the city average. You’ll commonly hear news touching on cases such as armed robbery, burglary, car theft, and violence. 

Interestingly, Forest Glen Subdivision isn’t reputed for such grim activities alone. There are also quite depressing stats concerning drug or substance abuse. The area has been confronting a rising challenge with narcotics trafficking, coupled with an escalating issue of drug addiction. Therefore, the Forest Glen Subdivision is not only dangerous due to high crime rates, but the widespread drug issue adds to its hazardous nature, too.

The Cedar Grove District

When you consider the areas of Orleans often associated with high crime rates, the Cedar Grove District probably crosses your mind. In 2021 alone, the locality witnessed a staggering 700+ reported incidents, placing it on our list. Its crime rate stands at an alarming 125% above the national average. These figures present a stark reflection of the reality residents face daily. 

The district falls victim predominantly to property crimes. In fact, your odds of becoming a property crime victim in Cedar Grove are 1 in 18. Unfortunately, aside from property crimes, the district isn’t free from violent offenses either. One’s chances of falling prey to violent crime here are 1 in 172. The unsettling statistics point out the grim fact that safety is a significant concern within the Cedar Grove District.

Final Thoughts

Orleans is home to a wide range of neighborhoods, each with its challenges. This list has shed light on some of the locations where crime rates are significantly high. From the concerning stats of Quarryville and Southside District to the recurring issues in Cedar Grove District, it’s clear that these areas present a certain degree of risk. 

These locations, however, do not represent the whole of Orleans. There are plenty of other locales that are far safer, more peaceful, and offer a better quality of life. The same is true across every city worldwide. The stats provided aim to keep you informed, with no intention to spread fear or discourage anyone from visiting Orleans. 

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