29 Ways To Make $300 Fast

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There are quite a few reasons why you might need to know how to make $300 fast. Whether you need a few hundred for bills, unexpected expenses, or anything else, coming up with some extra cash right away can be stressful. Luckily, we are here to help with some ways to make a few hundred bucks in a jiffy. Let’s look at some ways you can stack that cash quickly.

1. Sell Stuff With Apps

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Look around your home, and you’ll find a lot of clutter that someone else might find valuable. 

One of the most straightforward methods of making $300 or more fast involves decluttering your space and turning the unused into cash. The payoff is twofold – not only do you enjoy a tidier living environment, but you also welcome some extra jingle into your wallet.

With a bag or box in hand, commence your quest, combing every nook and cranny, starting with the high-traffic zones like your living room, bedroom, and kitchen, before venturing into the uncharted territories of the basement and garage. The result? A formidable collection of items awaiting a new purpose in someone else’s life.

Sell stuff with sites (or apps) like LetGo, Decluttr, and Craigslist let you create your own account and pick your prices.

2. Sell Pictures With Photo Apps

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Do you have an eye for good photography? Did you know you can make some good cash selling your photos on sites like StockPhoto, iStock, or Shutterstock? 

Turn your photography skills into a cash generator by selling your unique shots on platforms like StockPhoto, iStock, or Shutterstock. Simply sign up as a contributor and start earning with each download. Businesses and blogs buy rights to use your images, ensuring a steady stream of passive income over time.

While individual photo earnings may not be substantial, amassing royalties for your catalog can add up. Opt for in-demand subjects for better sales. Don’t fret if you lack pro gear; your smartphone or rented camera, coupled with online photography courses or tutorials, can enhance your skills. With a polished portfolio, making $300 swiftly becomes a reality.

3. Open a Checking Account

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One swift method to earn $300 online is by opening a new checking account. Banks fiercely vied for customers’ attention, often tempting prospects with generous welcome bonuses to outshine their rivals.

Local banks and credit unions might offer cash-bonus checking accounts, albeit with some requirements, like a minimum deposit. Having multiple accounts can aid in financial management and it’s all achievable with the click of a button more or less.

4. Try the Nielsen App

Nielsen app
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Nielsen is a market research company that has been around for decades. You probably know it for providing TV show ratings. 

The company’s goal is to track the behavior of the average consumer. This helps them to see how some factors influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. 

To earn, you just need to download the free and non-intrusive Nielsen app on your smartphone or computer and use the internet as you do every day. They pay $50 per device. Register all your internet browsing devices for up to $300 worth of incentives for simply using them. 

5. Apply for a New Credit Card

Credit card debt
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Signing up for a new credit card is another way to maximize bank bonuses.

Like the banking industry, there is fierce competition in the credit card industry. Many premium credit cards offer enticing sign-up bonuses to try and attract new users. You can get cashback or airlines’ bonus miles when you apply for a new credit card.

So what’s the catch? You’ll be required to spend a specified amount of money in a pre-set timeframe to get the bonus. 

The more you spend, the bigger the signup bonus. Be careful not to overspend just to get the signup bonuses, as this will negate any good that the bonus would bring. 

6. Scan Store Receipts

Person holding a receipt and scanning it with a smartphone
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Ever heard of the National Consumer Panel (NCP)? If you haven’t, it is an organization that helps retailers and manufacturers decide what products to develop or improve. To make this possible, they pay you to scan your purchases using their app. You’ll get access to the app when you sign up for your free account.

To earn points that can be redeemed for cash, go to the grocery store and purchase what you need as usual. You’ll be required to scan the barcodes of all your purchases and record other info like where you shopped and how much you paid.

7. Get Paid To Read Emails

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We all read emails, but not all get paid to do that. Now you can! You can sign up to be an email reader with Vindale Research.

So, if you’re the reading type and getting paid to read emails sounds exciting to you, you can go ahead and apply for such jobs online. 

While getting paid to read emails won’t make you $300 quickly by itself, it can be an effective way to make some quick cash when combined with other methods on this list.

8. Play Games

man playing video games
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Games can be super addictive. Instead of playing games on your smartphone like everyone else and feeling bad for wasting your time, why not get paid?

Apps like Mistplay make this possible. InboxDollars lists tens of games you can play, give feedback, and earn while relaxing after a long day. You can even play the games on your phone while on the go.

Developers use your feedback to improve the games before officially launching them in the market. I’ll be honest; it will be pretty tough to earn $300 a day. However, it’s relatively easy to earn some quick money.

9. Lose Weight 

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We all know we need to exercise to stay healthy. And you are probably trying to lose weight every day. How about getting paid to lose weight? Companies like HealthyWage and DietBet make it possible. 

This is how it works: You make a bet on how much weight you want to lose, achieve your goal, and get paid. Sounds simple enough, right? Almost half of Americans diet yearly, and many give up after just a few weeks. Head over to these apps to learn more if you need extra motivation and an extra $300. This is the best time to start making your health a priority.

10. Get Paid To Walk

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Along the lines of apps that pay you to lose weight, there are a few reputable ones that pay you just to walk!

It may sound like a hoax, but there are apps (like Sweatcoin and Achievement) that pay you cash and physical rewards to walk. You also get points when you log various health activities to motivate you to exercise more.

You may be required to carry your smartphone when you walk to get paid. This is an easy way to make some extra money from the walking that you already do, and also just a great way to motivate yourself to be more active! 

11. Take Surveys Online

Untitled design 281
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Businesses and brands always want to enhance their products and services, increase sales, and expand their market share. To make it possible, they invest millions of dollars in market research. Market research includes collecting consumers’ opinions (like yours) through paid surveys. Surveys online are a great way to make money in your free time.

There are many websites you can join, share your opinions through 5-10-minute surveys, and earn some cash, gift cards, or other rewards. Notable mentions include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, MyPoints, InboxDollars, Toluna, Vindale Research, VIP Voice, etc.

You won’t get rich completing online surveys, but you can sign up to multiple survey sites to increase your earning chances. 

Paid survey sites get a bad rap, but not all are scams. I should also mention that some survey sites don’t pay well. Avoid focusing on those if you want to make $300 fast.

12. Become a Freelance Writer 

freelance writer
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If you have something to say but don’t want to start your own blog, you can become a freelance writer, write for others, and get paid!

Many bloggers and online publications are looking online right now for creative people to help them write fresh and engaging content for their sites. In exchange for your services, they’ll pay you quite well. 

Sign up for a freelancer account on platforms like TextBroker, HireWriters, and UpWork and advertise your expertise for available job openings. If you follow the submission guidelines, you have a higher chance of getting approved and maybe receiving tips.

You can also use Google to search for writing gigs. Select a niche you want to write about and enter the topic’s name plus “write for us” in the search bar. 

Payment for good original content usually starts at $50, meaning that you can stack up to $300 pretty fast if you write well!

13. Teach Online

teaching online
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Do you have a strong grip on a particular subject? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge? You could teach people from the comfort of your home and get paid up to $300!

Teaching online is a hot commodity right now! Students always have problems with one or more subjects, and parents are always willing to invest in their children’s future. Tutoring sites connect tutors with struggling students. 

Perhaps tutoring academics isn’t your cup of tea. Why not teach a talent you’re amazing at? Maybe you can sing or play the piano really well. Or maybe you’re a kick-ass dancer or choreographer. 

Whatever it is that you’re good at, there’s someone somewhere who wants to get better at that skill. Try finding such people, and charge them for lessons.

14. Complete Jobs on Short Task Sites

online tasks
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If you spend several hours per day online, you’re qualified for this job. Short task sites out there that will pay you for the simplest of jobs are a dime a dozen. 

The upside is that there is never-ending work on short-task sites. The downside is that not all tasks pay so well. If you come across a short task site that promises you’ll make a lot of money overnight, run in the other direction.

Consider sifting through the options, signing up with multiple sites, and only picking the high-paying gigs.

15. Sell Stuff on Etsy

sell on Etsy app
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Are you particularly crafty? Or maybe you have a great eye for vintage goods.

Sometimes people want things to be gifts that cannot be found easily. Etsy is a crafts marketplace that allows you to turn DIY crafts into cash. You can open a shop and build an inventory of handmade items that may include decorations, jewelry, custom T-shirts, knit scarves, custom-made greeting cards, etc. This specific niche makes Etsy unique and popular among many Americans.

Thanks to Etsy’s interface, you simply need to have clear photos and an accurate description of your items to offer them to your customers. It’s free to start a shop, but you have to pay for your listings.

If you love to paint, draw, or do graphic design, or some other art form, you can earn extra cash while feeding that creative itch. The trick here is to find the best-selling items on Etsy.

16. Become a Virtual Assistant

Woman sitting at a table working on a notebook and wearing headphones
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If you have strong organizational and administrative skills, you may want to learn how to become a virtual assistant (VA).

As a VA, you’ll perform the same tasks as a regular assistant, albeit virtually. This can include bookkeeping, data entry, scheduling appointments, managing social media accounts, managing incoming and outgoing correspondence, etc.

Sites like Fancy Hands, Zirtual, VA Networking, Remote OK, and Assistant Match will help you land your first clients.  As with most gigs, the better you are, the more money you will make.

17. Sell Printables Online

Graphic designer creating logo on computer
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You probably use printables a lot, but have you ever thought of creating and selling your own designs? If you like creating printables, get ready to slide some money into your pocket.

The good thing about this idea is that you can design printables with nothing more than a laptop and some design software. You can make and sell planners, templates, stickers, grocery shopping checklists, gift tags, etc.

There are all kinds of printables out there, but there is always room for more. To make $300 selling printables online, you must know what people like and need.

18. Read Books

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If curling up with a book is a favorite pastime, you can make some quick bucks doing something you enjoy.

It’s fairly quick cash for not a lot of work. You’ll get paid to review books, read books aloud, design book covers, and copyedit. While reading books is not a gig for everyone, it has proven to be a good income source for many avid readers.

19. Make Money on Pinterest 

Pinterest app
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If reading books doesn’t mean anything, you may have a better time making money on Pinterest. This is one of my favorite ways to earn money online.

Do you spend your spare time looking at fun content on Pinterest? Did you know you can be paid to share pins on the platform, link to a product, or a blog post that contains affiliate links?

As a Pinterest VA, your job description will include creating pins for blogs and online businesses. This can be a great way to make an extra $300 from home.

20. Watch Ads

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Image Credit: Michal Ludwiczak / Shutterstock.com.

You can earn some quick cash when you’re in dire straits by watching ads. Talk about easy money!

Companies and brands pay advertisers millions of dollars to promote their products or services through online TV and video channels. You’ll receive points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards when you watch short commercials during your free time. 

How much you’ll earn will be determined by the platform you use and how much time you spend watching ads. Some sites you can try include Swagbucks, QuickRewards, Slidejoy, and CreationsRewards. 

21. Sell Scrap Metal 

scrap metal for cash
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Selling scrap metal is a relatively effortless way to make $300 fast if you have a load of unwanted scrap metal lying around. In recent years, scrap metal prices have gone up considerably.

Collect all the metal you can find and sort it into boxes of its own type. Some merchants won’t accept boxes mixed up with metal that they have to sort through. 

Next, look up your local directory for a local scrap merchant. To ensure they’re not buying stolen metals, you may be asked a few questions. 

21. Sell Stuff at a Pawn Shop

pawn shop deal
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Who doesn’t have some unwanted stuff lying around? If you’re human like the rest of us, your house probably has a lot of junk. 

Take time to search your closet or basement and there’s a good chance you’ll get a guitar you no longer play, an extra flat-screen TV, a treadmill collecting dust, or board games you don’t play anymore.

If you don’t have much stuff of your own that is worth selling, you can flip things like housewares, appliances, power tools, yard equipment, guns, golf clubs, and video game consoles.

22. Make Deliveries

A delivery person with a DoorDash branded tote on his bicycle in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York
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On-demand food and package delivery apps like DoorDash, Amazon Flex, Shipt, Postmates, and Uber Eats hire independent contractors as delivery persons. The best thing about this kind of job is that you get to deliver in your area and pick your own working hours, depending on your day-to-day routine. 

Depending on the app, you may need to be at least 18 years old, own an insured car, have a valid Driver’s License with a clean driving record, and have a reliable smartphone. 

The amount you’ll make as a delivery person will depend on the number of hours you work. You can make 300 dollars pretty quickly if you are available during primetime. Primetime is when the demand for delivery persons is high, and their availability is low.

Besides making deliveries, you can also make a good amount of money by referring your friends to these apps. If a person joins using your link and completes a pre-set number of deliveries, you’ll get a handsome commission. 

23. Clean Houses

woman cleaning
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Cleaning and organizing homes is not a task many folks enjoy, especially when there are children and a hectic routine involved.

This task requires a bit of elbow grease. Homeowners are always ready to pay someone good money to clean their home or part of their home. If you’re a neat and organized person yourself, you can be that person! Some homeowners provide their own cleaning supplies and tools.

There are various platforms online that you could tap into to do this. You can market yourself as a full-service house cleaner on Facebook and Craigslist, or you could simply scour your neighborhood.

There’s no fixed hourly rate for house cleaning, but depending on the home’s size and condition, you could charge between $25 and $45 an hour. If you clean multiple houses, you can easily make $300. 

24. Buy And Sell Things for Profit 

Women looking at vintage items at a yard sale
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Another option is to look for stuff to sell, organize a big garage sale, and invite the neighborhood. People love big garage sales.

Your closet isn’t the only goldmine for used stuff. Flea markets and thrift stores are known for selling high-priced things at dirt-cheap prices. While the items may be used, most are still in tip-top condition.

You can also reach local buyers by posting items for sale on eBay. I know many folks who do this and turn a nice profit after only a single sale.

25. Sell Cardboard

Let Me Out! Top 10 States Where People Are Ready For a Move
Image Courtesy of Look Studio & Shutterstock

Depending on where you live, you can make decent money selling cardboard, all while having 100% control of your schedule. 

Most online packages come in cardboard boxes. You may also end up with a ton of cardboard boxes after moving. If you don’t have any extra cardboard in your house, check the free section of Craigslist, grocery stores, Starbucks, bookstores, and liquor stores.

Cardboard is easy to recycle and there is a ready market for them. You can make up to $2 per box, meaning if you can source a big pile of cardboard boxes, you can easily make $300. 

Use Recycler Finder to find a buyer near where you live.

26. Sell Dvds

dvd collection
Image Credit: charnsitr / Shutterstock.

With access to various digital media, it may seem everyone has migrated to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. 

Well, not everyone. Some people still prefer watching movies on DVD. 

If you can find DVDs of popular movies, you can easily make $300. To get the most money, ensure the DVDs have their original packaging. You can sell DVDs to pawn shops, used bookstores, and yard sales.

Along those lines, if you have any old VHS tapes lying around, those are going for a pretty penny right now as well if in the original case. Sealed ones go for upwards of $5,000. 

27. Sell Furniture 

Egg chair furniture scaled e1693809276736
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Is there old furniture collecting dust in your basement? If yes, then it’s a great chance for you to make $300 fast! Take that old piece of furniture, refurbish it, and create a listing on Craigslist or eBay. 

If you don’t have unused or old furniture lying around, you can buy old or unused furniture at garage sales. Here’s a list of the best places to sell used furniture.

28. Rent Your Room (Or Car)

a woman using the airbnb app
Image Credit: Daniel Krason / Shutterstock.

Monetize your spare time and earn real cash by creative passive income. You can rent out space in your own home with Airbnb or rent out your car on Turo. 

Be aware that these types of endeavors come with certain risks, regulations, and conditions you must meet. So make sure to look into the legality before trying this option out for size. 

29. Get a Job 

job interview
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When all else fails, get a job!

Getting a part-time job is guaranteed income once you get hired. Try a temporary staffing agency that pays daily. A number of jobs that require little training or advanced education are readily available and many offer fast payouts. 

Final Thoughts 

make $300 fast
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These 29 ways to make $300 fast are worth a shot if you’re financially bound. It’s important to be aware that not all of these methods are fool-proof, nor do they guarantee a quick buck. But we hope this inspires you to stack some needed cash fast!



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