50+ Gas Stattions That Take EBT


In April 2023, 41.9 million Americans in 22.2 million households received SNAP benefits, representing 12.5% of the population. 

Over the 2022 fiscal year, an average of 41.2 million individuals benefited monthly. 

While many associate SNAP exclusively with grocery stores, EBT cards are accepted at a variety of vendors, including fast food, bakeries, certain pizza outlets, and gas stations. 

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Although fuel cannot be purchased with EBT, other items at gas stations can. Here’s a list of gas stations accepting EBT.

  1. Exxon Mobile
  2. Shell
  3. Chevron
  4. Valero
  5. Marathon Oil
  6. Phillips 66
  7. Sunoco
  8. CITGO
  9. Speedway
  10. Texaco
  11. Sinclair
  12. Casey’s General Stores
  13. QuikTrip
  14. Circle K
  15. BP (not originally listed but worth mentioning)
  16. 7-Eleven
  17. Kroger
  18. Sam’s Club
  19. Love’s
  20. Wawa
  21. QuikChek
  22. Royal Farms
  23. Cumberland Farms
  24. Kwik Trip
  25. Love’s
  26. Travelcenters of America
  27. Murphy’s USA
  28. Fas Mart
  29. QuickChek
  30. Holiday Stationstores
  31. Thorntons
  32. GetGo
  33. Sheetz
  34. Turkey Hill
  35. CoGo’s
  36. Speedway
  37. Stewart’s Shops
  38. Delta Sonic
  39. Huck’s
  40. LUKOIL
  41. Rutter’s Farm Store
  42. High’s Dairy Store
  43. Clark’s Pump-N-Shop
  44. Spinx
  45. Shop-A-Minit
  46. Country Fair
  47. RaceTrac & Raceway Stores
  48. Conoco
  49. Gulf Oil
  50. CITGO
  51. CoGo’s

What Can You Buy With EBT at Gas Stations?

  1. Fruits and vegetables
  2. Meat, poultry, and fish
  3. Dairy products
  4. Bread and cereals
  5. Snack foods
  6. Non-alcoholic beverages
  7. Seeds and plants for growing food at home (in some states)
  8. Pre-packaged meals or hot foods that are intended for immediate consumption (varies by state)

What You Can Not Buy With EBT at Gas Stations?

With EBT at gas stations, you cannot buy:

  1. Gasoline or any other fuel
  2. Alcohol
  3. Tobacco products
  4. Lottery tickets
  5. Medications and supplements
  6. Pet food
  7. Household supplies
  8. Prepared hot foods
  9. Non-food items like cosmetics and personal hygiene products

EBT is intended for purchasing food items that are meant to be prepared and eaten at home.

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