50 Small Business Ideas for Men

50 Small Business Ideas for Men


These business ideas for men are excellent for anyone looking to start their first ventures as entrepreneurs.

Men have unique advantages when it comes to starting their own businesses, including experience, skills, and the potential for risk-taking. If you are a man looking to start a business or someone who wants to support them, here are 50 business ideas for men.

Handyman Services

For any man who’s been helping out with odd jobs around the house, starting a handyman business is like turning your everyday skills into cash.

If you’re familiar with fixing leaky pipes and squeaky doors can be your ticket to being the neighborhood’s go-to fixer. Nearby homeowners would likely be happy to pay you to fix their leaky taps, assemble furniture, or patch up their walls.

Tech Support

For the tech-savvy, starting a tech support business can be ideal. You can offer services like computer repairs, software troubleshooting, or setting up smart home devices.

Personal Training

Men skilled in fitness and eager to share their knowledge, may be interested in giving fitenss lessons.

If you’re adept at weightlifting, cardio, or specific workout techniques, there’s a market for your expertise. Many people are willing to pay for a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Landscaping and Gardening

A tried and true business idea for men is to operate a lanscaping or gardening business.

On the weekends or even during the week after job, you can help neighbors or family friends by caring for their lawn.

Custom Woodworking

Custom furniture is always in demand. With custom woodworking, you can craft unique and personalized pieces that fit perfectly into your clients’ homes and lives. Every project is a chance to create something not only functional but also a work of art.

Car Detailing

People are always willing to pay for car detailing, a service that goes far beyond a basic wash. It’s about meticulously cleaning and rejuvenating every part of the vehicle, making it shine like new.

Online Tutoring

A straightforward business idea for men is to offer academic tutoring services. If you excel in subjects like math, science, writing, or reading, you can share your knowledge with others who need help.

As an academic tutor, you can also provide valuable assistance with test preparation for exams like the SATs, ACTs, AP tests, or other standardized assessments.

Catering or Personal Chef Services

For those who love to cook, offering catering services or becoming a personal chef can turn your culinary skills into a business.


If you like photography, starting a photography business can be a great way to capture special moments while earning money.

Digital Marketing Services

With businesses increasingly moving online, offering digital marketing services like SEO, content creation, or social media management can be highly in demand.

Mobile Car Repair

If you’re a mechanic, a mobile car repair service can offer convenience to customers and flexibility for you.

Barber Shop or Men’s Grooming

This old-fashioned business idea has stood the test of time. A barber shop or men’s grooming salon offers a place not just for haircuts and shaves, but also a space for social interaction and a touch of classic style.

Craft Beer Brewing

For those passionate about beer, starting a small craft brewery can be a dream come true.

E-commerce Store

What brick and mortar stores used to be, today those are E-commerce stores. They provide a modern, convenient way to shop, offering everything from everyday items to unique and specialized products, all accessible from the comfort of home.

Consulting Services

If you have expertise in a specific field, offering consulting services can be a way to share your knowledge and experience.

Amazon Private Label

This involves creating your own brand to sell on Amazon. You source products from manufacturers, brand them as your own, and sell them under your label.

eBay Flipping

This entails buying products at a lower price (from garage sales, thrift stores, or clearance sales) and reselling them on eBay for a profit. We compiled a list of the best items to flip on eBay to help you out.

Etsy Handmade Goods

If you’re crafty, you can create and sell handmade items on Etsy. This could include anything from custom jewelry to home decor.

Drone Photography

One of the newer businesses on the block is drone photography. It combines cutting-edge technology with creative flair, offering stunning aerial shots and angles that traditional photography can’t match. This service is in demand for events, real estate, and more.

Mobile Auto Detailing

Specializing in high-end or luxury vehicles, offering convenient, on-the-go detailing services.

Custom T-shirt Printing

An interesting and simple business idea for men is custom printing. Design and print custom t-shirts for local businesses, schools, or events.

Specialty Food Trucks

Instead of general cuisine, focus on a niche food market, like vegan, gluten-free, or ethnic specialties.

Personalized Meal Prep and Delivery

Cater to specific dietary needs or preferences, such as keto, vegan, or paleo diets.

Vintage Clothing Store

Source and sell vintage clothing, either online or in a physical store.

Home Automation Services

Help people convert their homes into smart homes with automation services.

Niche Subscription Boxes

Create and sell subscription boxes in a niche market, such as eco-friendly products, pet care, or gourmet snacks.

Custom Leather Goods

Handcraft leather items like wallets, belts, or bags, and sell them online or at local farmer’s markets.

Mobile Coffee Cart

Set up a mobile coffee cart at local events, busy street corners, or business parks.

Homebrewing Supplies and Classes

If you’re into homebrewing, sell supplies and offer classes to enthusiasts.

Bike Repair and Customization

Specialize in repairing and customizing bicycles, particularly high-performance or vintage bikes.

Specialty Landscaping

Focus on a specific type of landscaping, like xeriscaping, edible gardens, or Japanese-style gardens.

Podcast Production Services

Offer services to help people start their own podcasts, including equipment setup, editing, and marketing.

Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile dog grooming is a growing industry that brings grooming services to people’s doorstep.

You’s specially equipped van with all the necessary tools and equipment to pamper client’s dog.

Custom Sports Equipment

Create and sell custom-made sports equipment, like personalized golf clubs, baseball bats, or cycling gear.

3D Printing Services

Offer 3D printing services for custom parts, prototypes, or art pieces.

Specialized Online Courses

Develop and sell online courses in a specific niche, like digital marketing, photography, coding, or even cooking techniques.

Herb and Spice Blends

Create and sell your own unique blends of herbs and spices, catering to gourmet cooks or specific cuisines.

Custom Bicycle Builds and Repairs

Specialize in building and repairing custom bicycles, perhaps focusing on high-performance or vintage models.

Niche Blogging

Start a blog focused on a specific hobby, interest, or industry. Monetize it through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and ads.

Personalized Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

This isn’t a new-age business idea, but today it’s more popular than ever before. With a growing focus on health and well-being, you can easily turn personalized nutrition and wellness coaching into a six-figure business.

Offer tailored nutrition plans and wellness coaching, focusing on holistic health or specific goals like weight loss or muscle gain.

Sustainable Living Products

Sell eco-friendly and sustainable living products, such as zero-waste items, reusable goods, or organic clothing.

Mobile Tech Workshops

Teach technology skills through mobile workshops, focusing on seniors, kids, or specific software skills.

Adventure Tourism

While many people are intrigued by adventure tourism, only a few dare to try it. However, those who do are often willing to pay a premium for authentic, adrenaline-pumping experiences. Organize local adventure tours like hiking, kayaking, or rock climbing, especially if you live in an area with natural attractions.

Pet Photography

Specialize in taking professional photos of pets, which can be a lucrative niche within the photography market.

Freelance Graphic Design Services

Offer your skills in graphic design to businesses and individuals, creating logos, marketing materials, and website designs.

Mobile Laundry Services

There are several laundry business ideas. One oh them is to provide a pick-up and delivery laundry service, which can be particularly attractive in busy urban areas or for clients like college students.

Indoor Plant Care and Consultation

Help people select and care for indoor plants, offering services like plant sitting, pest control, and landscaping for office spaces.

Customized Gift Baskets

Create and sell customized gift baskets for special occasions, corporate events, or as thank-you gifts.

Children’s Educational Toys and Games

Design and sell educational toys and games that focus on learning and development for children.

Home Organizer/Decluttering Services

Offer services to help people declutter and organize their homes, including garages, closets, and home offices.

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