6 Safest Places to Live in Montana (2023)

6 Safest Places to Live in Montana (2023)


Montana is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and friendly communities, making it an attractive place to live.

However, when choosing a place to call home, safety is a key concern for many individuals and families. In this article, we’ll look at the top safest cities to live in Montana.

Safest Cities In Montana

  1. Glendive
  2. Whitefish
  3. Miles City
  4. Dillon
  5. Lewiston
  6. Bozeman
  7. Columbia Falls


On the eastern half of the state, close to the North Dakota border, on the Yellowstone River, Glendive is a town of 5,000 people. There is relatively little crime in this remote location.

In comparison to three years earlier, there has been an average of one violent crime per 1,000 individuals during the last three years. At six per 1,000, the property crime rate is likewise very low.

This number fell to 2.8 in 2021, although the long-term average is about six. The previous year had six violent crimes but no killings or robberies. The city’s overall crime rate is 70% lower than the national average.


Whitefish is a farther outlying community. It has 7,000 residents and is located 50 miles from Canada in the state’s northern section next to Glacier National Park.

Although the crime rate has increased somewhat, it is still relatively low. Violent crime increased from 1.2 per 1,000 in 2020 to 1.9 per 1,000 in 2022. Property crime is more prevalent and is declining.

In 2022, it was 10 per 1000, while in 2020, it was 16.7 per 1000. There were 16 violent crimes the previous year. There were two rapes but no murders or robberies. It has a crime rate 50% lower than the national average.

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Miles City

Miles City is located along the Yellowstone River or Interstate 94 approximately 20 miles south of Glendive. Due to its relative isolation that region has virtually little crime.

Miles City has maintained this level throughout the last several years with a low violent crime rate of about two per 1,000 persons. Despite being greater the rate of property crime is declining. It was 13 per 1,000 persons in 2022 before skyrocketing to 29 per 1,000 in 2021.

Even so it still falls short of the national average. Last year there were 16 violent offenses including three rapes but there were no homicides or robberies. The city continues to perform by 40% less than the national average.


Dillon is a 4400-person town located in the Rocky Mountains in the state’s southwest. Its violent crime rate has fluctuated over the last several years but is still low—40% lower than the national average.

In contrast to the previous year there were three crimes per 1000 people in 2022. It has an extremely low property crime rate of 2.3 per 1,000 people in 2022 down from 6.1 in 2020.

Its cost of living is significantly cheaper and its crime rate is 69 percent lower than the national average. Schools are well-regarded and the cost of living is cheaper than the state average.


Lewiston is an isolated town in the heart of the state with a population of 6,000. The crime rate is declining.

Violent offenses per 1000 people decreased to 3.6 in 2022 from 4.7 in 2020. Property crime decreased to 7.4 per 1,000 people in 2022 from 13.1 per 1,000 in 2020. Compared to the state average the crime rate is 57 percent lower.

The cost of living is 13% lower than the state average and real estate is 50% cheaper than the norm. It also has a lot going for it in other categories.


With over 50,000 inhabitants, Bozeman ranks as the fourth-largest city in the state. For a community of its size, its crime rate is very low—36% lower than the state average.

120 of the 157 violent offenses that were committed last year were assaults. Thirty-three rapes however is a significant number for a city of this size.

Property crime rates were 1,344 per 100,000, much lower than the state average of 2100 and the US average of 1958. The theft was the most frequent offense.

Columbia Falls

Nestled near the entrance to Glacier National Park, Columbia Falls is more than just a gateway to nature’s wonders.

With a population of 6,385, this town has effectively managed its crime rates, ensuring a secure environment for its residents.

Recent data indicates that Columbia Falls has maintained a consistent violent crime rate of 3.0 per 1,000 residents over the past few years. Although there has been a minor increase in property crime, it remains considerably lower than many other regions in Montana.

Economically, Columbia Falls presents a balanced profile with a median income of $56,860. Despite its proximity to major tourist attractions, the town offers a reasonable cost of living.


Montana is a beautiful and safe place to live. Many cities offer a low crime rate a strong community and plenty of arts culture and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Whether looking for a small-town feel or a city life you will find a safe and welcoming community in Montana.

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