7 Dog-Related Business Ideas For Steady Side Income


Since the beginning of time, dogs have lived up to their title of being the man’s “best friend.” Given how much they add to a person’s life, it’s natural for a dog owner to treat their best friend in the best possible way. 

If you have a way with dogs, starting a service for them could turn into a lucrative idea soon! Read on to discover some of the best dog-related business ideas.

1. Grooming Services 

Considering how quickly our furry friends grow their hair, grooming services always remain in top demand for many pet owners. 

When we talk about grooming services, you must fathom what kind of service, staff, and experience you have. Some groomers offer basic services, including trimming nails and giving a basic bath, and some specialists can make a dog look ready for a dog show! 

Before starting a grooming service, you must also keep certain things in mind. Primarily, focus on the budget and providing the services at low costs. As a startup, it’s ideal to start with basic services and work your way up regarding quality and prices. 

Once you’ve leveled up with your competitors, consider growing your brand accordingly! 

2. Print-on-Demand Stores 

Whether it be custom tags or shirts, clothing, and accessories can help a dog look its best. Starting a print-on-demand store is a financially sound move as well, given the minimal startup costs to run and advertise your business. 

Running a POD store also takes away the worry of keeping your inventory handy. As you get orders, you can approach service providers to help you come up with the products. 

To further attract customers to your business, you can give customers the freedom to customize their orders. Enabling your customers to supplicate custom designs will also mitigate the worry and work you’ll have to put into designing the products. 

3. Dog Walking 

Going for a walk has to be one of the favorite activities for a dog. Despite the urge to cherish their best friend, many dog owners don’t find the time to take their dogs for a walk, presenting a need for someone like you to do the deed! 

As a dog walker, you can arrange the time and days to pick up someone’s dog and provide them with exercise, socialization, and a walk to their favorite sports. Being a dog walker isn’t only simple but is also extremely flexible! 

If you’re interested here’s how you can find dog walking jobs.

4. Dog Sitting 

Dogs are highly socializing animals. While some responsible homeowners understand the socialization needs of their pet, their busy schedule renders them unable to comply with them. 

To ensure their pet’s well-being, pet owners often look for dog sitters. Dog sitting works exactly like babysitting. You have to look after someone’s dog for the time they are out of the home. You must pay full attention to the dog for the time you are its caretaker. 

Your responsibilities may include checking for water, food, playing with the dog, and taking them for a walk. According to Scout for Pets, pet sitters, on average, charge $25 for a 30-minute visit. 

If you’re willing to go all-in, consider starting a Dog Daycare business. In spirit, dog daycare has the same idea as dog sitting. But when you’re dog sitting, you’re running to a place where people could leave their dogs, and you’d look after them. 

5. Dog Food Supplier 

Dog owners are always in search of buying and feeding their dogs a healthy diet, allowing their pets to remain nourished. A quality diet for dogs can go a long way in maintaining their health and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. 

Although running a dog food supply requires some research, it can be a lucrative business to start. You can sell regular dry or wet food or pet treats. You can also try taking things up a notch by offering organic pet treats. 

Supplying a highly nutritious and healthy diet will allow your business to attain fame quickly and make solid profits! 

6. Dog Training 

While many people are eager to buy a house, the majority are unaware of how they can train them. If you know the way to a dog’s heart, you could try starting a dog training service. 

You can provide basic training services like responding to the name, walking on a leash, or responding to basic commands of sitting and lying. But if you have the expertise to provide versatile training, such as hunting, swimming, rescue, or narcotics detection, you could earn significantly well. 

Alternatively, you could also start a Vlog/Blog to help people train their pets. You can guide your viewers through the procedure using a video or by providing a breakdown in blogs. 

To further profit from your vlog/blogs, you can pair it up with affiliate marketing, partnerships, or sponsorship. Putting in a good word for a brand will not only help them gain more customers but it’ll also establish your position in the industry as an expert. 

7. Pet Photography 

If you have good photography skills, you can try starting a pet photography service. A pet photography business takes beautiful pictures of pets and their owners, allowing them to cherish the memories forever. 

When running a pet photography business, try doing holiday-themed photoshoots, family portraits, or catching the dogs doing something cute. 

To market your business, you can use results from previous photoshoots, run marketing ads, or take pictures of shelter animals. Shooting shelter animals will not only play to your advantage, but it can also help them find a forever home. 

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