As the Year Winds Down, It’s the Perfect Time to Cut Unwanted Subscriptions and Recurring Charges


As the year draws to a close, it’s a time when the old makes way for the new. It also brings a chance to look back and think over things, not just about our personal habits and wins, but also about our online and money habits.

Here’s a carefully put together guide on cutting down the extras as we say goodbye to the year.

1. Streaming Services

Many of us enjoy watching shows and movies on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, or Hulu. But these subscriptions can add up. For those looking to save, there are free websites like Netflix where you can watch movies without paying a dime. They may not have the latest releases, but there’s still plenty to enjoy.

2. Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines can be fun to read, but many now put their articles online for free. If a magazine keeps its articles behind a paywall, think about whether it’s worth the cost when there are so many free articles on the internet covering similar topics.

3. Unused Gym Memberships

If you’ve signed up for a gym but don’t go often, it might be time to cancel the membership. Consider switching to a pay-as-you-go option instead.

This way, you only pay when you actually go. Btw, there are lots of free workout videos online that can help you stay fit without spending money.

4. Monthly Box Subscriptions

Monthly box subscriptions can be a fun surprise in the mail, but over time they might lose their charm or usefulness. It’s a good idea to evaluate whether these boxes are still bringing joy or just piling up unused. If it’s the latter, it might be time to cancel.

5. App Subscriptions

It’s easy to accumulate app subscriptions on our devices. However, not all of them provide value worth their cost.

Often, the free versions of these apps are just as good as the paid ones. It’s worth going through your app subscriptions and canceling the ones that aren’t adding much to your day.

6. Online Courses

Online courses do provide a structured pathway to picking up a new skill or knowledge area. Yet, much of the information in paid courses can also be found for free online. You’ll be better off getting your feet wet and learning the ropes by actually doing it.

If there are courses you’ve paid for but haven’t even started, or platforms you no longer use, it might be time to cancel those subscriptions. Transitioning from theoretical learning to hands-on experience can often be the most rewarding and effective way to learn.

7. Premium Social Media Subscriptions

Some social media platforms have premium versions that cost money. If these features aren’t being used much, it might be a good idea to downgrade to the free version.

8. Music Streaming Services

Paying for music streaming services can feel unnecessary when all the music you enjoy is available on platforms like YouTube for free. Sure, there are ads, but enduring an ad or two can be a small price to pay compared to a monthly subscription fee.

If the ads don’t bother you much, you might find that cancelling paid music streaming services and switching to free platforms can be a smart way to save some money.

9. Software Subscriptions

Some software subscriptions may not be necessary if they’re not being used often. It’s worth checking if there are free alternatives that work just as well.

10. Automatic Renewals

It’s easy to forget about automatic renewals for various services. It’s a good practice to check all automatic payments, including those set up through PayPal, to ensure there are no surprises. If there are services no longer needed, canceling before they renew automatically can prevent unwanted charges.

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