Can You Make Money With These Car Wrap Advertising Companies?

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Not too long ago, I had a friend ask me if I would wrap my car to advertise his exterior remodeling business.

He said he would pay for my car to be wrapped and pay me annually for doing so. I won’t lie, because I drive a simple car that isn’t glamorous; I was extremely tempted to take him up on his offer.

And while I ultimately didn’t go forward with his idea (my HOA has regulations about commercial vehicles), his request did get me wondering, can I really get paid to advertise on my car? And were there really companies who offer paid car wrap advertising?

The answer to both of those questions is an emphatic YES! And today, we will share with you the best car wrap advertising companies that pay!

These Car Wrap Advertising Companies Will Pay You!

1. Wrapify

Wrapify is one of the premier car wrap advertising companies, and they will pay you to advertise for them when you wrap your car! Here is how the process works:

  1. First, you will want to visit their website and download their app
  2. After you sign up to become a driver, drive like you normally would
  3. Based on your driving, you will receive advertisement campaign offers
  4. Once you receive an offer, you can agree to the offer, then have the ad placement on your car (Full, Partial, Lite, Static Topper)
  5. Now drive and earn! Earnings are based on miles


How Much Can You Make With Wrapify Car Advertising?

According to the Wrapify website, based on the different advertising options, you can get paid up to the following:

  • Full: $264-$452
  • Partial: $196-$280
  • Lite: $181-$280
  • Static (Rideshare Topper): $174-$280

Who Is Wrapify Ideal For?

If you work from home or live out in the country, sorry, but Wrapify isn’t your ticket to making money without a job. Typically, Wrapify is ideal for those who commute into the city and are within 50 miles of the target company (that offers the campaign).

Like most of these car wrap advertising companies, the VERY BEST candidate to make the most of this opportunity is those who deliver food, do ride-sharing or something of that nature!

Keep in mind, when you agree to an advertisement, one con of Wrapify is that if you don’t stick to the 1-3 month commitment, you could have to pay early termination fees potentially.

2. Carvertise

As Carvertise puts it, they are an award-winning marketing firm that matches brands with high-mileage car owners who want to drive with an ad decal on their car. The company targets specific geographic markets (think big cities) and pays drivers handsomely per campaign.

Unlike Wrapify, where you first start by downloading an app, Carvertise has potential driver’s start by first filling out a form that includes the basic contact info as well as:

  • Car info
  • Driving info (miles per day)
  • Work info
  • Rideshare or delivery info


How much can you make with Carvertise?

When selected by Carvertise, an ad campaign can pay a driver anywhere from $300 all the way up to $1,200. That being said, you have to drive at least 30 miles per day to qualify. So that means if you work from home, this is probably not a good gig for you!

Who Is Carvertise Ideal For?

One plus to Carvertise is the ability to control which ad campaigns you decide to drive with. This gives drivers options, and as long as you drive the aforementioned 30 miles plus per day, Carvertise is a good fit for you!

Long commuters, Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, and delivery drivers make a good fit!

3. Stickerride

Like the above-mentioned Wrapify, StickerRide will pay you when you wrap or place advertising stickers on your car.

The steps to get started are also similar to Wrapify in that you first download their app. After downloading the app, you chose an auto wrap campaign followed by visiting a StickerRide location to get the campaign assets placed on your car.

After you have your car all wrapped up (usually a few stickers on your doors), you drive like normal but be careful; you need to make sure you have the app turned on to earn money. This is one of the reported cons in that you have to have the app open and running to make money.

That being said, you can make money with StickerRide, but the magical question is how much?

How Much Can You Make With Stickerride?

Depending on how much you drive and whether you take advantage of some of the “Quests” can really determine how much you make with StickerRide. The website advertises that you can get paid to advertise to compensate for car washes, parking, and auto fuel.

While you can certainly make money with StickerRide, the original company based out of Europe states you can make “Up to $50 per month.”

Who Is Stickerride Ideal For?

If you are someone who lives in an urban area, drive a lot for work or commute to work, or perhaps you don’t care what your car looks like, then consider making money with StickerRide.

You won’t get rich putting advertisement stickers on your car, but getting paid to drive your car around with a few stickers is about as passive of an income as it gets (so long as you were already planning on doing the driving!)

4. Referralcars

ReferralCars is another advertising company that will pay you to advertise using your car. Unlike some of the previous companies, you don’t have to wrap your car or go somewhere to get the ads placed… you can do it yourself!

First, you must fill out an application that lets ReferralCars know where you live, how much you drive, and if you do ride-sharing (which you need to do).

How Much Can You Make With Referralcars?

ReferralCars is commission and non-commission based on how they pay and offer unique advertising opportunities (say like a mom and pop restaurant in the city). Once you pay for the shipping to get your back window decal, you activate your campaign and start getting paid.

While the exacts are not known and based on campaigns, they guarantee at least a $100 gift card over a span of 90 days. So if you’re already driving for a rideshare company, that’s $100 you didn’t have before, but most make more.

Who Is Referralcars Ideal For?

RefferralCars is reserved for those who already drive Uber or Lyft. Why? Because they drive the most and can also talk to the people sitting in their car!

5. Free Car Media

Free Care Media is another company that will pay you to do some car wrap advertising, with a pro being that you can choose locations and sizes of your advertisements! They also offer you the ability to do it yourself, with most advertisements going on your back window!

Unlike StickerRide or Wrapify, where you start by sharing your driving data by downloading an app, Free Car Media first has prospective drivers to fill out an online application.

If selected and decide you want to wrap your entire vehicle, Free Car Media matches you with a local vendor who can professionally wrap your vehicle.

How Much Can You Make With Free Car Media? says you can make $400 a month advertising with your car; however, that amount varies depending on your ad’s size and placement. The typical monthly pay range is $50 to $400 per month.

Now keep in mind, an extra $100 per month is $1,200 per month, so if you’re someone who doesn’t care about some advertisements on your car, consider Free Car Media!

Who Is Free Car Media Ideal For?

At this point, it is probably becoming redundant, but if you drive a lot, car wrap advertising is not a bad idea to make some extra income. Perhaps the long commute won’t be so bad when you know that you’re actually getting paid to commute!

(You could also always start using delivery apps to make money and double up!)

6. Ask a Small Business Owner!

This is a unique approach to all of this, but who said you couldn’t simply land your own car wrap advertising campaign?

Perhaps you know a friend who owns her own direct selling business, or you have a family member who owns a traditional small business. Simply approaching them and offering to add a sticker, decal, or even wrapping your entire car isn’t a bad idea to make some extra money!

Here is how you can go about making this happen:

  1. First, identify a company you want to talk to, ideally a friend or family member.
  2. Tell them you will give them an advertisement opportunity they can’t turn down.
  3. Create a campaign (the longer, the better)
  4. Set a price ($100 a month sounds good to me)
  5. Get the decal made and get to driving!
  6. If they want to wrap it, have them pay for it and charge $1,500 per year!

Just be sure to get your elevator pitch ready, so you can represent the company if someone asks about it in a parking lot, and remember, don’t drive like a crazy person!

Frequently Asked Car Wrap Advertising Questions:

How Much Can I Make With Car Wrap Advertising?

While it varies based on your ad campaign, your driving, and the company you advertise with, most drivers can make anywhere from $50 all the way up to $500 per month when they advertise with their car. Keep in mind variables like milage, size of the advertisement, and other factors play into this.

Is Car Wrap Advertising Legit or a Scam?

Car wrap advertising is legitimate and real; however, that doesn’t mean there are not scammers out there. In general, be sure to use one of the companies from the list above and make sure the application process is legit and transparent.

Ensure you are aware of the payouts and details ahead of time, and when in doubt, always back out!

What Kind of Ads Will Be Placed on My Car?

Most ads are placed in a decal or vinyl car wrap, which are all removable and not permanent. Typically, the company decides where these ads are placed, and the campaigns vary based on location for things like restaurants, cell phone advertisements, and more!


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