Connecticut Leads Other States in The Search for Higher, Faster Income

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Gas prices skyrocketed this past week, up 20% across the country since January 1 and 8-15% since June, depending on where in the country you live. 

As Americans continue to face the threat of rising prices at the gas pump, checkout counter, and mortgage statements, many are turning to the Internet to explore alternative means of making money.

As part of their recent merger with Thrifty Guardian, Mama Say What?! reveals their research – discovering more than 57,000 Americans searched for ways to make money fast in the last year.

In this research study, Mama Say What?! analyzed which states’ residents are the most interested in making quick cash by assessing Google search data on Google Trends and Ahrefs and ranking the states by total volume of searches. 

States With The Highest Number of “Quick Money” Searches

The study reveals that Connecticut has the highest rates of quick money-related terms searched online. Based on a scale of 0-300, each state was ranked based on the search volume of popular terms. With an overall score of 217, Connecticut far outpaced the rest of America. 

A gap of 15 points separates the second-place state of Indiana, earning 202 points for search volume. 

Other noteworthy spreads include the gaps between second-place Indiana and third-place Missouri, who scored 202 and 191, respectively. 

In fourth place is South Carolina, followed by Alabama in fifth. Sixth and seventh place are awarded to Tennessee and Idaho, respectively. In eighth is Wisconsin. Georgia and Arizona secure the two remaining slots on the top ten list for 30-day search query volume.

While Connecticut has led the country in search volume for the last 30 days, the state has yet to show up in the rankings for quick money searches during the previous 12 months. This difference indicates a substantial spike in interest for quick ways to make money in the state. 

Top States Searching for Quick Money-Making Terms in The Previous 12 Months

In direct contrast to Connecticut’s newfound interest in money-making searches is the state of Oklahoma, which ranks first on the list of states searching for quick money-making terms over the last 12 months but has not ranked for the previous 30 days. Are inflationary pressures beginning to subside in this particular corner of the country?

The states of Indiana and Missouri place second and third again, scoring 271 and 267, respectively. Also appearing on both lists are the states of South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia, which rank fourth, sixth, and eighth, respectively. These states’ continued presence in the rankings demonstrates an unwavering interest in searching money-making related terms. 

Over the last 12 months, Kentucky, North Carolina, Michigan, and Ohio expressed a notable interest in making quick money, but in the previous 30 days, their interest has waned. 

Money-Related Terms Americans Are Searching Online

For each of the states in the country, Mama Say What?! analyzed specific search terms to create their rankings. The three search terms assessed were:

  • How to make money – which yields an average of 43,000 searches monthly.
  • How to make money fast – which generated 57,000 searches monthly.
  • How to make money fast online – which yields 3,100 searches monthly.

Americans are interested in finding fast ways to make money and are looking for something other than online opportunities to increase their cash flow.

How Can Americans Make More Money?

According to a recent article by Shopify, the potential to supplement employment income is diverse. From creating a YouTube channel to developing digital products, from delivering groceries to reselling vintage goods, there is something out there for everyone. Assessing risk tolerance is vital when deciding on additional income streams, as some require upfront time and capital investment to see returns. At the same time, others provide immediate payouts for time spent. 

As Americans eagerly await the Federal Reserve’s next rate announcement on September 20, the pressure at the checkout counter continues. 

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell says nothing is set in stone. “I would say it is certainly possible that we would raise funds again at the September meeting if the data warranted… and I would also say it’s possible that we would choose to hold steady at that meeting. We’re going to be making careful assessments.”

One thing is certain: consumers continue to face elevated inflation rates across all spending categories, and until inflation begins to reverse, the hunt for additional income streams is on.

This post was produced by Mama Say What?! and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.


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