How To Get Paid To Move To Thailand (2024 Guide!)

How To Get Paid To Move To Thailand (2024 Guide!)


Ever thought about packing up and moving to a tropical paradise?

Well, it’s possible to move to Thailand and make money doing it!

You could be living where the beaches are beautiful, the food is amazing, and the culture is vibrant.

Let’s check how you can get your adventure started and get paid to move to Thailand!

1. English Teacher 

Assuming that you’re a native English speaker, becoming an English Teacher has to be the easiest way for you to get paid to move to Thailand! 

Considering how many tourists come to Thailand annually, the businesses there are adamant about locals learning English to mitigate the language barrier. 

Becoming an English teacher in Thailand can be a great option for earning a decent living.

The teaching environment in Thailand widely differs compared to the traditional teaching environment, so you won’t get bored.

While becoming an English Teacher doesn’t require a Master’s certification, getting a TEFL certification can prove significantly helpful in finding well-paying opportunities. 

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2. Non-Profit Workers 

If you’re one of the people who want to make a change in this world, becoming a non-profit worker in Thailand is a perfect opportunity.

Thailand is home to various non-profit organizations that will help you relocate to the country and pay you to help others. 

Some non-profit organizations that have multiple volunteering programs in Thailand include: 

  • Go Overseas 
  • The Friends for Asia Foundations 
  • IRFE Volunteers 
  • World Packers 
  • Volunteer World. 

Working with a non-profit organization will also give you a chance to explore the roots of Thai culture. You’ll also be working closely with the Thai community while helping the locals in Thailand. 

Some non-profit organizations also provide meals and dorms, to cover basic living expenses. Since you won’t have to worry about living and food expenses, moving to Thailand as a non-profit worker can be a great idea financially. 

3. Manager (Bar, Hotel, Restaurant) 

Considering the huge scope for tourism, attractions like bars, restaurants, and hotels are always crowded in Thailand.

The huge amount of customers has the management looking for people who can help ensure a smooth operation flow, scale the business, and ensure happy customers. 

If you’ve worked in a managerial position in a hotel, restaurant, or bar before, you can easily find employment opportunities in Thailand.

Companies like Marriot and Hilton offer higher management roles with expat packages.

4. Model/Movie Extra 

Getting a job as a model or a movie extra in the Thailand film industry could get you the golden ticket to moving here and getting paid to enjoy the luxurious life this country offers! 

The Thailand film industry is always in search of foreigners who have a flair for acting or having beautiful looks. Nevertheless, since you’ll be beginning from scratch in the industry, you might need to learn the Thai language to find roles initially. 

Once you’ve expanded your network and made a solid reputation across the industry, you’ll start finding contracts with favorable terms as well as good pay. 

So, if you’re ready to commit to this idea, consider the following industries looking for models or movie extras in Thailand: 

  • Morgan & Preston Models Bangkok 
  • CM Models 
  • A1 Models 
  • J.I.M. Models
  • MasterClass Studio 
  • Digital Service Provider

Since Thailand’s digital landscape is expanding constantly, the country is brimming with opportunities for service providers like PPC experts, SEO writers, or full-stack developers. 

Many companies in Thailand have to often deal with clients internationally. To ensure strong communication, most employers prefer having foreign employees on-board. These companies are also looking for individuals who offer skills hardly found locally. 

Currently, companies like Booking, Grab, and Agonda are looking for foreigners offering these services.

5. Diving Instructor 

Thailand is full of views and experiences that make its presence unique in the world; One such example is the diving experience! 

If you’re fascinated by the beauty of the underworld and want to experience marine life, diving schools in Thailand are looking for instructors. Among many diving schools, these schools are actively looking for diving instructors: 

  • PADI Adventures 
  • The Dive Academy Samui 

Apart from a healthy relocation package, these schools also offer training meant to guide you through the process. These schools also teach you how you can leverage your skills to make a career out of it. 

Once you become a PADI-qualified instructor, you’re all set to explore the beautiful locations in Thailand. You’ll have the chance to offer guided tours across Krabi, Phi-Phi Island, and Koh Tao. 

If you want to move further and explore different countries, you can leverage your diving skills and offer guided tours across diving hotspots worldwide! 

6. Finding A Job 

Thailand, especially Bangkok, is home to some of the biggest multinational companies worldwide. With companies like Rolls-Royce Co, Michelin, and KPMG housing their offices in Bangkok, the job industry in this country is always striving! 

So, if you have strong skills and a strong work ethic, you can apply for a job in the industry relevant to your skills. Nevertheless, be sure to conduct thorough research before sending out the application. 

7. Yoga Teacher

Thailand is packed with digital nomads and, much like Bali, veganism and yoga are all the rage among them. Becoming a yoga teacher here could be a way to immerse yourself in this community and make a living.

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