How to Make Money Selling Your Used Underwear and Dirty Laundry

How to Make Money Selling Your Used Underwear and Dirty Laundry

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When you think about selling your used underwear, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a far-out phenomenon that only exists on niche corners of the internet.

But in this article, we introduce you to a world where used underwear transactions occur daily, and young entrepreneurs start online underwear businesses that can bring in hundreds or thousands of pounds in monthly earnings.

Your used laundry is in high demand

Thousands of people around the world are interested in buying used underwear, bras, socks, shoes and other used and adult items that you can deliver and get paid for without leaving your house. And with the average pair of used underwear selling for upwards of £40 (and other products and services averaging even higher), this business can be lucrative.

But what’s the real trick to making the big bucks? Finding a supportive platform where you can set up your store, meet interested buyers, ship orders and receive payment while ensuring your safety, privacy, and control over your own finances.


What is Pantydeal?

With over one million members and 15,000 daily active users, Pantydeal is one of the largest, busiest, and oldest-running used underwear and clothing marketplaces in the world.

Pantydeal is more than a marketplace. It’s a members-only platform and community where people can explore their sexuality while making money selling worn clothing and adult services.

How much can you earn selling your used underwear and laundry?
Pantydeal’s most active sellers earn thousands of pounds per month. And as with any business, the more time and energy you invest, the more profits you take home.

An average used underwear item sells for £40, but most sellers make their earnings through selling underwear in combination with higher-priced services.

To access all of the site’s tools, you need to become a Premium seller, which costs $21 per month. However, the platform takes no commission on your sales, so when you make money, you keep every penny to yourself.

Sell used underwear online: Safety, support, and easy-to-use tools
Privacy is essential to You can sign up and start selling without revealing your identity or personal details. The content you post is visible to members only, and their support team is on hand to help.

Their member verification systems ensure that members are who they say they are, and their review systems keep conversations and transactions respectful and scam-free.

This used underwear platform has themed monthly contests where sellers can win prizes and gain exposure on the site, regular newsletters, and an online magazine with weekly articles on sex,  relationships, kink, and how to succeed as a worn underwear seller.


Start Selling Your Used Underwear: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your journey into making money online starts with signing up. You’ll need an email address, username, and password for this.
No personal details are made public or shared with third parties. It’s recommended to create an alternative business email address for this purpose and to take time to select a memorable username that reflects your specific business personality.

Get Certified
To become a certified seller with a ‘Fakecheck passed’ badge on your profile, you must pass a check to verify your identity, age, and details. This system ensures the community’s safety and lets buyers know you’re a real person.

Create your profile
Now it’s time to get creative.

You need a clear, high-quality, non-explicit and attractive profile photo. This is what potential buyers will see first. It’s also helpful to have other photos of yourself on your profile so buyers can feel connected to you before purchasing.

The next thing your profile needs is a bio. This is crucial for getting your personality across and clearly detailing what you’re selling in your store.

In your bio, you should introduce yourself in a friendly, honest, and descriptive way. List your interests, personality traits, products, services, prices and other practical information like shipping and payment methods in a way that is professional and easy to read.

Create ads and start selling
Once you’ve decided what you want to sell (and there are lots to choose from), it’s time to start selling.

This means taking pictures, writing descriptions and catchy titles, and publishing ads. If you’re selling used clothing items, it’s best to upload photos of you wearing them so buyers know they’ve been worn by the person selling them.

If you’re selling other products or online services, you should list your offers on your profile and create appealing visual ads.

Deliver your item and get paid
Once you’ve arranged a transaction with an interested buyer, it’s time to deliver your product online or through post and get paid.

Payment and shipping methods are arranged privately between buyer and seller but remember not to share personal details. Once the transaction is complete, leave an honest review and move on to your next sale.


You can sell more than used underwear online

While many online marketplaces focus on used underwear, many people don’t know you can sell and make big profits from other worn items, products and services.
So, what else can you sell to make money online?

Used underwear
This is Pantydeal’s classic wholesale item, and it is exactly as it seems: used underwear. You wear the underwear (thongs, briefs, tangas, etc), find a buyer, package it up and post it to its lucky buyer. Job done.

Used bras & lingerie
The rest of your underwear is definitely up for grabs. Alongside knickers, you can also advertise your finest or comfiest used bras, stockings, suspenders, nightgowns, corsets, and more.

Used shoes and socks
Foot fetish items are some of Pantydeal’s most popular. You can make the most of this by advertising your well-worn socks and shoes and posting them to a new beloved owner.

Used sportswear
Used sportswear is a popular used item because it powerfully carries scent and connection. Go workout in your best (or oldest) leggings, sports bras, and yoga shorts and sell them to the highest bidder.


Pantydeal is about selling used underwear, and much more

There are many weird and wonderful ways to make money online, but selling used clothing and one-of-a-kind content is something that can be done in a fun, simple and safe way.

If you dedicate time to creating an attractive profile, publish regular ads and don’t give up easily, you can live comfortably from your earnings as a used underwear and clothing seller.

It’s more than possible to make a comfortable financial living selling panties. Sound good? Build your lucrative, long-term business with time, effort and of course, confidence.

Happy selling!

Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.

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