Real Life Story: How to Make Money Selling Pics of Your Feet

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Last week I went for lunch with some school friends, normally one of us treats the others and we sort of take it in turns to foot the bill. This time we however decided to go Dutch. Times were hard and none of us felt the inclination to drop a few hundred pounds in one sitting. All except one of us, and she is a nurse, something was awry: Or afoot, as we later discovered.

It turned out that *Jenny has been selling photos of her feet online. Going under a pseudonym she has built up quite the following, fed up with the huge cost-of-living at present, I was intrigued enough to give it a go. Jenny shared with me her top tips to get rich from foot pics.

1. Creat a Profile on Fun With Feet

Fun with feet

These profiles take a matter of minutes. Jenny’s big tip was to peruse the best sellers and look at what sells. Also to establish your brand. If you want to create a niche (muddy feet videos, for example) then this is where you start.

Profile tips

1. Prepare Your Feet.

This may sound obvious but make your feet look cute. If you are going heeled and peeping – then get them looking their best. “I recommend a good pumice and a cute lick of nail varnish – red always does well, as does a French manicured look” Says Jenny.

2. Check Out The Competition.

Research, research research! “I did a really deep dive on the profiles that seemed to make lots of money and compared them to the ones that were average and the ones that barely ranked”. If you do this you can work out a plan. Either imitate the big earners (although they will often have cornered their market”( or work on your own USP. “I have a slightly Celtic second toe and found that it appealed to a certain clientele”.

What foot type are you?

3. Create An Online Presence.

As with any social media (or media even), there is no use being brilliant if people can’t see your work. On Insta low engagement is a pain, but on Fun with Feet it will literally be the make or break. Engage with people, get to know your subscribers likes and dislikes. Always stay safe but put yourself out there a bit.

4. Set Your Pricing.

This is hard when you start out as you don’t have the subscribers to warrant the top-tier pay. Give people a good deal, get them hooked and then start to get the bigger pay packets. Show your subscribers you are worth their money.

5. Pick Secure Payment Methods.

Do your homework on this and absolutely stick to the recommended payment platforms. If someone offers direct payment to avoid the commission, DECLINE! It could be a stolen card and you could end up paying it back – so always make sure you are payment protected.

6. Take High-Quality Photos.

This may sound obvious but so many people try and submit a bad phone pic and then wonder why this doesn’t work. Like all social media, this needs to feel curated and a brand. If your foot brand is expensive then the pics need to look it to warrant the pay. Not just the camera (because let’s face it, most phones have amazing cameras these days), but the styling of the shot and the way it is lit. This all needs to tie in with your brand.

7. Be Anonymous & Create Safe Boundaries.

This one is so important. People will try to meet with you, people will ask for your personal details. You are selling a product and not yourself! Always remember this.

2. List your Feet Pics

Jenny recommends doing “themed collections” – she said she soon started to see which was most popular but by playing the field she cast her net wide to begin with. Her categories were: High-heels, high-heels with bare feet, feet washing (with suds), dirty feet, tired feet and just outright sexy feet. For the latter she filmed her feet standing on her partner’s back and paired them with other sexy body parts.

She also recommends combining feet fetish with other fetish: One was to incorporate Siophelia (food related) and one of her most successful videos to date was her walking barefoot through a picnic.

Her main tip was to “create content that you put some effort into. If you just snap your tootsies watching TV and upload a few, you won’t get the financial results you maybe expected. I started with quite a lot of content.” This seems to be a trend across the board too, with Fun With Feet stating the importance of a large and diverse profile.

3. Start Earning

If you have done your prep you can start earning instantly. Fun With Feet state that “Whenever a buyer unlocks any of your sexy feet pics or videos you’ll receive the money instantly into your Fun With Feet wallet. From there, you can withdraw these funds from your wallet directly to your bank account.”

Jenny, however, suggested that we remember to use it like a form of social media. It will need promotion, consistency and quality. She said “be prepared to be initially a bit disappointed, It isn’t an overnight sell. It is however the start of something very lucrative. It took me a few months to start seeing high results, but it has literally doubled my income.”

She also says “Due to this I am having a lovely beach holiday this year… excited to get some nice sandy feet content to treat you all to lunch next time.”

If you are interested in having a go at this then click here to sign up.

*Jenny is a fake name. Our user wished to remain anonymous.


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