Sixteen Best Data Entry Jobs You Can Do Right From Home

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Many Americans are eager to transition to jobs that allow them to work from the comfort of their homes. Remote work promises little commute and the ability to conduct business in your PJs.

If you’re looking for a job from home, you may be at a loss. You may not think your skillset is something that transfers well. Many don’t know where to start or what organizations offer these types of opportunities.

Many ground-level data entry jobs are available for remote work. If you have a stable Internet connection, an updated computer, and a willingness to learn, data entry may be a good fit for you.

The title “data entry professional” is an accurate descriptor in what the job entails. Individuals in the field enter information into a database. The database is most often a platform that is specific to the organization. If you work in this position, you may enter basic information, numbers, or statistics. You may also do some transcription work or complete basic surveys.

While it may not seem exciting, data entry is a phenomenal way for employees to achieve two goals. The first is to start in a position that they can grow from. If you work hard, you may receive more opportunities with your company. The second achievement is the prospect to work from home.

We’ve outlined some of the best data entry positions in the employment market today. These positions enable individuals to work from home and earn an income.

The 16 Best Data Entry Jobs From Home

AccuTran Global- A transcription specialty organization. Some of their transcription services assist in the medical or legal fields, among others. You can apply online for opportunities.

Axion Data Services– This data entry organization requires employees to have 2-3 years of previous experience. They must also have a typing speed of 50 words per minute. They also offer a database registration that you enter your information in. This allows you to receive consideration for available positions.

Amazon Mechanical Turk– Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing workforce. Crowdsourcing is the process of using lots of available resources to accomplish a task. It allows clients to receive a quick turn around on temporary work. Clients submit work, and it is then outsourced to individuals.  These are short-term opportunities only.

If you’re interested in building your data entry resume, this would be an excellent place to start gaining experience.

Birch Creek Communications– Birch Creek Communications is a transcription company. It offers individuals the opportunity to work remote in data entry. Their platform compensates employees per minute of audiotape transcribed.

Capital Typing– Capital Typing offers a variety of data entry services to clients. Individuals can work in transcription, administrative data entry, language translation, or market research. Independent contractor positions are available online, and you can apply through the company’s webpage.

Clickworker Clickworker enables individuals to work in data entry in a variety of areas. Individuals work on a freelance basis and can create schedules that suit their needs.

DionData Solutions– DionData Solutions serves a variety of clients. If you have experience in anything from health care to subscription fulfillments, this may be a good fit. It is the perfect opportunity for you to tap into those skills to gain employment from the comfort of your couch.

DataPlus+ DataPlus+ provides potential employees with the opportunity to work from home. A vital component of this particular company is the sensitivity of the data with which they work. Job seekers should understand that respect for the privacy of the information shared is of the utmost importance.

Flexjobs– Flexjobs is a central hub for anyone seeking work from home opportunities. Utilizing this search engine requires you to create a login and an account. If you’re interested in a data entry job, or another remote work field, this is a great resource.

GorgeWarehouse GorgeWarehouse offers direct information about the opportunities available on their websites. Their job descriptions include the specific skill sets they seek. Data Entry with this organization compensates individuals at a rate of $10.50/hour. The website state that they prefer those with experience.

iDictate– iDictate is a transcription service that caters to a wide variety of fields. From religious sermons to law enforcement recordings, iDictate is bound to provide work that is interesting and engaging.

Kendall Creek Communications– Kendall Creek Communications is the sister company of Birch Creek communications. Kendall Creek Communications’ transcription services focus on legal documents. In some circumstances, you will have to obtain a security clearance to work with their clients.

Microworkers– Microworkers is a more “out of the box” data entry service. Working with this organization allows individuals to complete surveys that engage both emotional and sentimental responses. Survey completion is all that some of the data entry positions ask of you.

Scribie– Scribie allows clients to upload the content they want to be transcribed. Clients can do this anytime, day or night, through the organization’s site. Due to the convenience, contractors must produce a quick turn around on work. This may mean as little as 8-12 hours to complete tasks.

SigTrack– SigTrack is a politically affiliated data entry organization. The company requires individuals to provide proof of U.S. residency. Visual analysis of documents is a must, so if you prefer auditory transcription work, this may not be an ideal fit.

Working Solutions– Working solutions is another job board site offering remote opportunities. While data entry is an option, you can peruse through other opportunities as well.

Data Entry Skill Sets

Several of the organizations above have requirements that may be beyond your current skill set. Consider completing some professional development. Below we’ve listed a few resources to help you sharpen your data entry qualifications.


If you need to improve your typing speed, or if you want to brush up your skills, try TypingClub. Typing Club is a free online platform that offers tutorials in typing. These tutorials can help you improve your keyboard accuracy and speed.


You may have never done transcription work before. If this is the case, you’ll want some experience in the field. Using popular pop culture references, Listen and Write allows you to transcribe from auditory clips.

After you’ve completed the exercise, you can compare your results and time spent. It’s a fun and free way to expand your ability in the transcription field.

General Data Entry

If you would like to work on a variety of data entry techniques, check out The Practice Test. This site provides the opportunity to exercise your skills in several numerical entry formats. This allows you to improve your efficiency through practice tests.

The Bottom Line

Working from home may be more accessible than you thought. If you’re willing to fine-tune some of your basic administrative skills, data entry may be the perfect career transition.

Working from home in data entry may also be the best way for you to supplement your income. With most data entry opportunities, working as an independent contractor is the preferred method of employment. As an independent contractor, you can complete the work on a schedule that fits your needs.

If you want to test the waters of data entry, try some of the free online training platforms. They will allow you to test your skills and discover if data entry is the right fit. Through this, you may find you’ve found that fits your needs. From there, you can start applying and jumpstart a career in remote work.


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