Spring Statement 2024: The Key Points

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Reporting Live…

The heat is really on for Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and the Conservative party. Today’s Spring Budget is setting out the government’s plans for tax and spending over the coming year.

Rumours and pre-budget predictions have seen a call for re-election, giving the conservative party chance to guage public reaction to some of their decisions. Let’s see if they meet the British public in delivering some popular and widely understood decisions, or whether the NHS cuts are true; in spite of current spending on war.

…Mr Hunt addresses loss of life in Gaza and offers £1million to be given to create a memorial for Muslim life lost in World Wars.

… claims of employment rates (will explore more shortly)

… Promises of long- term growth plan

But it is also because “lower taxes mean higher growth”.

He says higher growth cannot come from more immigration.


“figures show that forcasts from OBR have forecast

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