The 7 Best Dividend Stocks To Invest in Right Now

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In the ever-evolving world of investment, where the search for reliable income streams can resemble a treasure hunt, the best dividend stocks stand as gleaming gems in the treasure chest of financial opportunities.

Pursuing investment strategies with substantial returns and financial security has become increasingly important as the economic landscape shifts. Let’s look at some of the best dividend stocks to add to your portfolio right now.

Why Invest in Dividend Stocks?

Dividend stocks are a unique breed in investments, offering a regular payday to savvy investors from a portion of a company’s earnings. However, not all dividend stocks are created equal.

The finest among them come from well-established companies that consistently boost their payout over time, turning the investment into a steady income stream. Some of the highest-yielding dividend stocks boast an impressive average yield of over 12%.

With that said, financial experts recommend considering stocks that offer dividend yields in the range of 3% to 7%. This guidance is based on the principle that stocks with lofty yields often find themselves with more substantial payout obligations, which can, in turn, restrict their financial maneuverability.

What sets dividend stocks apart is the flexibility they offer. Investors can reinvest these earnings if they do not need that cash flow. It’s like having your cake and eating it too – allowing your investment to grow even further.

However, here’s more to the dividend story. Companies that share their earnings with investors are often the bedrock of the business world, lending an air of stability to your investment portfolio. This is precisely why they find their place among low-risk investments, making them a golden opportunity for those who seek both reliability and returns.

The Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now

The highest yield doesn’t always equate to the best buy for dividend stocks, as discussed above. Our picks listed below all consider a few important factors, such as payout ratio, company trajectory, and industry averages. Here are our top picks this week for the best dividend stocks to add to your portfolio. 

1. Verizon Communications (Ticker: VZ)

Image Credit: Northfoto / Shutterstock.

First on the list of our top picks this week for dividend stocks is Verizon, currently trading at a 7.72% yield. We like to think of this stock as a hidden gem in the world of value investments.

This undervalued dividend stock currently trades at what many financial analysts consider a significant discount. While the company has faced some challenges in the past year, it’s worth noting that Verizon’s second-quarter performance stood strong. 

2. AT&T (Ticker: T)

AT&T company logo
Image Credit: Lester Balajadia / Shutterstock.

Also in the telecommunications space is AT&T. AT&T is swiftly gaining ground in the realms of 5G mobility and fiber infrastructure, marking a significant stride in its ongoing efforts to trim net debt and bolster free cash flow.

The cash flow is looking fairly impressive based on last quarter’s reports, and AT&T has successfully freed up some of this, to the tune of billions of dollars. This financial prowess has enabled the company not only to chip away at its debt diligently but also to compensate its valued shareholders with dividends generously.

Despite observing a moderate increase in the company’s debt ratio compared to a year ago, AT&T has demonstrated a gradual and steady improvement of this crucial financial metric during the course of 2023.

Currently trading with a dividend yield of 7.34%, this stock could be a solid choice for your portfolio.

3. Walgreens Boots Alliance (Ticker: WBA)

Walgreens Boots Alliance logo
Image Credit: JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock.

Walgreens Boots Alliance stands as a formidable force in retail pharmacy. Its presence spans nine different countries and the company boasts an impressive annual sales figure that exceeds $139 billion.

As one of the globe’s foremost procurers of prescription drugs and various health-related products, its colossal scale has historically provided a sturdy foundation for consistent profit expansion.

The incoming CEO, Tim Wentworth, brings a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector, a factor that could potentially steer the company’s primary care initiatives toward fruitful outcomes. However, it might be prudent to exercise patience and await tangible evidence of the company’s capability to execute a profitable expansion into primary care before considering any investment of your valuable resources.

With a dividend yield of 8.98%, we believe this is one dividend stock you might not want to sleep on. 

4. 3M Company (Ticker: MMM)

3M dividend stock graph
Image Credit: sdx15 / Shutterstock.

Altria offers an enticing opportunity and offers the highest dividend yield on our list, currently sitting at 9.98%. The company is strategically navigating the landscape of cigarette substitutes and has demonstrated its ability to successfully price its products above the rate of decline in cigarette usage.

Altria’s cash dividend payout ratio, which offers a more grounded perspective by comparing dividends to cash flow, stands at a reasonably sound 80% or thereabouts. This figure has maintained a remarkable degree of consistency over the course of the past decade.

5. Coca-Cola (Ticker: KO)

The giant Coca-Cola Bottle and 1927 Old-Time Four-Fingered Baseball Glove during a San Francisco Giants game at Oracle Park
Image Credit: Conor P. Fitzgerald / Shutterstock.

Coca-Cola’s dividend may not be the loftiest amidst the realm of dividend stocks. However, its yield, standing at a robust 3.07%, easily surpasses the industry average of 1.98% as reported by data from NYU Stern Business School.

What truly sets Coca-Cola apart is its unwavering commitment to dividend growth. Simultaneously, the company’s unyielding brand prowess and astute strategic moves have consistently steered it towards earning gains, even in the face of challenging economic conditions.

It’s these very attributes that continue to render Coca-Cola an enticing prospect for those seeking a reputable choice in dividend stock investment.

6. Citigroup Inc. (Ticker: C)

Citigroup stock prices
Image Credit: Dennis Diatel / Shutterstock.

Looking at recent data, Citigroup Inc. proudly flaunts a relative dividend yield of 5.39%, standing tall in contrast to the rather modest Investment Banking & Brokerage Services industry median of 1.8%.

With the windfall of increased interest rates, the profitability of bank loans has surged to levels rarely witnessed in recent times. Citi is riding this wave of prosperity, proving no exception to the prevailing trend. Moreover, the foreseeable future seems to hold the promise of interest rates remaining at least at their current levels, ensuring the persistence of this profitable boon.

It’s worth noting that in the preceding year, Citigroup Inc. had a dividend yield of 4.4%, underscoring its commitment to providing substantial returns to its shareholders.

7. International Business Machines Corp. (Ticker: IBM)

IBM stock graph and logo on mobile
Image Credit: Daniel Fung / Shutterstock.

IBM has demonstrated its place as a dependable dividend stock, boasting an impressive streak of 28 consecutive years of rising payouts. The company made a significant foray into the cloud arena with its monumental $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat in 2019. This strategic move was further reinforced by a series of cloud-related acquisitions and the strategic spin-off of less dynamic, slower-growth business segments.

Moreover, IBM’s dividend maintains security across various economic conditions. Even in the event of a temporary downturn, IBM’s substantial liquidity reserves, surpassing $16 billion, stand as a bulwark. This financial cushion could comfortably support the dividend for more than 10 quarters without free cash flows.

With a current dividend yield of 4.8%, IBM is one dividend stock that you may want to consider buying and holding for the long run, especially if you are looking to invest in a stock that offers sustainable passive income.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right dividend stocks is a prudent step in building a robust and reliable investment portfolio. The best dividend stocks offer a combination of consistent payouts, financial stability, and potential for growth.

It’s important to remember that your investment decisions should align with your financial goals and risk tolerance. Diversification, research, and a long-term perspective are key when considering dividend stocks.

So, whether you’re seeking income, growth, or a mix of both, these dividend stocks present compelling options to explore in today’s dynamic market. Stay informed, stay diversified, and make your investment choices wisely as you journey toward a more financially secure future.


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