10 Simple Ways to Make $30 Fast

10 Simple Ways to Make $30 Fast


We’ve all faced moments when an extra $30 could make a real difference. Maybe it’s a surprise expense, a craving for your favorite meal from a fancy restaurant, or the desire to boost your rainy-day fund—sometimes you just need that extra cash, and you need it fast.

We’ve gathered a handful of reliable ways for you to make $30 in no time. Whether it’s taking quick online surveys, doing small tasks on gig platforms, or even selling unused items, you have various options to get that quick cash.

Think about what fits your lifestyle and interests. You might discover that combining a few of these quick cash strategies not only meets your immediate financial needs but also uncovers a new side hustle that could grow into something more.

Let’s check it out!

How to Make $30 Fast?

Here are the best ways to make $30 instantly:

  1. Branded Surveys
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Mobile Car Wash Service
  5. Mystery Shopping
  6. Handmade Crafts
  7. Salvage Stuff
  8. Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff
  9. Event or Party Photography
  10. Gig Economy Tasks

1. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is not only free to join but also caters to a broad audience, including residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Once you register and start participating in surveys, you’ll find that reaching the minimum cash-out amount of $5 is a breeze.

With the option to receive your earnings through PayPal, Branded Surveys offers a convenient and fast way to reach your $30 goal.

2. Survey Junkie

As one of the most popular survey apps globally, Survey Junkie offers a straightforward way to earn money by answering questions about various products and services.

While surveys can sometimes be lengthy, the compensation makes it worthwhile, ranging from $1 to $3 per survey. The key to maximizing your earnings is to focus on the higher-paying surveys.

Once completed, your earnings are promptly added to your account, ready for withdrawal through your preferred method.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a go-to platform for making money online, especially if you’re aiming to make $30 fast.

When you sign up and confirm your email, you instantly get a $10 bonus, giving you a head start. From there, you can engage in a variety of activities to earn more.

Whether it’s taking online surveys, watching videos, or even just surfing the web, Swagbucks offers multiple ways to accumulate points, known as SB.

These points can easily be converted into cash or gift cards, making it a convenient and quick way to reach your $30 goal.

4. Mobile Car Wash Service

Start from your neighborhood, assuming that the circumstances allow it where you live obviously. People love services that make things as easy as possible for them and what is easier than getting your car washed at your front door?

You can do this the traditional way with a bucket, sponge, and anything else you think can lighten the task. If you can lend or even have better equipment, you will have a higher chance of striking a deal!

Let your imagination get wild. Who knows, maybe you will figure out a trick or two to take the mobile car washing service to the next step!

5. Mystery Shopping

If you like visiting stores, even if you are not buying anything, this gig will do you wonders. If you never heard of mystery shopping, allow me to explain.

This is where things get interesting. If you land this gig, you’ll get paid a reasonable amount to simply visit local stores, or even restaurants and provide you humble feedback on your experience there.

Sounds wonderful? Well, that’s because it is! By doing this gig, not only will you make some money fast, but you will also have a good time, or maybe not. Just be sure to leave an honest feedback!

6. Handmade Crafts

If you are good with your hands and know how to craft, even better, you already have stuff crafted as you did it as a hobby.

Luckily for you, there are multiple platforms like Etsy that allow you to sell your handmade crafts. Put an extra effort into it to make it look the best you possibly can. Keep in mind, that unique and well-crafted items often attract buyers willing to pay a premium.

By doing this, you can simply relax and do the thing you love while making some quick cash along the way!

I have an aunt who is mad in love with crafting decorative ornaments such as flower pots and glass jars filled with anything you can think of and I’m not going to lie, she makes a pretty decent amount from it, and she started it as a hobby at first!

7. Salvage Stuff

I know people who collect things you can find outside, and then they later sell them for a decent profit. Anything from cans to plastic bottles to even melted candles can make you a profit out of nothing.

Doing this has two undeniable benefits, first one is that you will make this earth a bit cleaner, and second, you will make money from it.

While this method can be controversial and can make a false impact on your image, in the end, it’s up to you guys to make a decision I’m just here to give you some examples!

8. Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

If by any chance you have a bunch of stuff you don’t need, probably in your garage or in the attic, this is the perfect time to sell that junk and make a profit.

Plus, make your wife happy because I know she’s been bugging you to clear the garage for a couple of years now!

All jokes aside, if you have an old phone, sell it, if you have some old speakers or gardening tools, sell it. You can even sell a broken watch if you have one. Anything you don’t need, or even better, you have already replaced with new, put it on a pile and see how much money you can get out of it.

Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

9. Event or Party Photography

If you have a solid camera and know your way around one, then this gig will suit you perfectly! Ask around to see if anyone in your area needs a photographer for their events or parties and ask for a reasonable amount as payment.

When you progress in this field, start raising your fee slowly. Start small and dream big, that should be your motto and in today’s world of pictures and videos, I think everybody knows their way around a camera, so this gig shouldn’t be as hard as it may sound.

Use your friends or family members to take a few pictures of them and see how it goes.  Who knows, maybe you’re the next photography wonder.

10. Gig Economy Tasks

You can join gig economy platforms like TaskRabbit or Gigwalk to discover local tasks that compensate you for your abilities and time.

These tasks encompass a wide range of activities, from furniture assembly to running errands. By completing several of these small tasks, you can swiftly accumulate $30 or more.

These platforms offer a flexible way to earn money by connecting you with individuals in need of various services, providing a convenient and efficient means to boost your income.

Final Words

Making $30 quickly can be an achievable goal with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness.

Whether it’s utilizing your skills to craft and sell handmade goods, offering services like mobile car washing or event photography, or even taking on gig economy tasks through platforms like TaskRabbit or Gigwalk, there are numerous opportunities to earn fast cash.

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