15 Most Liberal Cities in Texas


Have you been itching to move to a new city in Texas, but worried you won’t find like-minded folks?

As a proud progressive, you want a place where people share your values of inclusion, diversity and social justice.

Well, don’t lose hope! We’ve compiled a list of the 15 most liberal cities in Texas where you’ll feel right at home.

The Most Progressive Texas Cities

  1. Denton
  2. Austin
  3. Houston
  4. El Paso
  5. Dallas
  6. San Antonio
  7. Laredo
  8. Eagle Pass
  9. Fort Worth
  10. Plano
  11. Galveston
  12. White Oak
  13. Amarillo
  14. Corpus Christi
  15. Richardson


Denton is a progressive city north of Dallas and Fort Worth. Known for its thriving music scene and art culture, Denton attracts open-minded residents.

In terms of politics, Denton County and the city of Denton vote reliably blue. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won 66% of the vote in Denton. The city council and mayor’s office are held by Democrats. Denton residents strongly support causes like environmental protection, LGBTQ rights, and economic equality.

There’s a strong sense of community in Denton built on progressive values like inclusion, diversity and social justice. Residents are passionate about volunteering, activism and civic engagement. Denton is also home to many nonprofits and advocacy groups working to make the city a model for open-mindedness in Texas.


Austin is a nice place to live where its residents march to the beat of their own drum and embrace ideas like environmental protection, LGBTQ rights, and social justice. You’ll find more yoga studios, craft breweries, and food trucks per capita than just about anywhere else.

The unofficial motto ‘Keep Austin Weird’ says it all. This progressive city celebrates creativity, individuality, and open-mindedness. No wonder Austin continues to draw young liberals and independents in droves.

If you value things like equality, sustainability, and personal freedom, you’ll feel right at home in Austin. Come for the music and food, stay for the culture. After a while, that laid-back Austin vibe just tends to rub off on you.


As Texas’s most populous city, Houston is a diverse, progressive place to live. With a long history of electing Democratic mayors, Houston consistently votes blue in presidential elections and has a high percentage of self-described liberals and progressives.

While still in a red state, Houston’s progressive spirit makes it an oasis for liberals in Texas. Its diversity and forward-thinking attitude will likely push it further left in the coming years.

El Paso

Nestled in the westernmost corner of Texas, El Paso is a liberal oasis and one of the safest cities in a conservative state. With a population over 80% Hispanic, El Paso votes reliably Democratic.

The city council and mayor are all Democrats, as is their congressional representative.

El Pasoans support causes like immigration reform, environmental protection, and workers’ rights.


As the 9th largest city in the U.S., Dallas is a sprawling, cosmopolitan area that largely votes Democratic. The city itself has become increasingly progressive, even if other parts of Texas remain deeply red.

Dallas has a thriving arts and culture scene. It hosts major music and food festivals, like the annual State Fair of Texas.

The massive AT&T Performing Arts Center hosts ballet, opera, theater and more. The Nasher Sculpture Center and the Crow Collection of Asian Art offer world-class art. Overall, Dallas has an open and cultured vibe.

San Antonio

As the second largest city in Texas, San Antonio is a diverse, cultural hub with many safe areas. With over 1.4 million residents, San Antonio’s liberal viewpoints have gradually become more prominent.

Though still a politically moderate city, San Antonio’s diverse, progressive values, and policies are shifting gradually left of center, ranking it among the most liberal cities in the Lone Star State.


Laredo is a border city in Webb County with a population of over 260,000. Known for its strong Hispanic culture and history, Laredo tends to vote Democrat.

The city’s values align closely with the Democratic party’s views on immigration, healthcare, education, and the economy.

Laredo’s location along the U.S.-Mexico border also impacts its liberal stance.

Eagle Pass

Eagle Pass is a small border city of about 26,000 residents along the Rio Grande River in Maverick County. Politically, Eagle Pass leans left. In the 2020 election, voters chose Joe Biden over Donald Trump by a margin of 52% to 47%. The city council and mayor’s office have been dominated by Democrats for decades.

While still a predominantly Catholic, socially conservative city, Eagle Pass Democrats advocate for causes like workers’ rights, healthcare access, immigration reform, and environmental protection.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a large city in north-central Texas that embraces progressive values. Known for its cultural attractions like the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth Zoo, and Sundance Square, the city has a steadily diversifying population.

Politically, Fort Worth leans left of center. Tarrant County, which Fort Worth is part of, voted for Biden in 2020 and has elected Democratic mayors. The city council is also majority Democrat. Residents support causes like expanding healthcare, immigration reform, and environmental protection.

Fort Worth is an oasis of blue in a red state, with politics that match its cultural flair and diversity. For liberals looking to move to Texas, it may well be the perfect choice.


A suburb and one of the safest neighborhoods of Dallas, Plano is a progressive oasis in a sea of red. Home to many major corporations, the city has a highly educated population and was ranked the 2nd safest city in America by Niche.

Plano’s political leanings are evident in its diversity and culture. Nearly 1/3 of residents are foreign-born, and you’ll find authentic cuisine from around the globe. An inclusive community, Plano has a thriving LGBTQ scene and hosts one of the largest Pride festivals in Texas.

The city prioritizes green space, with over 4,000 acres of parks. Residents enjoy outdoor activities year-round, from swimming in the summer to ice skating in the winter. For entertainment, check out the historic downtown, catch a show at the Courtyard Theater, or cheer on the local hockey team.

While not as liberal as Austin, Plano’s progressive policies and diversity give it a decidedly Democratic slant in an otherwise red state. For left-leaning Texans, this Dallas suburb could be an ideal place to call home.


Galveston is a lovely, cheap beach town in Texas with a lively cultural scene and historical districts. As an island city, Galveston’s liberal and progressive values are inspired by its diversity and connection to the sea.

With over 32 miles of beach to enjoy, residents tend to appreciate environmental causes and sustainability. Galvestonians value protecting local wildlife, wetlands and natural habitats.

The historic Strand District and East End Historical District feature well-preserved architecture from the 19th century, attracting artisans, musicians and business owners. This creative class contributes to the city’s open-minded and forward-thinking spirit.

White Oak

White Oak is one of the more progressive cities in Texas. Located just 15 minutes north of Dallas, this suburb of over 50,000 residents leans heavily Democratic.

The city has voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1992. It has a very high percentage of college-educated residents and younger families compared to other parts of the state. The city council and school board also have a majority of liberal-leaning members.

White Oak is known for its strong support of environmental causes and initiatives like recycling, renewable energy, and green space preservation. The city has an ordinance banning single-use plastic bags to reduce waste and a “Dark Skies” policy to limit light pollution.

While still in Texas, White Oak has more in common politically and culturally with progressive cities on the West Coast. For liberals living in a traditionally red state, this Dallas suburb is a place they can call home.


Once considered a conservative stronghold, Amarillo’s political views have gradually shifted left over the years. This city in the Texas Panhandle is home to over 200,000 residents and has become more progressive and open-minded.

Amarillo’s residents tend to support causes like renewable energy, immigration reform, and LGBTQ rights. The city has a thriving arts and music scene, and hosts events like the Tri-State Fair and Rodeo and the outdoor music festival Hodgepodge.

Corpus Christi

As a port city on the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi is a good place to retire with a culture influenced by Texas’s Hispanic heritage. The city’s population is over 60% Hispanic, and you’ll find lots of authentic Mexican cuisine, cultural events, and art.

Corpus Christi is also a popular beach destination, with miles of coastline along the Gulf and beaches like McGee Beach and Cole Park. If you’re looking for nightlife, head to the downtown area near the harbor, where you’ll find live music venues, bars, and clubs that stay open late.

The city has a relatively high percentage of Democratic voters and progressive values. You’re more likely to find like-minded liberals in Corpus Christi than in many other parts of Texas.


As an affluent suburb north of Dallas, Richardson is a liberal oasis in a sea of red. With a highly educated population and a median household income well above the national average, Richardson votes overwhelmingly Democratic. In the 2020 election, Richardson went for Biden over Trump by a margin of nearly 2 to 1.

With a progressive-minded populace and policies promoting diversity, education, sustainability and gun safety, Richardson well deserves its ranking among the most liberal cities in deep-red Texas.

Final Thoughts

Texas isn’t quite as conservative as its reputation suggests. While much of the state may be red, there are pockets of blue throughout, especially in some of the major cities. If you’re looking to relocate to a more progressive area of the Lone Star State, any of these cities would make a great choice.

The culture, diversity, and open-mindedness in places like Austin, Houston, and Dallas prove that Texas liberals are a passionate bunch doing important work. So don’t write off Texas just yet. There’s more to this state than meets the eye, and with open arms, these liberal cities welcome people of all backgrounds to join them.

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