How To Get A Free PO Box (2023 Guide!)


Are you tired of finding mail slid under your doorstep whenever you come home? Work can be exhausting sometimes. Sometimes, you do not even have the energy to lean down and collect your mail! 

However, can you really blame the mailman? It is not as if you have a PO Box where he can put your emails. Do not you think it is about time you got one? It could help make your house look much cleaner and keep your emails safe and organized. 

Before you go looking for a PO Box, we advise you to read this article thoroughly! Who knows, it might give you a road map on how to get a Free PO Box! 

So, without further ado, let’s get going. 

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How to Get a PO Box Free? 

You can get a free PO Box no matter whether you live in Texas, California, Florida, or in any other state, thanks to the USPS’s initiative to ensure homeless individuals have access to mail services.

Securing a free PO Box isn’t as straightforward as just asking for one at the Post Office. You’ll need to fill out and submit a PS Form 1093.

You can easily grab this form from the USPS website without any charge. Once you have the form in hand, fill it out with the necessary details, then bring it down to your local Post Office. The process may take a bit of time, but it’s a solid step toward having a secure place for your mail.

Some Tips For When Filling The Form 

When filling out the PS form 1093, it is crucial not to fill or write anything in the greyed-out area. The USPS has left the greyed-out area in the form to be only filled by Post Office employees. So, when filling out the form, ensure only to add information in the white spaces. 

Why Do I Need To Take The Form to the Post Office? 

Once completed, you must take the form to your local post office. The reason for taking the form to your nearest post office is to provide ID to an employee working at the Post Office. 

What is ID? 

Upon reviewing the form, you will come across its requirement for two valid forms of ID. While one needs to be a photographic ID, the other has to be a non-photographic. These two ID cards will come in handy for obtaining your combination and keys at the post office and accessing your PO Box. 

Except for the both ID’s to be current, below are a few examples of acceptable IDs.

For The Photo IDs:

  1. State Non-Driver’s identification card or a valid US driver’s license. 
  2. Your Government, University, or Armed Forces Card. If you work at a recognizable firm, your employee identification card will do as well. 
  3. Certificate of naturalization, your passport, or passport card. 
  4. Marticula Consular card or NEXUS. 

Non-Photo IDs Example:

  1. Mortgage, Deed of Trust, or your current lease
  2. Your Vehicle Registration or Voter card
  3. Your home or vehicle’s insurance policy 

Non-Acceptable ID forms: 

  1. Social Security Card
  2. Credit Card
  3. Birth Certificate

However, considering that it may be difficult for homeless people to obtain some ID cards, the requirements for them are slightly different: 

  1. Either the Window Clerk or Postmarker knows the applicant. However, if they do not, the applicant must provide proper Identification. 
  2. It is necessary to provide an authentic point of contact. Some examples include a charitable institution, a social services office, a shelter, or a place of employment. 

Provided that you fill out the form correctly and fulfill the requirements, the USPS will allot you a PO Box and a key to access it. 

The hours in which you can access depend on the Post Office’s operation hours. However, depending on where the Post office is located, you might be able to access your PO round-the-clock! 

Can You Still Get a Free PO Box If You Do Not Fulfill The Requirements? 

If you cannot comply with the USPS requirements for receiving a free PO Box, here is a working alternative: USPS’s General Delivery service. 

Although it requires approval from your local Postmaster, the General Delivery mail service allows you to earn a PO Box. The USPS announced this service for those without a permanent address, allowing the post offices to be used as temporary mailing addresses. 

While General Delivery and the Free PO Box service essentially sound the same, they have one major difference: If you opt for General Delivery, you can only access your mail during retail hours. Whereas, if you get a free PO Box, you might have better access to your mail. 

What Should Be My Budget When Shopping For A PO Box? 

PO Boxes come in varying price ranges, depending on their size. For instance, getting a small PO Box will cost you as little as $16 to attain it. You also get a 3-month rental period to pay for the PO Box. 

However, an extra large PO Box can cost you as much as $600! While you get a 6-month rental period, the amount difference is considerably huge, but you are also getting a much bigger Box! 

Ultimately, determining the budget for a PO Box falls to various factors. Be mindful of these factors, and you will know the budget needed for the Box.

Final Words 

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a PO Box, getting one is a great solution for decluttering your house. A free PO Box also gives you a way to keep your mail stored at a safe destination. This way, you are less likely to misplace important mail. 

The above-mentioned information offers deep insights into how to get a free PO Box and extensively explains the steps to obtaining it. However, if you do not certify for a PO Box, you might be eligible for a General Delivery. The only downside of choosing General delivery is that you will have to visit the post office during retail hours to collect your mail.

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